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From: "Daniel & Mary Sackett" <>
Subject: The passenger list for the Ship Lyon 1630-1631
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 19:39:56 -0600

Please for give me if I sent this to you twice.
I did not want to miss any one.

The passenger list for the Ship Lyon 1630-1631

Information about the ship LYON in an
article written about Roger Williams and published in the
Post vol 1:5 (May 1964) pp.3-9. Unfortunately it doesn't
list any
Sacketts but then again it doesn't list everybody just
about 12 of them
in the article)

This was on page 3:

In December of 1630, a small, one hundred ton boat,
the "Lyon"
(which became famous in the history of the early
immigration to
Massachusetts) sailed from Bristol, England with about
twenty passengers
and two hundred tons of goods. Her Master, Captain William
Pierce, noted
for his skillful seamanship, was at her helm.

Among the passengers was the reverend Roger Williams
and his wife
Mary; John Throckmorton with his wife Rebecca and children,
John and
Patience; John Perkins with his wife Judith and children
John, Elizabeth,
Mary, Thomas and Jacob; Edmond Onge and his wife Frances
and children
Simon and Jonah; and William Parke.

On February 5, 1631, the little boat docked in Boston
for her Master
was sympathetic to the policy of the Puritan leaders.

Here is the list of passengers on the Lyon which are
recorded in the book
"The Perkins Family in Ye Olden Times" by D. W. Perkins
Mr. Roger Williams
Mrs. Mary Williams, his wife
Mr. John Throckmorton
John Perkins, aged 47
Judith Perkins, his wife, aged 42
John Perkins, Jr, son of John and Judith, aged 22
Elizabeth Perkins, daughter of John and Judith, aged 20
Mary Perkins, daughter of John and Judith, aged 15
Ann Perkins, daughter of JOHN and Judith, aged 13
Thomas Perkins, son of JOHN and Judith, aged 9
Jacob Perkins, son of JOHN and Judith, aged 3
Edmond Onge
Frances Onge, his wife.
Simon Onge, son of Edmond and Frances, aged 6
Jacob Onge, son of Edmond and Frances aged____
This is fifteen out of the twenty-six passengers

The Sacketts of America, page 12, lists the following
on the ship Lyon:
Simon Sackett
Isabel Sackett, his wife
Simon Sackett, Jr, their infant son
John Sackett - head of the family
Nicholas Bailey - head of a household

If I combine all tree list I have 24 of the 26 passengers
from the Ship Lyon.
See below.


1.reverend Roger Williams
2.Wife Mary

3.John Throckmorton
4.Wife Rebecca
5.Child John
6.Child Patience

7.John Perkins
8.Wife Judith
9.Child John
10.Child Elizabeth
11.Child Mary
12.Child Ann
13.Child Thomas
14.Child Jacob

15.Edmond Onge
16.Wife Frances
17.Child Simon
18.Child Jonah

19.William Parke

20.Simon Sackett
21.Wife Isabel
22.Child Simon Jr.

23.John Sackett

24.Nicolas Bailey


The ship the Lyon brought my husbands first g-father and
g-mother to
the colonies.
William Hallett
and not married at the time they came Elizabeth (Fones)

If I add the information from the e-mail letter above I get
26 passengers on the ship Lyon coming to America in 1630 -

25.William Hallett

26.Elizabeth (Fones) Winthrop

Two other possibilities are relatives of Lorretta A. Curry
that may have come over on the Ship Lyon in the
1630's....They were Obadiah Holmes and
John Wilson.. Were they on the ship with Roger Williams?

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