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and i thought SOMERSET RECORDS OFFICE knocked spots off others.

i am comparing with WILTSHIRE and DEVON
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although Gloucester charge and entrance fee - it is one of the most
comfortable, best equipped and user friendly offices that I have visited.

I can agree with you there (All records office staff should spend a week at
Gloucester to see how it is done proper like)
But have to say Bristol comes a close second to Gloucester all free there
it does take a bit of time to get the hang of how it's done there.
But bless there cotton socks down in Glamorgan they have to apply the
as they have to do as the boss says. We pay the Taxes and they don't get the
funds needed so every penny counts.

Regards Phil the Cardiff mongrel

Oh and for Rita no the BMD is not held at Cardiff library but if you head
to Rhiwbina the Mormons have it at the church by the pub.(What was a farm
when I was a Kid.

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