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From: "Denise A Merritt" <>
Subject: John Gilliam & Eliz. Murrell Fields
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 15:01:40 -0700

The following notes are my way of outlining the various John GILLIAM's that
appear around the same time period. We do not yet know for certain who is
the father of "our" John GILLIAM (who married Eliz. Murrell Fields).
My family is on my web page at:

John Gilliam of Albemarle Co. VA Will (written 1791-proven June 1792)
John Gilliam (-1792) (******MY LINE******)
sp-Elizabeth Murrell Fields(1730-1781) (1st marriage Oct 1757-Richard
Fields; issue: Thomas who married Elizabeth Coffey, Joel, Elizabeth married
Bradley Berry, & Sarah married Thomas Coffey)(Marriage to John Gilliam 26
Sep 1764)
1. Epaphroditus Gilliam (1765-)
sp-Sarah "Sally" Israel Belieu
2. Cornelius Gilliam
sp-Sarah Woods
3. John Gilliam
sp2- Sarah Christie (married 11 April 1781 Albermarle Co. VA)
4. William Gilliam
5. Tabitha Gilliam

John Gilliam of Albemarle Co. VA Will (written 1808-proven 1812)
John Gilliam
sp- (?)
1. Elizabeth Gilliam
sp-Pleasants-Baily Oglesby (15 Mar 1766-)(married 1787)
A. John B. Oglesby

John Gilliam (15 Dec 1794 Proven Will) (Goochland Co. VA Deed Book 16, pp.
John Gilliam (-1794)
sp-Sarah Faris
2- John Gilliam, Jr.
2- Sarah Gilliam
sp-_____ Snead
2- James Gilliam
sp-Francis Hopkins (Bobby E. Gilliam descends from)
3-Mathew James Gilliam
2- Taylor Gilliam
2- Jacob Gilliam
2- Agnes Gilliam
2- Mary Gilliam
sp- ____ Snead
2- Susanna Gilliam
2- Cecilia Gilliam
2- William Gilliam
2- Judith Gilliam
2- Martha Gilliam
sp-_____ Drake

John Gilliam (b. 10 Aug 1760 Albemarle Co. VA d. 4 June 1845 Logan Co. KY)
sp-Elizabeth Bailey (b. ca 1766 still living in 1856 Logan Co. KY)
(married 25 Dec 1785 Albemarle Co. VA)
(Statements in pension file from Pleasant Gilliam (b. ca 1771) of Albemarle
Co. VA and Charles Bailey (b. ca 1767) of Albemarle Co. VA) (Charles P.
Gilliam of Logan Co. KY also made an affidavit in 1846)

Elizabeth GILLIAM of Albemarle Co. VA Will (written14 Sept 1773 proven 14
Oct 1773)
1. Ann Gilliam
2. Mary Gilliam
3. Peter Gilliam
4. John Gilliam
-(dau) Fanny Gilliam
-(dau) Aly Gilliam
-(son) John Gilliam
5. Charles Gilliam (d. before 1773)
6. Winnefred Gilliam (d. before 1773)

William Gilliam
sp-Mary Jarratt (dau. of Sarah Bradley & Robert Jarratt)
1- Devereux Gilliam (b. 1743 Henrico Co. VA)
sp-Edith Ellis
2- Sarah Gilliam
sp-Micajah Williamson
3- Elizabeth Gilliam
sp-George Raulstone
4- William Addison Gilliam (Dr.)
sp-Eliza Davis (of KY-1st cousin of Jefferson Davis)
A. Elizabeth Davis Gilliam
B. Theodosia Devereux Gilliam
C. William Addison Gilliam (Col. 6th VA Reg. Civil War)

JOHN GILLIAM's WILL OF Amherst Co. VA (Book 6 p. 225)
John Gilliam (d. May 1821 Amherst Co. VA)
sp-Mary Tooley (b. 1758 Albemarle Co. VA, dau. of James & Judith Tooley, d.
2 May 1846 in Amherst Co. VA)(Married 22 Nov 1781 Albemarle Co. VA)
1- Nancy (Anne) Gilliam
2- Judith Gilliam
3- John Patterson Gilliam
4- Mary Jarrett Gilliam
5- Elizabeth Porter Gilliam
6- William Anderson Gilliam

ARCHELAUS GILLIAM (possibly a brother to John who married Mary TOOLEY)
Archelaus Gilliam (b. 1754 Albemarle Co. VA d. Nov 1836 Amherst Co. VA)
sp-Judith Tooley (dau. of James & Judith Tooley)
(married 15 Dec 1781 Albemarle Co. VA)
Another GILLIAM Family
William Gilliam (of Orange Co. VA) (Question if his name was JOHN?)
sp-Ann Poythress
1- Robert Gilliam
sp-Lucy Skelton
2- Ann (P.) Gilliam
sp-Nathaniel Harrison (of Berkley)

Another GILLIAM Family
William Gilliam (son of Jacob Gilliam)
sp1-Lucy Servent Wills
A. William Henry Gilliam (b. at Bellefield near Yorktown VA)
B. Algernon Gilliam
C. Walter Wills Gilliam
D. Lucy Francis Gilliam
E. Mary Mildred Gilliam
sp2-Mary Elizabeth Bryan (of The Vinyards near Williamsburg, dau. of Martha
F. Edward Lee Gilliam
G. Martha Ann Gilliam
H. David Tod Gilliam (b. 3 Apr 1844 Hebron Ohio)
I. Harriet Tinsley Gilliam
J. John Apperson Gilliam
K. Mary California Gilliam
L. Charles Fredrick Gilliam
M. Letita Virginia Gilliam
N. Florence Adelade Gilliam

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