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From: Jan Wimer <>
Subject: Re: [GOING] Going, Gowan, Mac Gowan to biblical
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 21:20:55 -0600
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Sorry I do not know about Canterbury Cathedral -England. I do know the
Going, Goings were in England at that time in service and commanded the
Queens ship. They did great service to the Queens fleet. Some were
Sir's in England and had castles. The name is like Smith
The name was Sir Gowane a knight for the King goes back along way, this
line goes back to Milesius of Spain [c.1300 b.c.] In Ireland about 1400
the name brakes into the son of MAC meaning son add Mac Gowan , This
was taken from a book on our clan.
Info. from book Genealogy of the Clan Gowan by James H. B. Gowan " (In
nomin Patris, et Filii et Sancti Spiritus. Amen.
I, Maurice MacGowan of Ballyshannon in Donegal, open this book, Easter
Day 1542 I am the son of Connall MacGowan, the son of Rory, the son of
Kian, the son of Turlogh, a chief of the Clan slain in battle with the
invaders. My mother was a sister of the O'Donnell of Donegal. My father
was born in a.d. 1477. I was bor in a.d. 1514. I am his only son. I
married Joan O'Donnell of my mother's family I have two sons unto me by
the said wife; Connall, born a.d. 1540 and Patrick born eighteen months
-Maurice MacGowan. born 1514.)" He is said to have completed his
education in Glasgow and become his own master at an early age. The
dates of the seven names, Maurice to John, - page 12/ year 1668 -, have
bee interpolated by Sir James Gowan. The certain dates are Maurice's
birth and John's marraige, and the interpolations at least seem possible.
It was Sir Philip Gowan that had son change the name to Sir Going about
and Goings about 1600
Most of the Going, Goings, Goin about 1700"s left Ireland went to
England and some went to Foulness Island, Essex, England other's at this
time went to VA, NY, into PA and out from there.
I'll check around about Canterbury Cathedral - England

Annette Miner wrote:

> Jan, Several years ago I visited Canterbury Cathedral - England. I
> spotted a large stone making up the wall of the interior cathedral.
> Carved on this stone was I Goings 1749. This was carved in a very
> crude and unprofessional was. Do you know anything about this? I've
> asked around but can't find anyone else who has noticed it. I have a
> picture. Annette
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> Subject: [GOING] Going, Gowan, Mac Gowan to biblical
>> We have put together our genealogy website, it has a large data base
>> of surnames names and includes our Going line back to biblical times.
>> We do not like the ways the software put the living together with
>> parents so we are looking around for better software to do our
>> website but for now here it is. If anyone might know of a good
>> software to use we would love to hear from you.
>> We do have ties to Va , NY, Utah, Idaho, California, England, New
>> Zealand, Australia, ending in Ireland,
>> website under Turnbull/ Eades genealogy
>> http://www.ctrcreations.com/genealogy.asp
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