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GILLAM-D DigestVolume 97 : Issue 26

Today's Topics:
#1 Hi! []
#2 Gilliam [ (Beverly Bu]
#3 Linda Huggins line. []
#4 Re: unidentified subject ["Mary A. Old" <]


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Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 00:50:15 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: Hi!

Hi, I'm new to the list. A member of the Poythress list directed
me here.
I'm descended from John Gilliam and Elizabeth Poythress. Their son William
married Mary Jarrett. I'll post the rest of my line later. Hubby is
sleeping, and I'm being quiet.



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Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 08:09:54 -0500 (CDT)
From: (Beverly Burton)
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Subject: Gilliam
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For those who asked: The book where I found the Ellis/Gilliam letter (Old
Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia Vol. II, pages 460-462) was
reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co. of Baltimore in 1966 -- originally
published in 1857 in Philadelphia.

Also, I found an earlier Gilliam into VA -- Christopher Guillam was slain in
the Indian massacre near James City in 1622. There were no other Gilliam --
alive or dead -- that were listed in VA at the time. This apparently
doesn't mean much to any of us because he didn't seem to have a wife or
children, but I thought it was interesting.


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Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 12:41:06 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: Linda Huggins line.

Here is my line as I promised last night. I'm starting with the
Jarratt side, because it makes more sense that way. Sorry this is
lengthy, I've omited some children and dates on the last part of it.

Robert Jarratt b. England d. 21 Jan 1709 St Peters Parrish. Married Mary
b. Ireland, d. 31 Mar 1707 St Peters Parrish.
Robert Jarratt Jr baptized 16 Aug 1698 St Peters
New Kent Co.

Robert Jarratt Jr., baptized 16 Aug 1698, St Peters Parrish, New Kent Co.
married Sarah BRADLEY, dau of Joseph BRADLEY.
Mary b. 10 Jul 1721, d.19 Aug 1721.
David b. 23 Dec 1723
Robert b. 26 Dec 1724
Joseph (named as his second brother by Rev.
Susannah b. 16 Nov 1726
Devereaux (Rev) b. 6 Jan 1732/33

Devereaux Jarratt b. 6 Jan 1732/33, d. age 68, married Elizabeth ______.
Mary b. 5 May 1724
Archolaus b. 5 Jan 1725/26
Anne b. 13 Nov 1717
Fanny b. 15 Jan 1729/30

Mary Jarratt b. 5 May 1724, married William GILLIAM, son of John GILLIAM
and Elizabeth POYTHRESS.
Devereaux GILLIAM

Devereaux GILLIAM married Edith Ellis, dau of Charles ELLIS and Susannah
Elizabeth GILLIAM

Elizabeth GILLIAM married George ROULSTONE b. 8 Oct 1767 Boston, MA . d.
1804. George owned and operated one of the first
in Tennessee, near Knoxville.
Rachel Burrell ROULSTONE b. 15 Oct 1804 Knox Co.,

Rachel Burrell ROULSTONE b. 15 Oct 1804 Knoxville, Knox, TN, D. 16 Nov
Liberty, DeKalb, TN. Married James BECKWITH b. 9
Nov 1797
Bristol, MA. Married 3 Mar 1822.
I have original letters written by Rachel and
James to their
daughter Harriett, as well as a dining table
and chairs owned
them used in a boarding house that they ran
near Knoxville.
Zachariah Beckwith 9 Dec 1822
George Beckwith 1824
James Roulstone Beckwith 1825
Harriett C. Beckwith 1929
Sidney 1828
Dana 1832
Samuel Grant Beckwith 1833
Anson Gaylord Beckwith 1836
Olivia America Beckwith 1838
William Devereaux Beckwith 1840
Irenus Beckwith 1843

Harriett C. BECKWITH b. 9 Dec 1829 Carthage, TN , d. 15 Dec 1900 Walling,
White, TN. Married George Henry HILL b. 15 Apr
1815 Roxbury, MA., d. 1876 De Kalb Co., TN.
Marriage 30 Nov 1852 DeKalb, TN.
Mary Beckwith Hill b. 1 Dec 1855
Infant 25 May 1858 died at birth
Sue Hill b. 11 Jul 1859
Anson Beckwith Hill b. 11 Apr 1861
Charles Henry Hill b. 1863
Alice Lilly b. 1866
Eunice Grant Hill 1867
Catherine Hill b. 1872

Anson Beckwith HILL b. 11 Apr 1861, Married Florence Sabrina Fisher
Children:(not listing all of them or dates to
save time,
available upon request)
John Pate Hill

John Pate Hill b. 22 Sep 1892, married Willie Elizabeth JONES
( 6 children)
Daughter: Doris Bonnelle Hill (my Mother)
Doris Bonnelle Hill married Lamar Olin Weaver
1 child--Linda Christine Weaver.

My Aunt Geneva Hill Talley started the Hill genealogy 32 years ago
after discovering a trunk of old family letters upon her grandmother's
(Florence Fisher Hill)
death.. She traveled all over MA, TN, VA, and AL tracking every
possible lead and source. When Aunt Geneva died, I inherrited her
collection, and have added to it for over 20 years (I started helping
her as a child). I have avoided the VA lines because the records are so
few, and so tangled. I think these discussion lists are wonderful because
so many people can exchange information. I look forward to being part of
this list. (Corrections are welcome).


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Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 08:24:39 -0700
From: "Mary A. Old" <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Re: unidentified subject
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>From: "Mary A. Old" <>
>Subject: Re: unidentified subject
> The charts are available from myself,the list owner. Mary A.
Old,2152 Sunview Drive, Kelowna,BC Canada. The charge is $2.00b per ten
pages for Gillams Galore members ($12 US per year) and $4 for nonmembers.
Many charts are 20-30 pages long. Let me know which charts you have
interest in. If you send your direct line info in Pedigree & Group sheets,
1 10 page chart is free of charge.
>At 10:03 PM 9/15/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>Did anyone find out where the charts were listed on the message marked with
>>the above subject? Quite a few of my family members are listed so I would
>>love to know. Thanks, Cathy

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