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Hi everyone...

i have been doing a search on my father's side... i don't have much info but
i do have this.. the following is from a book/pamphlet that my mother
converted.. but we only got the first 5 pages... if anyone has a copy of
this or any other info i would really appreciate it.... especially on the
wife of John Russell Gilchrist born in 1912 died July 25, 1999 or more to
the point his wife... all i know is that they were married in 51 and she was
born in pocona(sp?), OK in 1924 and she died in 1997 she was Lena Marie
Workman (Blakner) Gilchrist and (they had three children: Lonnie, Orline,
and Bobby) her line... if anyone know anything about any of this it would be
appricated... my grandfather (John Russell) just died and i am trying to do
this for my father, aunt and uncle....

thank you so much.. in advance...
Louise Marie (Gilchrist) Patterson

Gilchrist Family

Gilchrist came from Scotland to Ohio.

There is a question whether John's parents were:

John Gilchrist and Elizabeth Brackley or
Robert and Anna Gilchrist

It is believed that the Gilchrist children were:

1. John Gilchrist; he married Amanda Gray. They had four children: Lydia
Josephine, Owen Fielden, Etta Saphronia, and Willard Virgil. John's second
marriage was to Arminda Huntsman Gray. They had three children: Frank
Adrain, John Stanley, and George Baird. She had two children by a previous
marriage: Eliza Jane Gray and Idella Amanda Gray. John's second wife
(Arminda) was his first wife's (Amanda) brother's wife.

2. Seth Gilchrist, never married, he was killed when he was young.

3. Margaret Gilchrist, never married.

4. Elizabeth Gilchrist, married Abson Onsbough -- no children.

Gilchrist was formerly spelled GILCHRIEST, but the E was dropped in this

John's middle name has been found to be spelled Brackney not Brakney.

Huntsman Family

Jerry Huntsman, 1810-1873, married Mary Painter, 1816-1899, (their is a
question whether her name was mary or Katie.)

Their children:

1. Lydia ann (born about 1834) married Aaron Sigler.

A. Verdie married Sam Russel.
a. Ross (deceased)
b. Edward (in Chicago)

2. George, 1840-1911, married Susanne Hosler.

A. Elza, 1869-1925, and Viola Winebrenner.
a. Flossie
b. Bernice
c. Beulah
d. Verlin
e. Ruby

B. William and Emma Ott
9 children

C. Alice and Dan Harlan
a. Ross
b. Roy
c. Dan

D. Cora and Vern Straise
several children

E. Anson and Carrie
2 children

3. Rachel, 1842-1905, and Henry Holcomb, 1846-1883.

A. Elmer, 1867-1942, and Leona Skeels, 1875-1946
a. Thurlo
b. Fay
c. Jessie

B. Irene, 1870-1891.

C. Asa, 1876-1919, and Minerva Pound, 1883
a. Lottie E. and Fred Hollister
1) Thurlo
2) Ricky

D. Flora, 1883-1914, never married.

E. Clark, died young.

F. Albert, died young.

4. Riley, 1848-1933, and Sarah Moors, 1854-1935.

A. Lawrence, 1878--Lawrence, Kansas.

B. Chauncy, 1876--1880

C. Harmon, 1883--Colorado Springs

D. Johnie, 1884--1901

E. Ellis, 1886--Matheson, Colorado

F. Altha, 1889--Oregon

5. Loretta, 1852-1923, and Harlan Braden.

A. Clara, 1878-1937, never married

B. Walter, died about 1920, and Addie Cadeoux.
a. Cloys

C. Lily, 1887, and Jim Boark.
1. Rosolyn
2. Margaret

D. Alice, 1890, and Joe Giomini
no children

6. Jane, 1844-1893, and Soloman Braden

A. Lester

7. Almeade, 1855-1898, and David Martin, 1853-1922

A. Clarence, 1879-1912.

B. Inez, 1882, and Albert Klene, 1880-1941.

C. Goldie, 1894--in Chicago.

8. Arminda and Grey

A. Eliza and Virgil Esterbrook
7 children

B. Idella and George Blair
3 children

Arminda and John B. Gilchrist

C. Frank, 1876, and Josephine Durat, died 1954
Frank and Katie Lyna
no children

2. John Stanley -- Born July 7, 1881. Died June 1, 1968. Married Sarah
Belle Lisk. Born May 20, 1879. Died May 12, 1917. 6 children

a. Lester Brakney 1902; married Beatrice Bethal. Later married Myrtle
b. Pearl Edna, 1904-1927; married Paul Moore
c. Ralph Ervin, 1908-1957; married Jean Faye McCalister. Later married Mrs.
Vera Rutchman.
d. Opal Eliza, 1910; married William C. Armfield.
e. John Russell, 1912; married Lena Workman.
f. Cecil Stanley, 1914; married Clara Irene Gullop

John Stanley then married Esther Eulberg on March 1, 1927, who died March
10, 1981. 5 children

g. Marvin Stanley 1928; married Fayetta Mack
h. Raymond Clarence 1930; married Eunice Elaine Huffman
i. Wilfred Lee, 1932; married Eunice Elnora Diller

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