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From: "Jim Gilmer" <>
Subject: RE: Franklin VA
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 21:36:14 -0500


See if any of these "Peachy" Gilmers make a connection, I believe your Mary
Peachy Gilmer, who married Thomas B. Boswell in about 1804, is listed at the
bottom of this info. It appears that some of the Boswells were born in
Franklin, Va. It appears your Mary Peachy Gilmer wound up in Iowa, where
she died in 1860. Let me know how you come out with this info.

Dorothy, all these folks are no doubt related, and these names have carried
down thru the generations.

Jim Gilmer in Alabama

ID: I2943
Name: Mary Peachy GILMER
RFN: 2943
Sex: F 1 Quality: 0

Father: Peachey Ridgeway GILMER b: 6 MAR 1737/1738
Mother: Mary MERIWETHER b: 4 APR 1742

Note: never married

ID: I7118
Name: Mary Peachy GILMER
Sex: F
Birth: 29 DEC 1801
Death: 20 SEP 1876

Father: Nicholas Meriwether GILMER b: 25 MAY 1776 in Amherst County,

ID: I48464
Name: Mary Peachy Gilmer
Sex: F
Birth: 3 JAN 1863
Reference Number: Cabell Kin-616

Father: George H. Gilmer
Mother: Elizabeth Cabell Carrington b: 18 MAY 1827 in " Ingleside "

Marriage 1 John W. Craddock
Married: 7 DEC 1886
George Gilmer Craddock b: 20 OCT 1888
Charles Granville Craddock b: 17 NOV 1890
Elise Carrington Craddock b: 15 APR 1892

ID: I7092
Name: Mary Peachy GILMER
Sex: F
Birth: 4 MAY 1865
Death: 5 SEP 1935

Father: Peachy Ridgeway GILMER b: 20 AUG 1810 in Wilkes County, Georgia
Mother: Dorothy DOOLEY b: 1823

ID: I2782
Name: Mary Peachy GILMER
Sex: F
Birth: ABT. 1775 in Augusta County, Virginia

Father: Peachy Ridgeway GILMER b: 29 MAR 1737 in Williamsburg, James City
County, Virginia
Mother: Mary MERIWETHER b: 4 APR 1742 in Hanover County, Virginia

Dorothy, on the assumption that you are on the internet, I'm sending you the
rootsweb site where about 25 more "Peachy" Gilmers are listed....perhaps you
have already seen this:

The site below is about Thomas Walker Gilmer, and goes back several
generations to Mary Gilmer Walker b 1711, married 1732 to George Gilmer, who
was born in Scotland, and died in 1757 in Williamsburg, Va.

Another Thomas Walker Gilmer:

ID: I37532
Name: Thomas Walker Gilmer
Sex: M
Occupation: Gov. of Va.
Birth: 6 APR 1802 in " Gilmerton ", Albemarle Co., Va.
Death: 28 FEB 1844 in aboard the U. S. S. Princeton
Burial: MOUNT AIR CEM. Albemarle Co., Va.
Reference Number: Ven. of Va. 99

Father: George Gilmer
Mother: Elizabeth Hudson

Marriage 1 Anne Elizabeth Baker b: in of Shepherdstown, W. Va.
Elizabeth Anderson Gilmer b: 3 APR 1827
James B. Gilmer
George Hudson Gilmer b: 1836 in of Pulaski Co., Va.

Another Thomas Walker Gilmer:

ID: I37535
Name: Thomas Walker Gilmer
Sex: M
Birth: 1862
Death: LIV. 1924 in Washington, D. C.
Reference Number: Ven. of Va. 100

Father: George Hudson Gilmer b: 1836 in of Pulaski Co., Va.
Mother: Elizabeth Parke Anderson b: 1840 in " Providence ", Cumberland Co.,

And lastly, info on Peachy Gilmer Boswell, and his parents, Thomas B.
Boswell and Mary Gilmer:

ID: I23160
Name: Peachy Gilmer Boswell
Sex: M
Birth: 1807 in WV
Death: 1870 in Corydon, Wayne, IA

Father: Thomas B. Boswell b: BEF. 1790
Mother: Mary Gilmer b: ABT. 1782 in VA.

Marriage 1 Caroline McDanial
Married: May 1831 in WV
Chloe Boswell b: 23 Aug 1833 in MASON, WV
Jane Anna Boswell b: 11 Feb 1836 in MASON, WV
Susan Frances Boswell b: 5 Oct 1838 in MASON, WVA
William Reed Boswell b: 1 Jan 1841 in POINT PLEASANT, MASON, WV
Ellis Green Boswell b: 23 Sep 1843 in MASON, WV
America Elizabeth Boswell b: 1848 in MASON, WV
Thomas Boswell b: 8 May 1849 in W VA

ID: I23155
Name: Mary Gilmer
Sex: F
Birth: ABT. 1782 in VA.
Death: 1860 in APPANOOSE, IA

Marriage 1 Thomas B. Boswell b: BEF. 1790
Married: ABT. 1804
Susan Boswell b: 1805 in VA.
Peachy Gilmer Boswell b: 1807 in WV
Jane Boswell b: ABT. 1809 in FRANKLIN, VA
William M. Boswell b: 1811 in MASON, WV
Creed M. Boswell b: 1816 in MASON, WV
Thomas Leon Bozwell b: 21 Feb 1818 in MASON, WV
Mary E. Boswell b: 1820 in VA
John L. Boswell b: 1823 in VA.
Elizabeth Boswell b: 1826 in VA.

ID: I19720
Name: William M. Boswell
Sex: M
Birth: BEF. 1765
Death: BEF. 1828 in MASON, VA

Marriage 1 Mary Jean Mason b: BEF. 1769
Married: 2 Jan 1783 in BEDFORD, VA
Henrietta Boswell b: 1786
Gilbert Boswell b: 1789 in FRANKLIN, VA
Thomas B. Boswell b: BEF. 1790
Sally B. Boswell b: 1790
William Boswell b: 1794
Jane Boswell b: 1796
Creed H. Boswell b: 1800

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From: Dorothy [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, August 21, 2000 2:49 PM
Subject: Franklin VA

Since my Mary was born in Franklin or so the IGI sheets says submitted by
her husband and she was married to Thomas B. Boswell in Franklin. These
are the only two listed for Franklin on the IGI sheets I have for VA. I
bought the Pioneer Families of Franklin and nothing in it at all. Which
only means probably that they came to the county later.
I do have some Census Records but not sure its for Franklin Co. I have
Riffles, Boswells also from the same area. Isn;'t there something that
would list the people in that county. I did belong to the Historical
Library so guess I will join again. Her name is listed as Gilmore on the
IGI sheets but her children have carried the name Gilmer forward especially
for Peachy Gilmer Boswell.Now in the book The Gilmers in America Thomas
Walker Gilmer practiced law with his Uncle Peachy R. Gilmer in Bedford Co

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