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The Friends Burial Ground would have been the burial ground of the Society
of Friends, i.e. the Quakers. This burial ground still exists, but it is
surrounded by buildings in the heart of the city and access is difficult.
The Quaker meeting house and burial ground were on a narrow steep strip of
land [known as a burgage plot] stretching down from High Street to the
Strand. The High Street end was built on (post WW2?) originally as a post
office, but I suspect the building may now be empty. At the lower end of the
plot on the strand is a building now boarded up which last functioned as a
scrap metal dealership around ten years ago. This building may actually have
functioned at one time as the meeting house, as it is the same ground plan
and location as the meeting house is shown on 19th-century maps, and the
structure is clearly 19th-century or earlier. The more recent Swansea
Friends' Meeting House is on a different location with no burial ground.

I have been told that all the gravestones were moved to the edges of the
plot and stood up against the walls of the buildings on south and west side.
Because of the deliberate modesty and lack of ostentation of the Quakers I
understand there were not many gravestones.

Glamorgan Family History Society has published a CD of Quaker records in
Glamorgan. I think it includes burials. There is a Swansea-based researcher
who has done detailed research into a PADLEY family of Quaker origins who I
seem to recall married a BEVAN girl in Swansea in a Quaker ceremony. It is
possible that you may have some research interests in common.

A number of generations later there were a number of people with the name
Sylvanus or Silvanus BEVAN in the Oxwich, Penrice and Overton areas of the
Gower peninsula, west of Swansea, some of whom were prominent Wesleyan
Methodists. If the name was somehow passed down a line of the family you may
have something in common with another researcher who has published online
some excerpts from the diary of family of Silvanus BEVAN of Overton.

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> hello friends,
> I would like to know if the Friends Burial Ground is still in Swansea.
> Was that burial ground in a church yard?
> Silvanus Bevan d. 1725
> I have a copy of a paper scroll family tree passed from the Bevan
> family in England documenting that the
> burial of Silvanus Bevan in 1725 was at Friends Burial Ground in
> Swansea.
> His wife Jane Phillips is shown as buried next to him there in 1727
> two yrs after his passing.
> I would like to have a digital photo of the both headstone if they
> still exist.
> By this time they may be unreadable.
> Would death or burial record exist for those long ago burials and if
> so where would they be located.
> Thank you for any answers to my quests listed.
> Susan Vallejo
> Florida USA

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