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GIBSON-D DigestVolume 97 : Issue 44

Today's Topics:
#1 [GIBSON-L] Gibson Family in NC [Anita Kellum <]
#3 [GIBSON-L] The Gibson surname [Sohnie Fredrick Hill <]


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Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 10:46:33 -0400
From: Anita Kellum <>
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Subject: [GIBSON-L] Gibson Family in NC
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Good morning Gibson Cousins,

I found a copy of "The Gibson Family" in the lateral file here in Raleigh,
NC. It is written by J. Preston Gibson, Georgetown, SC in 1905. It is on
file in Bennettsville, SC Public Library.

It is NOT of my Gibson family that I know. I will try to convey what I
read, but please do not hold my feet to the fire on all this below as being
accurate. I do make mistakes and if there is some interest - one should
check out this book.

He talks about how family reunions are pleasant, interesting, elevating and
educating - and how we have been too careless in preserving family data and
historical records. Something my grandfather, Clarence Samuel Gibson
grieved over in his last years as the President of the Gibson reunion down
in Pike Co., AL.

Preston Gibson felt that there were "three are four separate and distinct"
families in VA, but that "our ancestors came from Scotland not a great
while before the Revolutionary war. He has met Gibson's from all parts of
the US and yet they all "possess the same striking family features, and
constitutional characteristics".

There is more, and I'll list a brief male outline, but without dates, for
Preston gave very few.

Nelson Gibson and Thomas Gibson, were both in the Revolutionary war, having
recently fled from Europe, fought under Gen. Marion. They married the
Williams sisters. Their sister (name unknown) moved to Richmond Co., NC
and married "Wild Cat Billy" Smith, the grandfather of Maj. Wm. E. Smith
and the great grandfather of J. Preston Gibson and Mrs. Henry D. Gibson.
There is little know about Nelson Gibson, for he had few children and they
moved west after the Rev. war. Thomas's sons, John & Nathaniel settled in
lower Richmond Co.,NC around 1800 between Green Pond and the town of Gibson.

The Thomas Gibson Line:

