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Subject: GILLAM-D Digest V97 #42


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GILLAM-D DigestVolume 97 : Issue 42

Today's Topics:
#1 Revolutionary War 'Gilliam' pensio []
#2 Gilliam Military records [ (Beverly Bu]
#3 Gillam Research [ (MRS MARGARET ]


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Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 13:10:04 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: Revolutionary War 'Gilliam' pensioners

These pension files all available thru Natl Archives in DC and often on
premises of one of their 11 branches around the country. I read somewhere
that the name was originally spelled 'Gilham' so I've included those, along
with other variations. Hope this is useful to others. Joyce, email

Archelaus or Achels S8567, served Virginia line, applied 8 Apr 1833 from
Amherst Co, Va. at age 78, he was born 1754 on Tye River in Albermarle Co,
(now Buckingham Co) Virginia where he lived at enlistment.
John, S6889, served N. C. line, lived Rowan Co, N. C. at enlistment (part
that became Davidson Co, N. C.) where he applied 1832 at age 78.
John (or John Gillum), wife Mary W5282, served Va. line, enlisted
Buckingham Co, Va., married Mary, daughter of Wm Wooley of Albermarle (bond
dated 22 Nov 1781), John died 1821, widow applied 1846 from Amherst Co, Va.
John (or John Gillum), wife Elizabeth W8849, Bounty Land warrant
#39228-160-55, served Va. line, he was born 10 Aug 1760 Albermarle Co, Va,
lived there at enlistment, by 1816 moved to Madison Co, Kentucky, in 1821
moved to Logan Co, Ky where he applied 1832 for pension, he died there 4 June
1845. He married Eliz Bailey 25 Dec 1785 both of Albermarle Co, Va., widow
applied 1845 Logan Co, Ky age 79, one child in file listed as: Mrs Nancy
Thomas b 10 Feb 1790 (living in Logan Co, Ky), 2nd child of John Gilliam,
other children not named.
Jourdan Gillum, R4037, served Va. line and lived on Nottaway River in
Sussex Co, Va, when he enlisted, after his service moved to Camden Dist S.
C., then Wilkes Co, Ga, then Guilford Co, N. C., then Orange Co, N. C., then
Madison Co, Ala, then Jackson Co, Ala, then Rutherford Co, Rennessee, then
back to Jackson Co, Ala where he applied 1837 for a pension, age 105 years.
Robert (see Robert Gillam), wife Eliz W8848, served S. C. line.

Jonathan (or Gillum), served Pennsylvania and Virginia line.
Robert Jr (or Gilliam), married 1784 to Elizabeth Caldwell, served S. C.
line, father also served in war from the 96th Dist which became Newberry
Dist, S. C. Father died 1795. Robert Jr died 1813 and widow applied 1845 from
Abbeville, S. C. age 87. Her son James and another son William and another
child (not listed).

John, wife Mary, served Va. line (see John Gilliam)
William, wife Mary, daughter Elizabeth Johnson applied 1853 from Wilkes
Co, N. C., he died 1831, Mary died 1840. Lists 3 children with exact
birthdates (which I failed to note) as: JOhn b 1781, William b 1784, Lucy b
1800 (unknown if kids alive in 1853)

Isaac, S32270, served S. C. line, born 1 Nov 1757 Augusta Co, Ca. and in
1763 moved to S. C., where he lived Camden Dist at enlistment time. He
married daughter of Thomas Kirkpatrick of York Co, S. C. in 1786-7. In 1800
he moved to Madison Co, Ill and applied there (1832) for pension. Widow's
father also filed for pension on claim #R2991, (wife Jane?)
Jacob, S3397, served S. C. line applied Sept 1832 from Mauro Co, Tn, then
aged 71 born 8 Aug 1761 Augusta Co, Va and at age 3 moved with father to York
Dist of SC and lived there for 24 yrs, moved to Tn.
John, S32269 served S. C. line, b 4 Jan 1756 Augusta Co, Va, lived Camden
Dist at enlistment, in 1802 moved to Madison Co, Ill where he applied 1832,
and he died 13 Dec 1834.

Briant, married 1793 to Margaret Gilliam, he served Georgia and Virginia
lines, lived Illinois.

