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Subject: [GILLESPIE] Re: [GILLESPIE-L] Some Marriages of Blount Co, TN bef 1814 GILLESPIE
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 19:12:39 -0600

Hi, nothing like answering 6 months after you posted on Rootsweb! I have
been checking on the ancestry of Robert Addison Gillespie who was a famous
Texas Ranger. I found info stating that his father was Robert Gillespie who
married Betsie Houston in Blount Co. Tenn. He was a son of a William
Gillespie (from Maryland?) who's parents, James and Janet Gillespie were
from Ireland. Robert and Betsie had 3 kids, Capt Wm. Finley Gillespie, Rev.
James Houston Gillespie and Martha Louis Gillespie. Betsie died and Robert
married Betsies 1st cousing Patsie Houston. They had 6 kids, Betsie Ann,
John L., John Newton Robert Addison (the Tex Ranger), Mathew Milton and Mary
Elizabeth. Robert Addison and his brother Mathew Milton both ended up in
Fayette Co. TX where they ran a mercantile store. Robert was later killed
storming a fortress in Mexico during the US-Mexican War. Are you thoroughly
confused now? Let me know if you have found any additional info. Thanks
Rick Gillespie
San Marcos, TX

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Subject: [GILLESPIE-L] Some Marriages of Blount Co, TN bef 1814 GILLESPIE

>>From Helen Austin, Decatur, AL
>To Gillespie researchers
>Please, Do you know any of these GILLESPIE who were in Blount Co, TN ,
>Maryville or Louisville on the TN River, before 1814?
>If so, do you have information for linkage of the GILLESPIE/HOUSTON
>of that county or in VA?
> GILLESPIE, Alexander marr. RHODES, Sarah
> on 28-SEP-1802
> GILLESPIE, Alexander marr. YOUNG, Margaret
> on 03-AUG1799
> GILLESPIE, Ann marr. HOUSTON, Robert F
> on 13-APR-1826
> GILLESPIE, Betsey marr. BYRD, Abraham
> on 20-MAR-1799
> GILLESPIE, Elizabeth marr. DAVIS, Joseph
> on 01-APR-1806
> GILLESPIE, Esther H marr. HOUSTON, Mathew C
> GILLESPIE, Isabella marr. RUCKER, John
> on 16-NOV-1807
> GILLESPIE, James marr. TALBOTT, Hester Ann H
>on 16-MAR-1826
> GILLESPIE, James marr. WALLACE, Patsy W
> on 18-OCT-1802
> GILLESPIE, John marr. HOUSTON, Patsey
> on 07-FEB-1799
> GILLESPIE, John marr. KILBOURN, Jane
> on 16-OCT-1823
> GILLESPIE, Margaret marr. GALAHOR, Joseph
> GILLESPIE, Mary marr. HOUSTON, James
> on 06-OCT-1796
> GILLESPIE, Mary marr. HOUSTON, Matthew M
>on 29-NOV-1821
> GILLESPIE, Patsy marr. HOUSTON, John
> on 16-OCT-1817
> GILLESPIE, Robert marr. HOUSTON, Betsy
> on 07-FEB-1799
> GILLESPIE, Sarah marr. GAMBLE, William
> on 10-DEC-1799
> GILLESPIE, Zach marr. ROADS, Elizabeth
> on 16-APR-1802
> GILLESPY, Malinda H marr. BYRD, Wm J
> on 24-MAR-1818
> GILLESPY, Rosannah marr. COWAN, John
> on 23-AUG-1797
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