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From: "Drew Welch" <>
Subject: [GLOVER] William and Mary Norwood Glover
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 16:58:22 -0500

I'm going to open a can of worms. I invite discussion. Here goes-

I feel pretty confident that William Glover who married Mary Norwood was NOT the same man was William Glover who was the son of William Glover and Mary Burton Davis.

1. One William Glover (ca. 1653- ca. 1714) married Mary Burton Davis, October 22, 1684 in Henrico Co. VA. They had four sons: William, Charles Worth, Joseph, and Thomas. William Glover (1653-1714) was a Justice of Peace, 1690-91 at Varina Parish, Henrico Co. VA. and moved to Albermarle Precinct, NC about 1698. He doesn't ever seem to be near Surry Co. VA or Edgecombe, Northampton, or Granville Co. NC. William Glover who married Mary Norwood would only have been 16-18 in 1698.
If he were Mary Burton Davis Glover's son, it seems he would have migrated to NC with his parents at that time, or as least stayed home in Henrico Co. Mary Burton Davis married in Oct. 1684, so I'm going to assume her first Glover child would be born no earlier than 1685.

2. William Glover who married Mary Norwood was born 1682 or before. In 1698 he was a tithable in Southwark Parish, Surry Co. VA; which means he was over 16, free (not indentured), and taxable. This would place his birth about 1682 or earlier. This William was near the Norwood men. The William Glover/ Mary Burton Davis marriage did not occur until 1684 in Rappahannock Co., VA., some distance from Surry Co. William Glover married Mary Norwood between 1703 and 1701 and they lived in Surrey Co. Va.

At that same time in 1699, a John Glover is also in Southwark Parish. A John Glover also is connected with William (who married Mary Norwood) when he migrated to North Carolina in Bertie Co. (Northampton Co.) records. See Bertie Deed Book D, p180. John and William are connected with Norwoods in deeds. So, while it appears that John and William and also a George are related to each other- there are no known relationships between a John and George with the William Glover and Mary Burton Davis family.

3. If I had to guess, I would tend to think that William Glover (ca. 1682-1754) is more likely a son of Richard and Mary Booker Glover's son, Benjamin Glover; rather than their son William. I offer no proof, but the dates work better and Benjamin is a name carried through this line.

Any discussion? Drew

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