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Subject: John Davies Quaker's Yard
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 19:07:07 EDT

Hi All
Just when you thought I had disappeared something came up that is fantastic
amazing and also bloody frightening.
I will enlarge.
First the fantastic and amazing
Today I was given a photo of an illumunated address given to my GG
Grandfather John Davies dated 13th August 1906.The address in the photo is
unreadable but an old aunt long deceased has written out what it actually
It reads-
Presented to Mr John Davies
By Libanus Congregational Church
Graig Berthlwyd Quaker's Yard.
Our dear and estemed brother.
Through the good influence of christian parents you became a member of
Penmaen Congregational church MON. being recieved into the church by the
Reverend Hughes pastor at the early age of thirteen years. Later you became a
member of Libanus Congregational Church Graig Berthlwyd, Quakers Yard.
Musical conductor Deacon and trustee,and during the great Christian revival
in Wales in the years 1904 - 05 you played an earnest part in commencing the
work of religious revival in our church and have continued to foster it's
Now we the members of Libanus Church desire to show our gratitude by
presenting you with this illuminated address, a pair of solid gold
spectaclesand a purse of gold.
We much regret that you are compelled through ill health to relinquish
your office of conductor, an office which you have so well discharged for 20
years showing great energy and tact in sustaining a high musicl efficiency.
We trust that your example as a Christian worker may be followed by young and
We rejoice that you have a christian home and we pray that Christ's spirit
may continue therein.
And further pray that you may be long spared to continue the good work
you have so long carried on as a peacable loving and sympathetic worker in
God's vineyard.
We are on behalf of the Church committee.
Morgan Lwyn Thomas,
Lewis Jones
John Davies
John Harding
John Davies
William Morgan
William Richards
Thomas Edwards

Now for the bloody frightening
There is a photo of my GG Grandfather on the address and it is like looking
in a mirror.
Imagine me an atheist saddled with all those Catholics and Plymouth Bretheren
and now this.

There is also a photo of the others mentioned in the address at the bottom.

I now that John Davies was buried at Libanus Quaker's Yard and was wondering
if the M.I's were done for this church.

Any one got any links to this John Davies ?

Regards Phil the Cardiff mongrel

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