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From: Sam Redding <>
Subject: Gillihans and Gillilands
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 1996 20:05:20 -0500

Since I am descended from both Gillihans and Gillilands, I offer the
following information on the Gillilands. Perhaps they are the same family.
Their migration patterns and given names are similar. Maybe someone can
help sort all of this out. Thanks.

Notes on the Gilliland Family

See book, The Loving Irish: The Gillilands by Marture Hutcheson Greenwood,
Holy Oaks Farm, Bluff Dale, TX, 1970. Published by The Gilliland Family of
Texas Association. Printed by the Stephenville Printing Co., Stephenville,
TX 76401.

See materials compiled by H. N. (Nick) Weedman, 1988.

The following is from Weedman=92s paper, which he got from the Greenwood=

One John Gilliland, his wife and family are said to have come to
Philadelphia, PA in the 1730s. One daughter, Catherine, jumped ashore as
the ship left Ireland, to marry her Catholic sweetheart. It is reported
that three of the older brothers came first and the rest followed. They
were: Thomas, Hugh, Adam, Andrew, Robert, John, James, Jane, Mary, and
Sarah. Descendants of this John say that all Gillilands in this country are
in some way descended from John Gilliland who came to PA in the 1730s.
Almost every Gilliland family has a tradition regarding the beginnings of
the family back through Northern Ireland. Descendants of one John, who was
born in Antrim County, Ireland, 1706, d. Chester Co., PA 1780, and his wife
Hester Romar, state that they were descended from three Gilliland brothers
who came from Ireland in 1740 and that they were descendants of a "Willy"
Gilliland. Possibly this John (1706-1780) was a son of the John who came to
Philadelphia in the 1730s. Record was also found of a James Gilliland, who
was also a possible son of the early John. This James came in the 1730s to
Flaggs Manor, Chester Co., PA and married ca 1735, a girl named Margaret.
Early land records in PA give the following data on this Gilliland family:
(1) Hugh, a warrantee for 400 acres of land March 1, 1734, Lancaster County;
(2) John had a grant of 250 acres, February 15, 1737, Dauphin County,
Hanover Township; (3) Robert, a warrantee for 50 acres in Dauphin County, in

In another document (I can=92t find the source), an "Historical and
Biographical Sketch of the Galligan, Gallin, Gillilian, Gillan, Gillen,
Gilligan, Gilliland, Gillin, Gilland Family" says the following:

The distinguished name and its many variants, according to one authority, is
said to come from the Gaelic "Giolla" meaning a servant or youth, and that
the name is found in Westmeath, Thomond, Galway, Roscommon, and Sligo.

The same source lists the following Gillilands:

1. James E. and Susannah Gilliland. He was born in Lancaster, PA in 1750
and moved to Rockingham County, VA. Their children were Jessie, Benjamin,
William (born 1771), Samuel (1775), Henry (1777), Nancy, Susannah, James Jr.
(1783), Sheppard (1786, Sarah (1790), Elizabeth and Tolly. James died in
1810 and Susannah in 1842 in Tennesee.

