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Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 17:14:24 -0500
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My Gerstenschlagers are the Illinois Gerstenschlagers who then moved to
Michigan. The oldest ancestor I know of is Johann Heinrich Gerstenschläger
and his wife Eva Spiess, whose son was the ancestor who immigrated to
Illinois Johann Melchior Gerstenschläger, b. October 17, 1783 in Habitzheim
and d. before 1860 (at least it seems that way according to the census) in
Illinois. He had three sons, one of whom was Johannes Gerstenschlager, b.
August 17, 1827 in Gross-Umstadt, Germany. He was in Illinois until about
1879, when he moved to Harbor Beach, Michigan. He had 13 children (3 died
in infancy), one of whom was Philip Henry Gerstenschlager, father of my
paternal grandmother, Ernestine Mathilda Hermina Gerstenschlager.

I've put all the information I have on my family tree here:

My father says that he thinks my grandmother (his mother) knew of the
Gerstenschlagers in Ohio, but its not clear to me if she knew what the
relation between us was. Ine Gerstenschlager has been working to try to
find the link between our Gerstenschlagers and the "four brothers", but we
haven't had any luck yet.


At 03:50 PM 5/16/2002 -0600, Carolyn Chappell Nelson wrote:
>My Gerstenschlagers came from Habitzheim. According to an invitation to
>a 1912 family reunion:
>"The name of Gerstenslager dates back to time immemorable. The family
>of the four whose portraits accompany these pages consisted of six
>brothers and one sister, of which the sister was the eldest. All were
>born in Habitzheim, Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany.
>The sister, Katherine, after being married, was the first to emigrate to
>this country, but the exact location of where she settled seems to have
>been forgotten. Several letters were received from her at that time,
>which leaves the impression that she settled in the state of Illinois,
>but as an epidemic swept this country at that time, and as her letters
>ceased to arrive, it is thought that she might have perished as
>thousands of others.
>Of the brothers, Michael was the oldest, then came Wilhelm and Ludwig,
>who remained and died in the Fatherland. In about 1852 Michael came to
>this country, followed in 1864 by Peter; George came about two years
>later and was followed shortly afterward by Valentine. All the brothers
>settled in Ohio.
>Thus we have a brief history of those for whom we gather each year,
>whose name we honor and feel proud to do homage to the living and the
>This was the 15th annual reunion of the 'Gerstenslager Families' be
>held at the home of Mrs. Margaret Gerstenslager, Cleveland, OH. There
>are still reunions going on, as you may know; I've gotten invitations
>for about 3 years now, but haven't been able to go. Now, there's an
>idea...why don't I call one of the ladies on the invite to see if they
>can help? Duh!
>Last night, while searching the 1880 census cds, I found something else
>of interest, that may disprove this theory of Michael being the oldest
>In Chippewa, Wayne County, OH...
>Michael Garstenschlager was 50
>George " " was 58
>John " " was 64
>In Wadsworth, Medina County, OH...
>Valentine Gerstenshlager was 41.
>Wonder what happened to Peter...and who was this John?
>Did Peter go to Illinois? There are obviously quite a few
>Gerstenschlagers there, aren't there?
>And what about the crowd in Michigan?
>I'd sure love to get together on this family....I need to get the
>brothers straight and find more in Germany. I'm going to check and see
>if there is an LDS Branch or Ward in or near Habitzheim and hopefully
>connect with someone who may be able to help our research.
>Let's get this ball rolling!
>thanks, Carolyn Nelson
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>Gay Murray md. Matthew E. Chappell
>Carolyn Chappell md. William D. Nelson
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