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Subject: Re: [GLA] Gellydeg or Gellideg?
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2008 14:27:30 EST

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Gellideg is the correct Welsh spelling. "Celli" is a grove or small wood. In
the definite case the c changes to a g so "the grove" is "y gelli". "Teg"
or, after feminine nouns, "deg" means "fair" so "Gellideg" is the Fair Grove.

Thank you to all who replied and the wonderful explanations. I've seen it
both ways, but wasn't sure which was the preferred spelling. My ancestors
lived there. My great-great-grandmother Joan/Juan Jones was a milk maid. From
my research I understand that mining cottages my family lived in took the
name from a farm. Her son eventually emigrated to Utah. The land he bought
eventually was a large dairy. When the city encroached on the land, it was
subdivided into housing and named FairGrove Estates in honor of Gellideg.
Things went full circle. The trunk of the tree in the logo is a map of Wales,
harkening back to our roots. (_
( ) What's the word that means a longing/love for Wales? I think it
starts with an H. I've always been proud to be Welsh! Thanks again for the

Juneau, Alaska

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