2. Alexander Gilliland had children: John, Robert, William, Thomas. They
were from Tyron County, NC.=20

3. John Gilliland lived at Pigeon Creek and was a friend of John Sevier.
His grandson, Silas Jasper Gilliland moved to Missouri.
4. Abel Gilliland of East Tennessee was the brother of James who was a
leader in Zion Church. In 1821 Abel moved to Alabama and located on Wolf
Creek, St. Clair County. He had sons Patric and Wesley.
5. A James Gilliland recorded his will in 1800 in Davidson County,
Tennessee, mentioning his wife Nancy and children Robert, Daniel, James, and
6. A William Gilliland was a merchant in New York City before founding
several settlements on the western banks of Lake Champlain, NY. He kept a
diary=97"The Journal of William Gilliland 1765-1793." His wife was=
He later served in the American Army in the Revolution and was distinguished
for his service at Yorktown. Among his children were William (who had sons
named William and Henry), Elizabeth (Mrs. Daniel Ross), Charlotte (Mrs.
Stephen Cuyler), Jane (Mrs. John Bleecker).
7. James Gilliland, brother of William, is buried in St. Paul=92s=
New York City, dying in 1777. He was born in Caddy, County Armagh, Ireland.
He was a teacher.
8. James Gilliland of Londonderry, Ireland, came to America in 1730 and
settled in Flaggs Manor, Chester County, PA. His son James served in the
Revolutionary War and married Hannah Adams in 1739; they had a son, Joseph.
9. In what is now West Virginia (then Virginia), a James Gillilan received
a grant of 205 acres in Greenbrier County. In 1799, William Gillilan
received a patent for 405 acres also in Greenbrier County.
10. The baptismal records of the First Presbyterian Church of New York City
shows the baptisms of Elizabeth Ann Gilliland, daugher of Thomas Carroll
Gilliland, October 7, 1766, and also the baptism of John Gilliland, son of
John Gilliland, September 26, 1784.
11. Marriage records of Trinity Church, NYC, show the marriage of John
Gilliland to Susanna Harrison, January 3, 1792.
12. Robert Gilliland, farmer and lumber business owner in St. Joseph, IN
was born in Ontario County, NY in 1822, the son of Thomas and Jane (Carson).
He moved to Hudson, Michigan in 1863 and later to Indiana. Married Caroline
Torrance; their children were Ezra (co-worker of Edison), James, William,
Maria, Agnes, Emma, and Donna.
13. Professor Clarence Vosburgh Gilliland, University of Southern
California, was born in Linesville, PA in 1866.
14. Homer Gilliland was born in 1870 in Van Wert, Ohio. President of bank
15. Adam Raymond Gilliland, professor of psychology and author, Evanston,
IL, was born in Morgan County, Ohio in 1887, son of J.L and Gertrude=

16. James Finney J. Gilliland, Hutchinson, KS, was principal at the high
school there. Born in Beloit, KS in 1881.
17. Frank Marshall Gilliland, a Memphis lawyer, was born in 1889 in Shelby
County, TN, son of Fletcher and Carolyn (Farabee). Married Elizabeth Jordan
in 1924, children were Robert, Frank, James.

A family tree of a Jesse Morgan Gilliland (1830-1917) shows Jesse married
Elizabeth Morris. He was born in Belmont County, OH, lived in Ogle County,
IL, then Missouri, then Auburn, Nebraska. His son William was a farmer and
land agent in Jackson County, KS. His wife was Lou Emma Cummings; their
children were Roy, Charles, Della, and Bertha. Jesse Morgan Gilliland was
the son of Jesse Gilliland, born in Ohio County, West Virginia in 1792,
married to Margaret Douglas. Jesse was the son of Hugh and Elizabeth Morgan
Gilliland who began in Williamsport, MD, then settled on Buffalo Creek, VA
in 1779. Died in Belmont County, OH in 1816. Elizabeth Morgan=92s
grandfather=92s sister was Daniel Boone=92s mother. Hugh was the son of=
Gilliland of Williamsport, MD, the son of Hugh Gilliland, who settled in
America in 1734 in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster, PA by 1742 on Potomac River
near mouth of Little Conococheague Creek, just west of Williamsport, MD.
Hugh died in 1757.

My own Gilliland connection is through my great-great grandmother, Mary Ann
Gilliland Redding, wife of John B. Redding. John B. was born, the son of
Francis and Nancy Redding, in Morgan, County, IL. His parents were from
North Carolina, but were married in Lexington, MO in 1818. They entered
Iowa Territory in the mid-1830s (following Black Hawk War). Mary Ann
Gilliland was born in Madison County, Illinois in 1830. Her parents were
Thomas and Polly (Jouett) Gilliland. Thomas was born about 1798, probably
in Shelby County, KY where he married Polly in 1818. Polly was the daughter
of John Jouett and was born in Pennsylvania. Thomas and Polly were parents
of Mary Ann, Rebecca (born in Indiana), Sarah (born in Ohio), Nancy
(Indiana), and John (Ohio). Thomas Gilliland was the son of Robert and
Nancy (Roberts) Gilliland of Shelby County, KY. Nancy was the daughter of
Abner Roberts, a Revolutionary War veteran. The children of Robert and
Nancy were Thomas (1798), Margaret (1799), Mary (1800), Abner (1801), Rachel
(1803), William (1805), Sarah (1808), John (1810), Robert (1812), Naoma
(1815), and Elizabeth (1917). The senior Robert Gilliland, who resided on
Plum Creek in 1812 but is in the area from at least 1806, was the son of
Thomas Gilliland, who is in the 1810 census in Shelby County, KY and died in
1816. The second Thomas Gilliland (the one who married Polly Jouett and
ended up in Iowa) left for the gold fields of California in 1850 and never
returned. His widow petitioned for bounty land as a widow of a veteran of
the Black Hawk War. Thomas was a private in the Illinois militia.

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