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Subject: WELSH NEWS Vol.2 No. 7 - May 2001
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 01:52:29 EDT

Sunday, 20 May 2001 - 1:30 PM. The Welsh Church is proud to announce its
145th Gymanfa Ganu. Prepare to sing with a thousand voices. Prepare the
road to San Jose. Conductor will be Rhiannon Evans Acree and the Accompanist
for the Day will be Jim Furmston. Both Rhiannon and Jim have been chosen to
conduct and play at the National Gymanfa Ganu held in San Jose 30 August to 2
Sept, 2001. This special Los Angeles Gymanfa Ganu will include all your
favorite hymns and prepare you to sing with great spirit and hwyl! Even if
you are not attending the 70th Annual National Gymanfa Ganu, please come and

For the readers of this Welsh News you have never been to a Gymanfa Ganu, you
are missing something very wonderful. A little history: The Welsh have been
singing in parts (tenor, soprano, alto, and base) for over a 1,000 years;
they do not sing in unison. The beginnings of the Gymanfa Ganu came out of
the chapels and churches of Wales and was brought to the USA and Canada by
Welsh immigrants. Special hymns had to be written by Welsh composers because
of the part singing.

Some of you are going to say, "well, I don't sing." You don't have to. You
can sit and listen. Some are going to say, "I love to sing but I don't speak
Welsh." Some of the hymns will be in Welsh and some in English, so if you
want to sing, you may to do so. Regarding the "I don't speak Welsh" - I
don't either. A dear friend of mine, the late Gwen Jones, told me once to
"sing phonetically, try to pronounce the Welsh words, sound them out, and you
will soon learn to sing them," she said. She was right. In the 10 years I
have been with the Welsh Church, I have learned to sing a lot of the hymns in

Hope to see you Sunday at the Gymanfa Ganu. As always, there will be te
bach (tiny tea) afterwards.
27 May 2001 - 1 PM - The British Isles Family History Society - U. S. A.
presents Lynne Kirini speaking on "NIDS (National Index of Documentary
Sources - What It can do for your British/Irish Research.") Within NIDS is
an index into the manuscript collection of the National Library of Wales.
The meeting is free. It is being held in the Los Angeles Family History
Center, 10741 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025. For directions on
how to get there, email me at .
3 June 2001 - The Welsh Church Monthly Bible Study Class will start at 9:45
AM under the direction of Rev. Kenneth Grant. It is a very interesting class
and gives much insight into various chapters in the Bible. Rev. Grant will
also conduct the Sunday Worship Service at 11 AM and te bach will be at Noon,
prepared by the Welsh Ladies Aid Society.
10 June 2001 - Dr. I. D. E. Thomas will be continuing with his Welsh Culture
class at 9:45 AM. The group is learning to speak the "Lord's Prayer" in
Welsh. This is Welsh Emphasis Sunday and Dr. Thomas will be conducting the
Sunday Worship Service at 11 AM. Te bach follows.
16 June 2001 - Trip to northeast Wales. There will be a brief tour of
Rhosllannerchrugog, then on to Llangollen, a visit to Chirk Castle and
returning to Aberystwyth that day. For more info, email Rhiain Vaughan
Jones, Friends of the National Library of Wales at . You must
register by 6 June 2001.
16-17 June 2001 - The 26th Annual Great American Irish Fair. It has moved to
new location at Festival Fields, Woodley Park, Encino, CA. For more
information, check their website: The Welsh Pavilion will
be at the Irish Fair again this year. I plan to be there on Saturday so I
hope I see all of you. It will be a great day with lots of good Welsh, Irish
and Scottish music.
22 July 2001 - Welsh Study Group of the British Isles Family History Society
- U. S. A. will meet at 3:30 PM at the Los Angeles Family History Center.
Topic to be announced later. At 1:00 PM, Ivan C. Johnson, Professor of
Economics at Cal State, Northridge, will talk about "Genealogical Research
among the ordinary people of rural England." Ivan is an excellent speaker
and very enjoyable to hear.
22-29 July 2001 - The 22nd Annual Welsh Heritage Week at Green Mountain
College in Poultney, VT. For more info, email Beth Landmesser, Director at
or call her at 570-472-3663. I attended the 20th Annual
Welsh Heritage Week when it was in Tempe, AZ. I had a great time. There are
classes on the Welsh language, culture, music, dance and hymn singing.

22-29 July 2001 - The 25th Annual Cymdeithas Madog which is being held at
Emory University, Atlanta, GA. I have never attended one of these weeks but
many of my friends have and have enjoyed themselves very much. This is how
they have learned to speak the Welsh language. For more information, write
to Jenny Hubbard Young, 1085 Fleming St., Smyrna, GA 30080.

Neither of the above events are free.
23-25 August 2001 - The British Isles Family History Society - U.S.A. proudly
presents their 14th Annual Genealogical Seminar aboard the Queen Mary at Long
Beach, CA. For more information, contact me at and I will
send you a copy of the brochure. I will be giving six lectures on Welsh
genealogical research.
30 August - 3 Sep 2001 - The Festival of Wales, 2001, will be held in San
Jose, "From the Welsh Valleys to Silicon Valley." This is the 70th annual
Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu which is the premiere Welsh event in the USA.
Three days of music, singing, culture, the language, tours, good food, seeing
old friends and making new ones. For more information, see their website at
1 September 2001 - The British Association of the Friends of Museums (BAfM)
Wales one day Annual Conference on :"Heritage and the Arts" will be at the
Oriel Plas Glyn-y-Weddw, Llanbedrog, Pwllheli, Gwynedd LL53 7TT. There is a
fee of 17 British Pounds for this event. Contact Mrs. Regina Evans, Oriel
Plas Glyn-y-weddw, Llanbedrog, Pwllheli, Gwynedd LL57 7TT by 6 August 2001.
There is a new book out on "Lloyd George Papers: at the National Library of
Wales and other Repositories" by J. Graham Jones, assistant archivist in the
Dept of Manuscripts and Records at the National Library of Wales. Cost is
4.99 British Pounds and for more information, please contact Rhiain Jones at

Lots of good information on this website:
And lastly, a message from Jackie Eckberg, Clerk of Session of the Welsh
Church, who says if anyone is interested in making the Welsh Church their
home, to please contact her at
If anyone does not wish to continue to receive this newsletter,
please send an email to my attention marked "unsubscribe" and I will remove
your name and email address from this list. However, this Welsh News goes to
the Dyfed and Glamorgan rootsweb lists and I cannot remove your name. You
certainly do not want to unsubcribe to either of those two Welsh lists
because you receive so much good information from both of them. Besides, I
would have never known what was meant by the term "frogs eyes."

All for this month,
Annie Lloyd

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