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I am posting the information I have on the line of Robert Gillespie.
This information is typed in Microsoft Works word processing format. So
I will "copy" and "paste" to the email to the list. If the format
doesn't work, let me know and I will send you the information as an
attachment to a personal email to you.

The Line of Robert Gillespie

The spelling of the Gillespie name has taken several forms. The early
spelling seemed to
be Gillaspy, or Gilaspy and subsequent spellings have ranged from
Gillespie , Gillispie,
or Gillaspie. The name of Robert Gillaspy has been spelled differently
in various court
records depending on the intrepretation of the individual recording the

It is believe that Robert Gillespie was born somtime around 1715 in
Ireland and
immigrated to America with the company of John Lewis. It is believe
they came into
Philadelphia and spent some time in Pennsylvania prior to comming to
Virgiania. While
there is no proof, it is thought that Robert may have been accompanied
by James,
Thomas and William Gillespie. Some believe they may have all been
brothers but there
is no data to that fact. This information included in this document has
not all been
verified and I cannot certify its accuracy. A lot of the information
was obtained from the
works of Lauralynne S. Wright and her book, "The Wright Way". A great
deal of the
information on one of Robert's children came from an article entitile "
The Gillespies of
Braxton Co. WV" by Moon Starcloud Knight , published by the Braxton
Historical Society.

1. Robert Gillespie, b. 1715 in Ireland, d. April 1798 in Botetout Co
VA. He married
Agnes Russell. Robet Gillespie served in Dickinson's Rangers in 1754 and
received 50
acres for his services. He lived, at that time, on the lower end of
the Cowpasture Rive in
Augusta Co. VA.( now Alleghany). In 1776 he worked on the road from Ft.
Defiance to
Handley's Mill. On June 19 1776 he had 40 acres surveyed and on the
17th of October
1779 he had 300 acrea surveyed. In 1768 he lived in the bend of
Jackson's River and
in Augusta Co Va. (now Alleghany) and was exempted from working on the
Road. On 12 May 1770, he received a 54 acre grant on the north side of
Jackson's River.
On 20 June 1772 he received an 80 acre grant on two small branches of
the James River.
For many years he was on the tithe list of Botetourt Co. VA where he was
taxed on 218
acres in 1785. Part of the land of the present city of Pigeon Forge, VA.
is said to be on
land owned by Robert Gillespie. He made his will on 23 May 1797,
leaving his property
to his children. The children of Robert Gillespie and Agnes Russell
2. William Gillespie, b. 14 Mar 1755, d. 20 Mar 1833
3. Mary Gillespie, married on 24 Mar 1789 to George Shaver.
4. Jean Gillespie, b. abt 1762 in Smyth Co.VA, m. on 10 July 1797 to
William Eddy.
5. Isabella Gillespie,b abt 1764, d. 19 Sept 1833 , m. abt 1780 to her
first cousin,
James Gillespie, the son of William and Mary Gillespie.
6. Robert Gillespie Jr., b. abt 1764, m. in 1791 to Mary Galloway.
7. John Gillespie, b. btw 1771-75 in Bath Co VA, m. on 17 Apr 1798 in
Bath Co.
VA. to Comfort Griffith., d. bfr 1850 in Braxton Co, WV.
8. James Gillespie, b. abt 1759 , d. btw 1853-58 in Shelby Co KY, m. in
Jan, 1785 to Mary Robertson
9. Alexander (James Alexander) Gillespie, b. abt 1784, d. 1853 in
Co. MO, m. on 4 Apr 1805 in Bath Co VA to Sarah Griffith.


2.William Gillespie,( Robert 1) b. 14 Mar 1755, d. 20 Mar 1833 in
Scipio Twp.,
Meigs Co. OH, married (1st) on 24 May in 1780 in Bath Co VA to Sarah
Carpenter, daughter of Joseph Carptenter Jr. (2nd) Catherine Caine, a
widow with one
William was a private in the 4th Continental Line of Virgina during the
Revolution. He participated in the battle of Brandywine and served at
Valley Forge.
in 1805 he moved to Gallia Co. OH..

Children with first wife;
10. Joseph Gillespie, resided in Gallia Co OH in 1830, resided in
Jackson Co OH
Fought in the war of 1812.
11. James Gillespie, resided in Blackford Co, IN in 1857.
12. Robert Gillespie, b. 25 May 1788 in Botetourt Co VA. , d. 17 July
1860 in
Marion Co OH.
13. Silas Gillespie, d. bfr 1857, m. 10 Aug 1833 in Meigs Co OH to Ruth
Fought in the war of 1812.

Children with second wife;
14. Lewis G. Gillespie, b. 28 Oct 1807 in Gallia Co OH, d. 19 Sept 1897
Decatur, Douglas Co. IL, m. 28 Aug 1828 to Elizabeth Smith.
15. Sarah Gillespie, m. on 22 Nov 1827 to Anderson Campbell
16. Baker Gillespie, b. 1809, d. 1880 in Pickaway Co.OH
17. Isabella Gillespie, b. abt 1813, m. 26 Sept 1833 to Jeremiah D.
18. William C. Gillespie, d. 20 Mar 1883?, in Miegs Co OH. m. on 7 Apr
1833 in
Miegs Co OH to Rebecca Bowers.