1)Thomas Gibson, m. Miss Williams
2)James Gibson, m. Divinity Adams
3)Shockley Gibson - lived in Ga
4)Shockley Gibson
4)Nathan Gibson
2)Stafford Gibson, d. Richmond Co., NC,
m. Nancy Somerlin -had 4 children(took kids to MS after his death)
3)Thomas Gibson,(returned to Richmond)d. in ChesterfieldCo.,SC
m. Pollie Morrman (moved to IN after his death)
(Had)Ten Daughters & One Son Gibson
2)Thomas Gibson
2)John Gibson, m. Nancy Pearce, had twenty-one children(last two twins)
2)Nathaniel Gibson,
m. Rachel Mendenhall (d/o Stephen Mendenhall - Guilford Quaker)
3)Nathan Gibson, as widower,moved to Hollingsburg, DorkCo.,IN
m. Eliza Gibson - (1st cousin)
4)James Gibson
4)John M.Gibson (lived & died at Rev. Thomas's)
2nd wife of Nathan Gibson - Susan Brown
3)Rev. Thomas Gibson, d.July 1872
m. Aggie Gibson, (d/o Elijah Gibson) on 29 Dec 1827
Had no children.
3)John Gibson, d. in TX,
m. Nannie Gibson (d/o Elijah Gibson)
Had one son who died young.
3)Elizabeth Gibson, d. young
3)Ziba Gibson, (He was named after his ggfather)
m. Lizzie Adams,d/o Jonathan & Polly Adams,MarlboroCo,SC)
3)Rachel Gibson, m. Stafford Gibson (1st Cousin)
Had seven children
2nd wife of Nathaniel Gibson - Elizabeth Mendenhall
3)James Mendenhall Gibson, d. 16 Oct 1880,
m. Hannah Smith, in 1843, d/o Wm.Smith, Marlboro Co.,SC
Had seven children, frist below.
4)Ebenezer Gibson, d. Mar 1865/Civil War/ in Elmira,NY
3)Mary Gibson, unmarried
3)Noah Gibson,
m.Julia Fletcher,d/o Joshua Fletcher/Nancy Smith
4)John F. Gibson, d. 1864/Civil War at Petersburg,VA
4)Edmond Gibson
3)William Gibson, m. Catherine McNeill
4)Duncan Gibson
2nd wife of William Gibson - Kitty Pipkin
3rd wife of William Gibson - Sallie McLaurin
3)Betsy Gibson, m. Raiford Fletcher
3)Nelson M. Gibson, m. Caroline Pipkin (lived in McColl)
4)Isaac Pipkin Gibson
4)Thomas Gibson
4)Benton Gibson
4)William Nelson Gibson
3)Ann Gibson, b. 1822, m. John S. Fletcher
3)Eli Gibson, b. 1825, m. Lizzie Davis d/o Wm.Davis
2)Elijah Gibson, m. Nancy Gibson, 1st cousin, (d/o Nelson Gibson)
3)Aggie Gibson, m. Rev. Thomas Gibson(1st cousin)on 29 Dec 1827
3)Nannie Gibson, m. John Gibson (1st cousin, b/o Rev. Thomas)
2)Elisah Gibson, m. Nancy Gibson Gibson (widow of Elijah Gibson)
(How would you like a name like: Nancy Gibson, Gibson, Gibson?)
2)Nelson Gibson, m. Bedie Roberson (she moved to MS after his death)
3)Agnes Gibson, m. Bullard
4)Joel Bullard - d. just north of Gibson, NC
3)Nancy Gibson, m. Elijah Gibson (1st cousin, b/o Nelson)
2)Nannie Gibson, m. Jacob Mangum, of Chesterfield Co., SC
2)Sallie Gibson, m. Mr. Sumerlin
2)Agnes Gibson, m. brother Sumerlin
2)Mary Gibson, m. John Strong, b. Chesterfield Co., SC
3)Henry Strong (moved to MS, then to Brazil, S. America)
2)Fannie Gibson, John Watson
1)Daughter Gibson, m. "Wild Cat Billy" Smith

Hope this helps someone out there - and will let me know if they run across
any of my surnames.

Researching my family SURNAMES: (Phineas)GIBSON/SC, (James Ross)CLARK/SC,
(John Davis)EADS, (Seaborn)GOLDEN/GA, (L. Dow)DILLARD/GA,
(Harvey)RICHARDSON, (George)KELLUM/GA, (Thomas A.)LATHAM/VA,
(Francis)FULTON/AL, (Wm.Lloyd)TRUITT, (R.M.)BURT/AL. Would appreciate any
leads on these families.

Anita Golden Kellum
Clyde Latham Kellum


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Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 13:46:12 -0400 (EDT)
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I am new to the list so I would like to post my line. Any help would be
appreciated.....either confirmation or denial..
James 1755, Scot/Ire., m. 1775, in NC/SC, d. 1833-40, Whitley
Co., Ky.m. Sarah____, d. ca. 1820-30.
son...James Gibson, b. ca. 1773-79, Richland, SC, d. ca. 1870, Scott Co.,
Tenn., m. Mary Finley, b. ca.1775-79, Montgomery Co., Va., d. ca. 1870, Scott
Co., Tenn.
son of James II....Francis Travis Gibson, b. 24 Dec. 1818, d. 3 Aug.185_, m.
Melinda Adkins, b. 1818, Wayne Co., Ky.
dau of Francis......Mary Gibson (my g-gmother) b. 16 May 1849, d. 30 June
1913, Elk Valley, Tenn. Bev.


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Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 18:50:20 -0500 (CDT)
From: Sohnie Fredrick Hill <>
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Subject: [GIBSON-L] The Gibson surname
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Does anyone know where this surname originated?


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