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From: "Hal McCawley" <>
Subject: [GLASS] GLASS, MCCAULEY, KERRs of 1700s PA & VA and Banbridge,Co Down, IRE
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2011 15:11:05 -0700
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Hi Donna. Were you able to make connections to anyone in 1750-1800 Banbridge, Co Down area or any records for that era?
Hal McCawley 4178 Pindar Way, Oceanside, CA 92056 1-760-941-4716

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Subject: Re: [GLASS] GLASS, MCCAULEY, MCCALLA of 1700s PA & VA

Hello Banbridge Glass Researchers,

I've been following along and very interested in connecting the family of
Glass's that remained in Banbridge after Joshua left. Who are the three
brothers of Joshua you are referring to? Isaac,? and ? Isaac came to Augusta
Co VA. Did the others leave Ireland?

I've been communicating with the Freemasons, Union Band Lodge #336 in
Banbridge, Ireland. George Glass b.1828, son of Samuel, is my
gggrandfather's brother. A biography of him from the Masonic Fund Society
Records in Pittsburgh, PA led me to Banbridge and lodge #336.

I received this info today.

Samuel Glass - joined 1825
He was a member until 1843 at least

Hugh Glass - joined 1844
Secretary - 1846

John Glass - joined 1844
He was 23 when he was initiated
He was a member until the early 1860s at least

George Glass - joined 1847
Worshipful Master - 1849
He resigned from the Lodge but I don't know when

John Glass Junior - joined 1860
He was 21 when he was initiated

Nathaniel Glass - joined from Lodge No. 105, Tanderagee in 1862
He was Master of the Lodge in 1867

Any additional information anyone may have about the remaining Glass's in
Ireland would be greatly appreciated.


Donna Glass

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Subject: GLASS Digest, Vol 5, Issue 11

Today's Topics:

1. GLASS, MCCAULEY, MCCALLA of 1700s PA & VA (Hal McCawley)


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Chas, will respond within.
Hal McCawley 4178 Pindar Way, Oceanside, CA 92056 1-760-941-4716


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Subject: Re: Fw: Glass letter


Guess I'm overdue to pop in and take note of the interesting GLASS
dialogue of late. I am following along trying to relate the recent
discussions with our prior knowledge. Abstracting Linda's emails: Joshua
Glass' will puts both Dan and James McC in Fred Co in 1764 when Dan was 21.
Eleven years later Dan buys land in Opequon when he was 32. Joshua's brother
Isaac Glass, in Seapatrick Par Ire in 1764 per Joshua's will, shows up in
Augusta Co VA buying land on Lick Run, branch of North River in 1794. He
later sold it in 1813, the year his will was recorded, and that will was
proved in 1815. Back in 1797 Isaac in Augusta Co provided marriage bond for
his dau Margaret to marry Andrew Young.

So we have brothers Joshua and Isaac Glass of Bucks Co PA, [I don't
remember sighting Isaac in Bucks co, PA??] sons of John in Seapatrick Par,
Banbridge Ire, involved with our Daniel. And we suspect Daniel and James may
have been sponsored, as family or friends, by this Glass family to emigrate
probably to PA, then on to VA. Isaac's relationship with the McC brothers in
VA is unknown but he appears to have come along much later. [My firwst
sighting for him is the 1794 deed in Augusta Co, VA] I'm now fuzzy on all
of what we learned in our Bucks Co visits. Need to review that again since I
thought there was more to Isaac in PA/VA, and also the significance of the
Tearcoat land in Fred Co. I know we wrote volumes about all that back then.

Be good to draft a narrative of all that research some day, or perhaps you
have? Anyway back to the present the Lambert letter and the Rice research is
indeed interesting. Strange I never thought to at least google the
Seapatrick/Banbridge historical societies (maybe google wasn't around back
then?) but I tried yesterday. All I found however was Bainbridge
Genealogical Services (no Bainbridge Historical Society) For 18 pds they would undertake to search
your ancestor. However they state their records only date back to 1790, much
after our boys had left. Altho be neat if a Joseph McC showed up. What do
you think of giving this Wm Rice a try? Be willing to share expenses on
whatever (altho Rice's $30 phone bill is over the top).

Next day: I dug out my folder on Bucks Co research and leafed through
it. Took note that we flirted with a Wm McCalla (McCauley) present in
Plumstead Twp before 1850, and member of Deep Run Presb church. Perhaps
suggesting Dan and James were attracted by his presence as an immigration
destination, but indentured to the Glass family? [Or to the Wm McCALLAs??]
Chas, over the last couple of yrs I have met Ted MCCALLA, a great MCCALLA
family researcher and a descendant of the Wm MCCALLAs of Abington, Bucks Co
& Plumstead Twp, PA . You will remember that a James MCCAULEY m into this
MCCALLA line ca 1785, but at last corres, he had not put a handle to this

Lastly, My experience has continued to firm my belief that most all of the
single Irish blue collar immigrants of the 1700s left Ire without money for
passage, and were endentured on the Philly docks to someone in PA [broker,
stranger or friend] for a couple of yrs, upon which time they headed to the
Shenandoe where land was cheap, grass was tall, water was clear and
opportunities were unbounded!