GLOVER (many, here is just one):
Chesley, married wife Mary 1785 in Buckingham Co, Va., kids Robert b
1786, Martha b 1783 (and more kids listed in file which I failed to get)


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Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 16:08:41 -0500 (CDT)
From: (Beverly Burton)
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Subject: Gilliam Military records
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John Gillam Pvt. ship-Alderney Gooch's Am. Reg. d. 1741
Wm. Gilliam Pvt. VA (Stafford) Spotswood's Co. 1756
Brandon Gillion Pvt. VA (Accomac) Andrew Lewis' 1755
Elijah Gillion Pvt. " " deserted
Harris Gillam Ens. NC Militia Granville Co. 1763
Wm. Gillam Pvt. " " 1768/69
Wm. Gilham Pvt. " Harper's Co. 1772
John Gilliam Pvt. " Elisha Cain's 1772
John Gilliam Pvt. " Charles Matthew's 1772
John Gillam Pvt. SW terr. Washington Co. 1793
Richard Gilliam Pvt. VA (Buckingham) 1794
Hugh Gillen Pvt. VA Navy Ship-Accomac
Robert Gillam Pvt. VA (Middlesex) 1687

WAR of 1812
James H. Gilham US Mtd.Rangers Whiteside's Mary Whiteside
Levi C. Gilham VA Mil James Sowert's Eliz. Buher
Peter Gilham VA Mil Wm. Newell's Eliza Jackson
Thomas Gilham VA Mil John Pitman's C. Davis, Mary Wiseman
James Gillam SC Mil
Jesse Gillam VA Mil George Camp's Elizabeth Fields
John Gillam SC Mil Henderson's Canard
Samuel Gillam OH Mil Meredith's Jemima Roberts
Simon Gillam MD Mil Kennedy's Jane Harbison
Clement Gillehan KY Mil Yeakey's Nancy Shours
Wm. "Peter" Gillen US NAvy gunboat #41
James Gillham US Mtd.Rangers Whiteside's Sarah Lofton
Wm. Gillham IL Mil Judy's Mary McDow
Drewry Gilliam VA Mil Lanier's Sally Long
Stephen"Gilche" Gilliam VA Mil Thomas' Edie
Hartwell Gilliam VA Mil Williamson's Routt, Sarah Townsend
James Gilliam VA Mil Archer's Harriet (Bucey?)
James S. Gilliam SC Mil Caldwell's Lucy Lake
Nathaniel Gilliam NC Mil William's Sally Davis
Major M. Gillian TN Mil Preston's Mary Grimets
William Gillian d.1815 VA Mil Ganoway's Rosannah Kidd
Benjamim Gillim KY Mil Holt's Martha A.
Charles Gillum KY Mil Holt's P.Spillman, Polly
James Gillum KY Mil Hamilton's Jemima Faulkner
Richard Guilliam VA Mil Rosannah Scott
Samuel Gilliam d.1815 VA Mil 65th


Charles Gilham NC Mil Dickerson Cherokee War
David Gilham GA Mil Stoke's Cherokee
James Gilham IL Mtd. Vol. Duncan's Sac & Fox War
John N. Gilham IL Mtd. Vol. Stout's Black Hawk war
Thomas C. Gilham IL Mil Whiteside's Black Hawk
Wm. Gilham IL Vol. Mtd. Riflemen Winnebago
Wm. Gilham Al Mil Chisolm's Florida War
Cornelius Gillam MO Mtd. Vol. 1st Florida
Isom M. Gillam IL Mtd. Vol. Buckmaster's Black Hawk
Jacob Gillam AL Mil Glasscock's Cherokee Removal
John Gillam AL Mil Glasscock's "
John Gillam AL Mil Wann's "
John F. Gillam IL Mtd. Vol. Armstrong's Black Hawk
Josiah R. Gillam IL Mtd. Vol. Snyder's "
Samuel Gillam FL Mil Whitner's Florida
Samuel Gillam FL Mil Scott's Florida
Samuel B. Gillam IL Mtd. Vol. Buckmaster's Black Hawk
W. Gillam IA Mil O'Hara's Black Hawk
William Gillam IL Mtd. Vol. Buckmaster's Black Hawk
William B. Gillam GA Vol. Butts' Creek War
William C. Gillam SC Mil Jones' Florida
I. Gillan AL Mil Wyman's Creek
Wm. Gilland AL Mtd. Vol. Chapman's Creek
Robert Gillehan IL Mtd. Vol. Adair's Black Hawk
James Gillen FL Mil Dell's Florida
Cyrus Gillham IL Mtd. Vol. Pruitt's S & F
Isham M. Gillham IL Mil Barnshack's Black Hawk
James Gillham


X-Message: #3
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 22:18:31, -0500
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Gillam Research

I've just heard about this group, and as I'm researching the Alan
William Gillam Family in Pratt, Kansas I'm wondering if anyone here
is also researching them. Thanks, Margaret

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