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From: "hayseed" <>
Subject: [GILCHRIST-L] Gilchrist Tartan
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 02:35:17 -0600

I tried to get my two cents in here on Jan 28th but it seems I didnt have
"text" turned on as I had thought so, here's a second try. In the late 30's
or early 1940's, my Uncle Ellsworth (Dallas Commercial Artist for
Tracey-Locke: EL Gilchrist) and his wife went to Scotland. In Edinburgh,
he bought a tie he was told was the GILCHRIST TARTAN - it is really too
garish for my taste but a lot of people seem to like it. It is a simple
pattern of checks (abt 1/2" square) of bright yellow and black - no stripes
of any color in this one. At the same time, they bought a picture of the
Gilchrist Coat of Arms (as found in Burke's Peerage reference) the one with
the azure shield, two silver spiked crosses at the top, the golden sun in
the center above a silver star (which probably denotes the rank of a cadet);
the crest is a rising sun peeping over a cloud; and the motto is: I hope to
speed.{which certainly is appropriate for my branch of the family) As one
of you said, when the law forbidding the wearing of the kilt was rescinded,
there was a rash of tartans for commercial use that appeared. It could be
that this yellow and black check tartan was developed then ...Since the
Gilchrists were ecclesiastical in origin, there was a tartan worn by the
Clergy that is dark blue with a thin green stripe; also a badge with a
burning bush and the motto: "And It was not consumed" that could have been
worn by some. Online information about Clan MacLachlan states that
Gilchrist is the only Sept of that Clan and of course, they were associated
with the western coast, the Isles and Ireland. I have not found any
statement about the relationship of Gilchrist to Ogilvie (Oglesby, etc)
except that, as the Clergy, Gilchrists lived amongst them...whether as a
related family name or as a Sept, I dont know. The more I read about
Gilchrists the more confused I get. My family line which is very short in
the US, seems to have gone to Ireland for some time before the Potato famine
drove them to Michigan where they had relatives before 1851- my gr gr
grandfather must have owned a ship - he married a Harriet Ransom born in
Maryland (but that family must have been passing through as only one appears
some twenty years later in that State) and their first child (1846) was
born in Ireland; the second(1848) on the Atlantic Ocean; the third (1850) in
Ireland and the rest were born in Michigan, probably in Livingston county,
Howell Twp where this Thomas was a farmer in 1854; served in the Militia
during CW; returned and became a Hotel Keeper....this group doesnt seem to
link up with the other Gilchrists that came to Michigan from Scotland
although this Thomas claimed (census) that his father was born in Scotland
while he was born in Ireland.

For years I've wondered about the Norwegian from Wisconsin that carried a
Scottish name, Sime, that my Aunt Lillian married - after reading that there
were Gilchrists in Norway for some years, I guess the nut doesnt fall too
far from the tree after all. -wanda Gilchrist

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