Regards, Chas

PS: After sending this the first time realized I was replying to Linda
Baker' Forward you sent me !! I'll jot a note to her explaining.

On Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 8:32 PM, Hal McCawley <> wrote:

Linda, not sure where we stand on our corres but wanted you to see below
corres from Houston Glass. His son Richard advised me last week that
Houston d Apr 4th. A great loss to our genealogy family. I corres with him
for many yrs.
Would you know either the Wm Rice or the Joseph Lambert below. Sounds
like they could be quite knowledgeable in old GLASS genealogy.
Also note that the letter indicates that Isaac's will names 2 sons. I
had thought that someone said it named only the 2 daus??
Have we talked abt the MCCAULEYs in Augusta Co, VA that are named in
Joshua's 1764 will?
Hal McCawley 4178 Pindar Way, Oceanside, CA 92056 1-760-941-4716


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From: Houston B Glass
To: Hal McCawley
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Subject: Glass letter

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William H. Rice
P.O, Box 303
El kins, 26241-0303
3 July 2006
Josepn B. Lambert
1956 Linneman Street
Glenview, Illinois 60025
Dear Mr. Lambert:
I wanted to acknowledge that since my last report to you or March
8th I've received two letters from you dated March 18th & 30th.
I've spoken to my mother several times over the past six weeks
about what papers might be in the church of William Henry Foote. while the
Romney Presbyterian Church does have a few of his things, along with some of
his daughter's, on display at the church, my mother has found no one that
knows if there is more. Many of the elder important members of the church
have passed away in recent years and it's possible that no one really knows.
The Romney Library and the west Virginia Collection at wvu don't have them.
Maybe they are in a bank vault somewhere.
in any case, maybe we are on the wrong track. In your letter of
March 18th you state that Cartmell in his 1908 History cites William H.
Foote as his source for information about the Glass Family. That sounds more
like a published source than a Private Collection. Rev. Foote published
several works on various subjects including history, one of them might
include the material on the Glass Fami1y.
in my library here in my home I have a series of books called
Place Names of Northern Ireland. On page 300 of volume Six is a map of the
Parish of Seapatrick. it is about three miles wide and five miles long and
includes the town of Banbridge. In this Parish are three Baronies divided
into a total of 16 townlands.
I called the library at Ballynahinch, about 25 miies from
Banbridge and the closest source I'm familiar with. Their reference desk
said that the Joshua Glass of Bucks County, Pa. was a son of John Glass.
They suggested that you contact the Banbridge Historical Society, c/o Mr.
Col in J. Crompton, 8 Chinauley Park, Castelwellan Road, Banbridge BT32 4JL.
I had them send me a copy of Rev. James Dickson's 1766 List of the
householders in the Seapatrick Parish for which he was the vicar. The 545
households include I vance, 1 Carr, 2 Gambles and 5 Glasses. Besides the
three brothers named by Joshua Glass there were also listed a James and a
Matthew Glass.
The library's reference desk also thought that the Isaac Glass
that was a son of John (and brother of Joshua) died in Augusta County,
Virginia in 1813. His will is abstracted in Chalk!ey Volume III, Page 244.
He names 2 sons, John and Isaac, and two daughters, Fany who was married to
a man named king, and Margaret who married Andrew Young in Augusta County on
3 November 1797. All four of his children were adults in his 1813 will. It
was probated 23 October 1815 which is probably closer to his actual date of
death. And from the sound of his Will in which he mentions several of his
grandchildren which are evidently minors, I doubt he is much older than his
mid-70s. So he was probably born in the 1730s. :
On his 1764 will Joshua Glass names his sister Aline Kerr and her
son James of Seapatrick Parish, Ireland. The only Carr in the Parish in 1766
is James. No Kerr is listed. The two names are interchangeable. The listed
is either for the nephew or more likely the Brother-in-Law of Joshua Glass.
I hope to get over to Winchester later this .month and plan to
visit the Court House and the Handley Library, it might be helpful to learn
more about Joshua Glass while he was burying land from Arthur McConnell in
Frederick County, va. it also might provide additional clues to learn what
Robert's son Samuel did with the land.
One last thing. Even though the family does not show up in the
1766 tithe list, the LDS church shows that a Philip Glass once lived in
Seapatrick Parish.
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