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From: "Chris Johnson" <>
Subject: Maybe of interest to some!
Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 20:01:12 +0100

Hi everyone,

I thought I would let the list know of the following recent experience I
have had with the local register offices.

I applied to Merther RO, for a Death certificate which I had located through
the St. Cath's. They wrote back to say that they did not have the details on

I enquired further to find that the certificate could be held in other RO's
apart from Merthyr (although Merthyr was quoted on the St. Cath's).

I decided to pay a visit to Pontypridd on the off chance they may have a
"Stray", however they hadn't. A very helpful lady there said she would ring
Caerphilly RO for me to see whether the cert' I required was there
(incidentally the date of death was 1883). She came back and said they held
it there. Although I live in Caerphilly I would never have thought that my
finding on the St. Cath's would actually be in my local RO, when it clearly
said Merthyr district on the fiche.

Anyone else come across this before?

My Best Wishes,

Christine (Caerphilly).

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