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Subject: GLOVER-D Digest V97 #10


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GLOVER-D DigestVolume 97 : Issue 10

Today's Topics:
#1 Glover [ (Marjorie Miller)]
#2 ROOTSWEB support needed [JTR <>]


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Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 10:53:55 -0500
From: (Marjorie Miller)
To: <>
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Subject: Glover
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I believe my 3rd grgrandfather, Richard Glover, mar Susan Pylant (d) in
Sumter or Claremont Co., S.C. I hope to prove this using Church records of
baptisms of their children. Their ch were Lucinda, William P., Williamson
P., Margaret, Matilda, Elizabeth, Ela. One child born 1799. Can anyone
help me?


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Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997 04:50:14 -0700
From: JTR <>
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Subject: ROOTSWEB support needed
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Hi all, would like to share this with you. If you would be in the position
to send a contribution to help expand genealogy online, I'm sure it would
be appreciated. But, of course, not mandatory in any way. >>>> Joanne

Subject: RootsWeb Funding
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 1997 11:28:05 -0700

Original question:

I am wondering who or what institution supports ROOTSWEB? Are they
attached to a university? It obviously is a huge venture that someone
is underwriting currently. I assume any donation we would make would be
on top of the commitment of the main sponsoring org.

Brian's answer:

RootsWeb has *no* "main sponsoring org". No university, no government
agency, no gensoc, no business, nobody but *you*.
We are *entirely* supported by voluntary contributions.
Our hardware and bandwidth budget for the last year was in the
neighborhood of $60,000, of which about two-thirds were individual
contributions and the rest came out of Karen and Brian's pockets. Apple
Computer also donated a server to RootsWeb, which augments the other 4
main servers we've bought.
Karen and I have also donated our time as system administrators, as did
the other RootsWeb folks.
Next year's costs will be well over $100,000 and possibly as high as
$200,000, depending on whether we have the resources to start buying
datasets and uploading them for everyone to freely use.
RootsWeb wouldn't have happened without the support of the Internet
genealogical community, and we need continued support if we're going to
keep expanding the services that are available to the community.
Thanks to everyone who is helping us make this happen! -B

[BTW, please feel free to redistribute this to your lists. It worries
me that folks don't realize that their contributions are the *only*
thing that keeps RootsWeb alive.]

Dr. Brian Leverich

RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative
P.O. Box 6798, Frazier Park, CA 93222-6798
(NEW permanent e-mail address, also works)
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