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Subject: Shaky claims to Royalty?
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 10:15:14 +0100

Hi Gareth & all.Carrying on from what I mentioned earlier...
The Pedigree Book in the Records office is
called "Limbus Patrum et Morgannie".
[pedigree's of old Glamorganshire Families]I cannot remember it's author?
Was it G.T;Clarke?[there's a book in the Central library about him.They reckon he was a "Wishful Thinker!"[a "Lying so- in- so",would be more apt today!]

Anyway,Whilst looking in His Limbus thingy, several years ago,I thought to myself,...I'm doing well here.Ive gone back several centuries on one of my lot.Got back into the "Lewis Of Van"crowd.[Which were the local Snobs of Van in Caerphilly.]Well documented in the Limbus book.Back to Ifor Bach and his Outlaws["Outlaws"to William Earl of Gloucester,Lord of Cardiff Castle, that is!]Who stormed Cardiff Castle in 1158.
[that's 1158 a.d;NOT 2 minutes to 12.00 noon!]And made off to the hills with William's missus and kid.
But in all probability,Somebody let him into the Castle?But "Storming the Walls" sounds more Romantic?
Unfortunately,When one looks into the "FEMALE"side of this Limbus pedigree,you notice things start to go "Pear Shape!"
Whilst trying to work out who married who?
You start to notice things like...
"That can't be right?"
How can a woman be marrying someone who was around 120 years before?And How is it someone born 75 years before, was now having kids herself?
So after about 3 hours woking out "Who was Who,and Who Married who,and Who lived with Who,and Who had kids by Who?"I gave up and threw the book away.Or rather Put it back on the Shelf!And then mentioned to the Archivist,that this book is load of Crap![or words to that effect!]She then remarked,"Don't you remember that "Whelbarrow full of Salt"previously mentioned?

Nuff Said!


[Robert] GRAHAM Williams,
of Canton,Cardiff. Please Note:- I CANNOT SEND/ RECIEVE ATTATCHMENTS.

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