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From: "Kirk & Emma" <>
Subject: Gower Glenaings
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 11:49:10 +0100

I have recently purchased 'Gower Gleanings' published in 1951 written by HM Tucker. I thought I would write up the names mentioned in stories in the book - of which there are many - in case any of the listeners are researching them.

Sea Fever:
John LUCAS of Porteynon
Rowland BEVAN of Oxwich
Tom RICHARDS of Porteynon
Jack BEYNON of Porteynon
Will CHAMPION of Overton (friend of Brunell)
Captain James REES of Kitehole (a cottage at Overton)
Andrew JOHNSON (his b-in-law) of Kitehole
Will HOPKIN of Kitehole
John STEPHENS of the Drang

Saints and Sinners;
Frank TUCKER of Corner House (nr Scurlage)
The Methodist minister from Horton
John GUY of Italy (a house on rd to Porteynon)
John WESLEY in Oxwich

The Salthouse Story
David LUCAS of Stouthall (16th C)
John LUCAS (his son)
Geofrrey LUCAS (Davids grandfather) of Reynoldson
Jane GROVE of Paviland
George ap EYNON
Robert de SCURLAC
Jenkyn CRADOC of Lower Town
John MARE of Lower Town (decendant. of De la Mares)
Thomas KNAYTH of Lower Town
Nicholas ap REES of Upper Town (Overton)
John STEPHEN of Upper Town (Overton)
John GWYTHER of Upper Town (Overton)
John SEWARD of Hoare Town (Horton)
Phillip GYBBE of Hoare Town (Horton)
RUSSEL family of Hoare Town (Horton)
BALDWYN family of Hoare Town (Horton)
Hugh CLEMENT, Bayliff, of Porteynon (alive 1710)

'Bumbaguses' and Bevans
Sir Rice MANSEL of Oxwich Castle
Anne MANSEL of Llandewi Castle
Sir George HERBERT
John WESLEY in Oxwich

Loitering Waters
David BENNET (built mill at Penrice)
Mr WILLIS, of Lower Mill LLanrhidian
Thomas AUBREY of Cheriton Mill
TAYLOR family of Pitton Mill, nr Rhossilly
Phill TANNER of Lower Mill Llangennith

Tradition Slips the Traces;
BATCOCK of Llanrhidian
George EYNON
John GROVE of Porteynon

Wreckers Coast:
lists all the shipwrecks around from Oxwich bay to Paviland Cave

Dragon ships and Dollars;
MANSEL of Henllys
Alexander TROTTER of Swansea
Sir Edward MANSEL
Mr Anthony THOMPSON of Ashmoean Museum, Oxford

Moidores and Choughs:
Catherine of Braganza/Portugal
Charles II

Landscape for Burning:
John EYNON of Porteynon
Isaac CHAMPION of Porteynon
William RICHARDS of Rhossilli
Sam RICHARDS of Purgatory (a house at Rhossili now a ruin)
Caleb RICHARDS (her husband)
RICHARDS of Rhossilli
GROVES of Oxwich
ACES of Porteynon

Millstones and Megaliths
Mister Tawbut

Winter Harvest:
Henry CHALK of Porteynon
John JENKINS of Slade
William JONES of Horton
James REES of Kitehole (cottage at Overton)
John MORGAN of Moorcorner
William GUY of Italy (a house on rd to Porteynon)
David STEPHENS of Overton

Rustic Relaxations:
Tom GIBB of the Bull Oxwich
Will BEYNON of Langenny
Cap'n George ACE of Uvverton (later Mumbles)
Sir Edward MANSEL of Oxwich (1664)
Mr Talbot

Blinkers on the Moon:
William ARTHUR smuggler at Pennard
Thomas KNIGHT smuggler at Lundy
Davy CHISSEL of Porteynon (d.1814)
Moses GIBB of Uvverton (d.1765) (Overton)
Barneo FERNEAUX a French Captain
Mally ROGERS (Mrs STOTE) of Middleton
William STOTE
Lieutenant SAWYERS
Mr AR DAWSON of Cardiff
William WEBB of Llanmadoc(Customs officer)
Thomas SEWARD of Llanmadoc (Customs officer)
Thomas PRANCE of Whitford (an armless Customs officer)
Isaac STOTE landlord of the Ship Porteynon

Mutton Pies and 'Minka'
LUCAS family
Dolin of Cheriton
CRADDOCK family of the Great House Cheriton
Billy TANNER of Cheriton
Richard DIX of Llanrhidian

Lifeboat Days:
Sam GIBBS of Porteynon, (coxwain)
John TAYLOR of Porteynon village, (crew)
John ACE of Porteynon village, (crew)
Frank PHILLIPS of Porteynon village, (crew)
Charles GROVE of Overton, (crew)
Sam ACE of Overton, (crew)
John HOWELL of Overton, (crew)
Tom ACE of Overton, (second coxwain)
John BEVAN of Horton (crew)
John GROVE of Horton (crew)
Charles PHILLIPS of Horton (crew)
Davy NICHOLAS of Hoar Well
Billy GIBBS, of Porteynon (bowman, Sams Brother, coxwain in 1903 d.Jan 1st 1916)
Charles BEVAN secretary
Lady LYONS of Kilvrough
Phillip HARRIS of Porteynon (second coxwain)
William EYNON of Overton (Blacksmith and crew d.Jan 1st 1916)
Frank TAYLOR of Overton
George TAYLOR of Overton (his brother)
William GROVE Snr of Porteynon (crew)
William GROVE Jnr of Porteynon (soldier and crew)
Onslow GROVE of Horton
William HOWELL of Porteynon (crew)
Frank PHILLIPS of Porteynon (crew)
George HARRY of Porteynon (crew d.Jan 1st 1916)
William JENKINS of Horton (crew)
John JENKINS of Horton (crew)
John GROVE of Horton (crew)
Charles PHILLIPS of Horton (crew)
William HARRIS of Porteynon
John JENKINS of Horton
Jim JENKINS of Horton (brother)
Leonard JENKINS of Horton (brother)
John MORRIS of Pilton Green

Lobster Lore:
Kitty Crabs (lobsterman)
Charlie PHILLIPS (lobsterman)
John TAYLOR of Porteynon (lobsterman in 1883)
Billy HOPKIN of Porteynon (lobsterman)
Sam ACE of Overton (beachcomber and lobsterman)
Charlie PHILLIPS at Slade (lobsterman)
William HARRY at Brodoar/Porteynon Point (lobsterman)
Frank TAYLOR at Overton Mere (lobsterman)
John BEYNON at Rhossily (lobsterman)
John BEYNON of Vernal (Fernhill -lobsterman 1950's)
Mrs. BEYNON of High Priest (house at Middleton - lobsterman 1950's)
Tom RICHARD of Kinmoor (lobsterman in 1850's)
Sam ACE of Middleton (lobsterman in 1850's)
Joan CLEMENT ( lobsterwoman, alive 1702)
Anne GAMMON (alive 1702)

Profile of a Parish (Llanrhidian):
WILLIS family (millers)
HARRY family
DIX family (spinners/weavers at Stavel-Hager)
Harriet DIX (last weaver)
Richard DIX (alive 1904)
Joseph DIX (his father)
George DIX of Cheriton (great grandfather of Richard)
Josephs wife Mary of Cheriton (dyer)
DUNN family
GORDON family
GWYNNE family (Stony Ford)
De la BERES of Weobley Castle

I hope I got them all, and that they are of some use to someone


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