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Hi Eileen

You cannot totally rely on oral tradition. Best to get the marriage
certificates. In my grandmother's case - she never actually married her
first "husband" so what appeared bigamous to me was not.


In Oz

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Hi List

Has anyone had any experience of researching bigamy? My grandmother's
sister married bigamously in 1917 (her husband unbeknown to her was already
married). A family story tells it that the husband ran off back to his wife
& kids in Somerset & refused to acknowledge her or the child & that my gt
grandfather followed him to Somerset to confront him. Knowing my
grandmother's family as I do and their pugilistic tendencies, I can't
believe this guy got away without a scratch.

Anyhow, I just wondered, before I get the marriage certificate, how
reliable would the information be? I can't find him on the 1901, 1891 or
1881 census returns, nor can I find a birth registration for him. I can't
find a marriage for him either with the alleged first name & I am beginning
to wonder if he gave a false first name. My gt aunt died in 1923 & was
buried under her married name & her son grew up with & used the same
surname throughout his life.

Any help gratefully received



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