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Subject: [GILLIAM] William and Mary (JARRATT) GILLIAM, of Virginia
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 21:42:15 EST

A great deal of erroneous information has been published regarding William
and Mary (Jarratt) Gilliam, of Virginia. This has been inadvertently
perpetuated by well-intentioned researchers, unaware of the inaccuracies
contained in various published sources (example, Worth Ray's TN COUSINS).

William Gilliam's parentage is unknown to date, but it is very likely he
belonged to the Gilliam family which resided in St. Peter's Parish in New
Kent County, VA. Claims that he was a grandson of the Reverend Patrick Henry
are false. Chronologically, this is impossible. A very good review of the
Gilliam descendants of the Reverend Patrick Henry has appeared in print and
confirms the fact that the William Gilliam in question does NOT belong to
this family.

Richard and Margaret Gilliam were residing in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent
Co., VA as early as the 1680s and they had several sons. It seems highly
probable that William Gilliam was a grandson of Richard and Margaret Gilliam.

Mary Jarratt, wife of William Gilliam, was born 5 May 1724 in St. Peter's
Parish, New Kent Co., VA the daughter of Devereux Jarratt and his wife,
Elizabeth (Wingfield) Jarratt. This information is confirmed by the St.
Peter's Parish Register and the Gilliam Bible which was published in 1766 in

William Gilliam was born about 1720, probably in New Kent Co., VA. William
and Mary (Jarratt) Gilliam probably married in New Kent Co., VA and came to
reside in Albemarle Co., VA near the Pedlar River. They are found in that
county in deed records in the 1750s. Following the creation of Buckingham
County, VA in 1761, Gilliam is then found in that county. Surviving land
records mention William Gilliam as being deceased on 17 Oct 1792. It has
incorrectly been stated that William Gilliam died in Hanover Co., VA, but
again, this has been a perpetuation of false information.

References are made to the "widow Gilliam" in Buckingham Co., VA in 1794 and
1796. This is in reference to William Gilliam, deceased and we may deduce
this is a reference to Mary (Jarratt) Gilliam. She appears to have died
about 1796.

Unfortunately, Buckingham Co., VA is a "burned county" so any will William or
Mary Gilliam might have left was destroyed years ago. However, we can
reconstruct their family using other means.

John Gilliam is referred to as a son of William Gilliam, deceased, in
surviving Buckingham Co., VA land records.

William Gilliam and his his eldest son, William Gilliam, Jr. are found in a
1764 List of Tithables in Buckingham Co., VA with the father paying the tithe
of the son.

Thomas Gilliam's family record lists him as the "son of William and Mary

William Gilliam, Jr. the eldest son of William and Mary (Jarratt) Gilliam
died childless in Wilkes Co., GA. He bequeated his estate to his brothers and
sisters. Specifically, he bequeathed his estate to his brothers and sisters
and the heirs of John Hood. No specific family relationship was indicated
in regard to the heirs of John Hood, so we can't state definitively if they
were related, based on the probate records alone.

The wording of the will is of particular significance. As he did not bequeath
his estate to his brothers and sisters AND THEIR HEIRS, this effectively
disinherited the children of his brothers who predeceased him. Of course, the
heirs of John Hood were an exception, if their mother was indeed a sister of
William Gilliam, Jr. as has been assumed by some Gilliam researchers.

At any rate, utilizing the abovementioned sources, we have an accurate
picture of the children born to William and Mary (Jarratt) Gilliam. Their
children were:

1. William Gilliam, Jr. ( 1742; d. 1798); married Elizabeth Ellis. No
children. They are found selling land in Amherst Co., VA in 1773, but were
residing in Bedford Co., VA at the time. He later settled in Wilkes Co., VA
where his will was written 27 Jan 1798 and proven 17 Feb 1798. The inventory
and distribution of his estate shows payments were made to his surviving
brothers: Devereux, Richard, Charles, John, Jarratt, and Archelaus Gilliam and
to his sister, Sarah Williamson (as well as the heirs of John Hood). As
previously mentioned, no provision was made for the children of his deceased

2. Sarah Gilliam ( 1744); married Micajah Williamson. Resided in Wilkes
Co., GA. A daughter was married to John Clark, Governor of Georgia. A
grandson, John Campbell, served on the United States Supreme Court. A
great-grandson, Lucius Q.C. Lamar, also served on the United States Supreme
Court and was immortalized in John F. Kennedy's PROFILES IN COURAGE.

3. Devereux Gilliam ( 1746; died 1809); married Edith Ellis, daughter of
Charles and Susannah (Harding) Ellis, of "Red Hill," in present-day Amherst
Co., VA. They were early settlers of Knox Co., TN where they established
"Gilliam's Station." His will, written 2 May 1809, was proven the following

4. Peter Gilliam ( 1748; d. 1798); Traditionally attributed as a son of
William and Mary (Jarratt) Gilliam. He was married to Ann Heard and came to
reside in Wilkes Co., GA where he was dead by 15 Jul 1794 when Jesse Heard
was appointed administrator of his estate.

5. Thomas Gilliam (born 22 Oct 1750; died 25 May 1793); I discussed this
couple in a previous posting and will not repeat the information here.

6. Richard Gilliam ( 1752); he is listed as receiving a share of his
brother's estate on 19 Dec 1799. A Richard Gilliam is listed as having his
will proven in Bedford Co., VA on 22 Apr 1799, so it is impossible these
could be the same individual due to the conflict of these two dates.

7. Charles Gilliam ( 1754); received a share of his brother's estate on
12 Jan 1799.

8. John Gilliam ( 1756; died 1821); married Mary Tooley, 22 Nov 1785, in
Albemarle Co., VA. His will, written 1 Mar 1821, was proven 21 May 1821, in
Amherst Co., VA.

9. Jarratt Gilliam ( 1758; died 1833); married 24 Mar 1787, in Bedford
Co., VA to Ann Gilliam. He married as his second wife, Theodosia Davis, in
Bedford Co., VA on 18 Feb 1796, with her mother, Elizabeth Davis, of Amherst
Co., VA giving consent. He did not remain in Bedford County and returned to
Amherst Co., VA where his will, written 24 Dec 1832, was proven 17 Jun 1833.

10. Archelaus Gilliam ( 1760; d. 1836); sometimes referred to as
"Archer." He married Judith Tooley, 15 Dec 1781, in Albemarle Co., VA. An
administrator's bond was granted to James Gilliam for Archelaus Gilliam's
estate on 21 Nov 1836, in Amherst Co., VA.

11. Joyce Gilliam (possible daughter); married John Hood. The wife of John
Hood is attributed as a sister of William Gilliam, Jr. and thus a daughter of
William and Mary (Jarratt) Gilliam, based on the fact that William Gilliam,
Jr. bequeathed part of his estate to the heirs of John Hood in his will. No
further information.

I hope that this will help to clear up many of the inaccuracies regarding the
family of William and Mary (Jarratt) Gilliam.

I have spent a great deal of time and effort researching the Gilliams and
have plans of having my research published.

If anyone wishes to discuss this Gilliam family, please contact me directly.

Charles Ward

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