12.Robert Gillespie( Robert 1, William 2) b. 25 May 1788 in Botetourt
Co VA. , d.
17 July 1860 in Marion Co OH. m. on 14 Aug 1814 in Gallia Co OH to Sarah
Rice. He
came with his father to Gallia Co about 1805 and in 1835 he moved to
Marion Co OH.
He fought in the war of 1812. The children of Robert and Sarah were;
19. Evan Gillespie, b. 1815, d. 1900, m. 19 June 1845 to Catherine
20. Noah Gillespie, b. 1817, d. 1900, m, 24 June 1847 to Emeline P
21. Ellen Gillespie, m. 4 Jan 1846 to Joseph Neel
22. Lucinda Gillespie
23. Ibey Gillespie
24. Mahala Gillespie, b. 1826, d. 17 Jan 1864, m 4 Aug 1846 to Edward
25. Margaret Eleanor Gillespie, b. 4 Aug 1830, d. 27 Nov 1864, m. on 1
Apr 1847
to William Byron Sorden. They moved to Shelby Co, IL in 1857. He
in the Civil War. Moved back to Ohio in 1864.

14.Lewis G. Gillespie( Robert 1, William 2) b. 28 Oct 1807 in Gallia Co
OH, d. 19
Sept 1897 , m. on 28 Aug 1828 to Elizabeth Smith. Was residing in
Gallia Co. OH in
1857 then went to Douglas Co IL for the next 24 years, after which he
went go Kansas.
Thier children were;
26. Jeoseph Perry Gillespie, b. 3 Dec 1831, d. 7 July 1832.
27. Jehu Washington Gillespie, b. 4 Jan 1833 , d. 7 Jan 1924 in Mason
Co WV.
28. Polly Gillespie
29. Henry Gillespie
30. Annie Gillespie
31. Lydia Margaret Gillespie, d. 3 yrs of age.
32. Mahala (Jennie) Gillespie, m. Lewis Hudson.
33. Sarah Gillespie

27.Jehu Washington Gillespie (Robert 1, William 2, Lewis G. 14) b. 4
Jan 1833 in
Gallia Co OH. d. 7 Jan 1924 in Mason Co. WV. m. on 31 Aug 1856 in Gallia
Co OH to
Mary Ann Donnally. Their children were;
34. Dora Elizabeth Gillespie, b. 7 Aug 1857 in Gallia Co OH. , d. 2 Aug
1951 at
Henderson, WV, m. on 2 May 1875 in Mason Co WV to Austin Horton.
35. Lydia Ellen Gillespie, b. 10 Nov 1858 in Gallia Co OH., d. 1943 in
Mason Co
WV, m. on 5 Nov 1858 to Cassius C. Austin.
36. Sarah Effie Gillespie, b. 25 July 1860, d. 2 May 1942 in Mason Co
WV, m
(1st) 14 June 1891 to Lemuel F. Rogers, (2nd) Jesse Sheline.
37. Lewis Cashes Gillespie, d. 1944 in Mason Co. WV, m. Jennie Huffman.
38. Reuben Ellsworth Gillespie, b. 10 Nov 1865, d. 12 Sept 1939 in
Mason Co
39. Jehu Oscar Gillespie, b. 13 Jan 1868, d 3 Dec 1871.
40. Ollie Mae Gillespie, b. 24 Aug 1870, d. 1951, m. Edward A. Rogers.
41. Henry D. Gillespie, b. 16 Mar 1873, d. 18 Feb 1896 in Mason Co WV.


8. James Gillespie (Robert 1 ) b. VA, d. btw 1853-58 in Shelby Co KY.,
m. Mary
Robinson. They first moved to Henry Co KY then to Shely Co KY. They had
at least one
son. This family line continued to spell their name Gillaspy.
42. George Gillespie b. 1797 in Henry Co KY, d 20 Aug 1871 in Morgan Co

42. George Gillespie(Robert 1, James 8) b. 1797 in Henry Co Ky, d. 20
Aug 1781 in
Morgan Co IN, m. (1st) Catharine Smith, (2nd) in April 1841 to Isabella
Teeters. It is
assumed his children are from the first wife.
43. Miles Gillespie, b. 1833, d. 11 Nov 1900
44. Mary A. Gillespie. b. 1835
45. George Gillespie Jr., b. April 1837, m. Nancy E. Avery.

43.Miles Gillespie (Robert 1, James 8, George 42) b. 1833, d. 11 Nov
1900, m. on 24
Sept 1857 to Ann St. John. Their children were;
46. George Gillespie, b. Oct 1855, m. on 13 Aug 1882 to Lousia Hess.
47. Joseph W. Gillespie, b. 20 Aug 1863, d. 12 Aug 1926, m. on 11 Aug
1889 to
Arnania Perry.
48. John M. Gillespie, m 1887.

45. George Gillespie Jr.(Robert 1, James 8, George 42), b. April 1837,
m. on 26 Jan
1865 to Nancy E. Avery. Their children were;
49. Amos Gillespie, b. Oct. 1870
50. Ves Gillespie, b. Apr 1872
51. Holly Gillespie, b. Dec 1876
52. Micie Gillespie, b. April 1883


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