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From: "Gareth" <>
Subject: Genuki [ was Different registration offices]
Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 23:18:23 +0100
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BJ said;
<The Genuki site is not always entirely up to date.

> Records on any site are only as good as the person who keeps them up to

I don't have anything to do with those particular Genuki pages but it would
be a waste of an opportunity to leave these two statements just 'hanging
there', so up on my Genuki soap-box :-)

The second part is perhaps stating the obvious, the first bit is as true of
Genuki as it is of *any* site on the net, a standard of perfection based on
'always entirely' is almost certainly doomed to failure, in my opinion.

Genuki has 28,283 separate pages of data, or 381.1 Mb's worth.
At a wild guess I would think these are looked after by upwards of 50
I am one, I look after 534 pages or 6.12 Mb.
I spend many hours each week trying to make/keep these pages as accurate and
complete as possible, I strive for perfection but it would be quite amazing
if there isn't the odd mistake or out of date piece of information in there
Genuki has a monthly 'spider run' which checks for out of date links and
html errors which are advised to the page maintainer for amendment.
There is provision on the pages for advising any errors of fact to the site
maintainer,so when someone spots an error a simple email message should get
it amended.

So now you know :-)

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Subject: Re: Different registration offices

> Hello Marion,
> The Genuki site is not always entirely up to date. Abergavenny RO once
> had the wrong address and telephone number for instance. It is for this
> reason that it is best to enquire by telephone if possible, rather than
> send for a certificate that will never reach you.
> Records on any site are only as good as the person who keeps them up to
> date. Take a tip, ring first, it could save you a long, long wait. That
> is my experience anyway. There is by no means certainty that the Place
> you want covers the registration anyway. eg, Ebbw Vale RO was covered by
> 2, possibly three registration districts. Genuki may say Sirhowy RO for
> Ebbw Vale and when you apply they come up with zilch, so you try
> Crickhowell RO and so on.
> Southport may be the answer if you wait a fortnight or so. You pay more
> but at least you get a copy of the original not a transcription of the
> original by the RO attendant.
> My three penny-worth anyway :o)
> regards
> BJ
> In message Marion Teague <> writes
> >If I may add my two-penn'orth to this thread...
> >
> >I've only got a few certs so far, but I've always got the address of the
> >registration office from the Genuki lists, which tell you if the one you
> >has moved or been amalgamated to another area. No problems so far on that
> >(I have, however, had one RO write the wrong year on the cert - nearly
giving me
> >heart failure...)
> >
> >Marion Teague
> >
> >
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