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From: "Brian Comley" <>
Subject: Re: 1948 Gleemen
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 01:06:09 +0100
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Greetings David

Over the last few weeks I have experienced severe trauma with my PC. Thought
I had picked up something horrible, although unlikely as I have every email
with an attachment going straight to my Delete Box where I can have a quiet
'looksee' to see whether I even want to open the email let alone the
attachment. Had various checks made and "no virus". The I found I could not
even log on to my server, so I was lost. Got "expert" youngest son to do all
the checks and he got me up and running. It lasted a day. Apart from now
having a Virus Checker that would even detect chicken-pox (my granddaughter,
aged 2, now in final stages) my machine was running at such a slow speed
that I could walk as far as the Jolly Sailor for a couple and back whilst it
did a calculation in a spread sheet. "Expert" has been saying my kit was so
old it was no good so went out and bought a new one with all the "bells &
whistles" (less inheritance for him when I join my ancestors) and had a
proper medical on the old one. Up and running yesterday (390 mails from
Glam-L alone) but it takes some getting used to this b..... Microsoft 2k (my
1881 Census works OK). I have not yet found out how to get all my saved
emails across from the old machine. Suggestions welcome!

Now as to why I replied to yours re. "Ystrad Rhondda Labour Gleemen 1948". I
wonder whether J Cross, although being a diehard right-winger, was PC or
Sergeant Jack Cross (married to my mother's sister Kathleen). I must come up
to Ystrad and have a look for myself. I will also email cousin Trisha in
Princeton (USA) to ask in what police house they were living in 1948.

David, do you think the M. Sathiel was Salathiel?



Brian B Comley
Porthcawl (Glamorgan, South Wales)

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From: "David Jones" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2001 1:08 PM
Subject: 1948 Gleemen

> Hi Listers,
> Whilst in the Ystrad Labour Club,last night, I noticed
a photograph on the wall of "Ystrad Rhondda Labour Gleemen 1948"
> Thought i'd share the names with you.
> D.Sugg , P.Rowlands , J.Collins , C.Williams , D.Phillips , T.Phillips ,
E.Davies , G.King , W.T.Williams , J.Cross , H.Bromwell , M.Hopkins ,
G.Collins , D.Chislett , G.Edwards , E Hall , J.Cook , T.Dee , E John ,
W.Andrews , R.Knight , J.Baldwin , A.Meredith , T.Jacobs , J.Paul , L.Dench
, F.Owen , E.Virgo , J.Baker , M.Sathiel , E.Jones , F.Lewis , B.Davies ,
M.Davies LLCM , S.James , O.H.Price , W.Durnell , A.Phillips.
> Regards
> David.

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