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The National Trust property at Aberdulais Falls includes the site of the
Aberdulais tinplate works, I am fairly sure. In the video presentation there
about the history of the site there is certainly mention of a tinplate works
as part of the long industrial history of the site. The waterfall at
Aberdulais Falls was previously used as the motive power fro a variety of
industries, including a flour mill and a forge.
Plenty of images of the falls if you do a Google image search. is the famous painting by J M W
Turner of the falls when they powered a flour mill.

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> Hi Jill,
> From 'Neath and District, A symposium', with additions by me in [ ]:
> In 1830 a new tinplate works was built at Aberdulais on the bank of the
> River Neath, where the motive force for driving the rolling mills was
> supplied by a steam engine, which had two enormous advantages over the
> water powered mills: power supply was constant all the year round, and
> was never disrupted in dry weather, as with the water wheel; [dry
> weather? in Neath?? :-) ] and more mills could be worked by one steam
> engine. This was the death knell for the Ynys-y-gerwn tinplate works,
> and eventually for the forge [at Aberdulais falls which supplied
> Ynys-y-gerwn with pig iron] . From now on, tinplate works with mills and
> cold rolls driven by the steam engine began to spring up both in the
> town and in the neighbourhood. The Ferry (later, in 1890, called the
> Vernon) tinplate works at Neath, the Cilfrew (1878), Cardonnel [in
> Skewen] (1890), Eaglesbush (1890) and Clyne tinplate works; at Briton
> Ferry, the Villiers (1888), Baglan Bay (1889), Gwalia (1889), and lastly
> in 1891 the Jersey (re-named the Wern in 1901) followed.
> Aberdulais Works:
> 6 Mills; Weekly output 6,000 boxes;
> Dulais New Forge 1795; Tinworks built by Wm. Llewellyn, 1830; Changes of
> ownership 1859 and 1912; Requisitioned by the Ministry of Supply 1941;
> Dismantled 1946.
> Living at Aberdulais, he could easily have worked at Aberdulais, Cilfrew
> or Clyne.
> I remember the Wern, and Baglan Bay in the 1950s and 60s. My father
> worked at Baglan Bay until it closed.
> Dai
> Jill Muir wrote:
>> Hi Listers,
>> I am researching a Jenkin Jones who was a scourer at the Tin Works. He is
>> living at Dan Yr Awel, Aberdulais. Can those who know the area tell me
>> where the tin works were please and how many miles this was from this
>> address?
>> Many thanks.
>> Kind regards,
>> Jill
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