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From: "Revd Roger E Cornish" <>
Subject: Funeral Tribute look-up
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 22:14:51 -0000


Here is a list of funeral tributes from services I have conducted over the
last 20 years. (Hope it is not too long.)

If you would like a copy of any of them please email and I’ll get back to
you as soon as possible.

It would help if you could put the words ‘Funeral Tribute look-up’ in the
subject line.

Those of you who have already requested tributes should receive them in the
next few days.


Abbot, Alfred Francis /Abbot, John Montague Renfrey /Abbott, Margaret Mary
/Abrahams, Iverna /Adair, Audrey May,mn /Adams, Claude Edward Kitchener
/Adams, Edwin /Adams, Mary Magdalen,mn /Adams, Valerie Joyce,mn /Adams,
Violet May,mn /Adnitt, Stella Mary /Ahearn, Lilian Pamela /Airs, George
William Laurence /Aitchison, Barbara Jean /Aitken, Joyce Irene /Alberts,
Brenda May /Aldridge, Peggy Virginia /Alford, Hugh Donald /Allen, Barbara
Joan /Allen, Richard Henry /Allen, Ronald Victor /Allfree, Darren Stuart
/Allison, Daniel Charles /ALLISON,FLORENCE VERA /Amey, Phyllis Ellen,mn
/Amos, Amy Joan /Anderson, Alice Maud /Andrew, Lucy Mary /ANDREW,Joan
Gertrude /Andrews, Marjorie Winifred,mn /Andrews, Mary Magdalen /Andrews,
Phyllis Winifred /Anning, Violet Mary /Archer, Ellen Jesse /Archer, Richard
Henry /Archer,. Benjamin William Alfred /Arkless, Catherine,mn /Armstrong,
Lillian Frances /Armstrong, Matilda Florence Winifred,mn /Armstrong, Myrtle
Alice /Arnold, William Frank /ARNOLD,John Francis /Arnott, John /Arscott,
Jennifer Georgina,mn /Arthurs, Norman Emmanuel Arthurs /Ash, Joan Mehala
/Ashby, Dorothy,mn /Ashley, Mary Buglass,mn /Ashton, Kathleen,mn /Atkinson,
Ivy Laura,mn /Atkinson, Vera Lilian,mn /Atrill, Arthur Ronald /Attis, James
Edwin /Attwood, William Melville /Audley, Edna Maud,mn /Authers, Eileen
May,mn /Avert, Catherine /AVERY, Amy /Axon, William Jack /Ayres, David
Edward /Azerman, Amy Elizabeth /Backholer, Dorothy Mabel /Bacon, Dorothy
Mary,mn /Badge, Gwendoline Emily Maud,mn /Badock, George /Bailey, Dorothy
/Bailey, Elsie Beatrice,mn /Bailey, Elsie Doris,mn /Bailey, Hugh /Bailey,
Jennie Maria Dorothy,mn /Bailey, Kenneth Malcolm /Bailey, Minnie (Betty)
/Bailey, Phyllis Margaret,mn /Bailey, Poppy Elizabeth /Baird, Barbara
/Baker, Beatrice May /Baker, Jessie Amelia,mn /Baker, John William /Baker,
Kenneth Edward /Baker, Marjorie,mn /Baker, Philip William /Baker, Victor
George /Balkham, Peter Alan /Ball, Christina Jessie /Ball, Frederick John
Thomas /Ball, Hilda Sybil Maud Ball /Ball, Joan Phyllis /Ball, Julia
Georgina /Ballantine, Vera Mary,mn /Balmforth, Una /Balmforth, William
/Balsdon, Lena /Bamsey, Ellen Mary Edith,mn /Banbury, Ivor James Reginald
/Banks, Nancy Ann /Bannister, Harry /Bannister, Iris Doris /Bannister,
Violet Elsie,mn /Barclay, Stella Elizabeth Anne /Barnes, Roy William
/Barnett , Barbara Joan,mn /Barnett, Margaret Muir Andrew /Baron, Doreen
Jessie /Barratt, Julia Georgina,mn /Barret, Muriel /Barrett, Albert Sanuel
George /Barron, Derek John /Barry, Michael Joseph /Barter, Margaret Mary,mn
/Bartlett, Clive Robin /Bartlett, Dennis /Bartlett, Mabel,mn /Barton, John
Michael /Bartrop, Phyllis Phoebe /Barwell, Ernest /Baser, Dorothy 20-4-98
/Baskerville, Barbara Joy,mn /Baskerville, Joan Evelyn,mn /Basset,
Margaret,mn /Bassett, Clifford Thomas George /Bassett, Elsie May,mn
/Bassett, Harold francis /Bate, Phyllis May /Bate, Sydney Arthur /Bate,
Winifred,mn /Batrick, Charles William /Batten, Bevan Stanley /Battishill,
Geraold Carew /Baugh, Frederick John /Bavage, Judith /Bazley, Alberta
Christina Boolds /Beal, Michael Martin /Beard, Arthur Dennis /Beard,
Florence Gertrude,mn /Beards, Ronald George /Beasley, Ivy Winifred,mn
/Beattie, Samuel /Beckwith, Gwendoline Gladys,mn /Bedwell, Violet Ruby,mn
/Beer, Iverna,mn /Beer, Leaonard Charles /Beer, Patricia Ann,mn /Behenna,
Iris Joan,mn /Belcher, Ethel May /Bell, Violet Leo,mn /Benbow, Eric John
(Jack) /Benford, David Geoffrey /Bennet, Christine,mn /Bennett, Gladys Lucy
/Bennett, John Henry1 /Bennett, John Henry /Bennett, Peter /Bennett,Sean
/Bennetts, Edith (Iris),mn /Benson, Ada Elsie,mn /Bentley, Ronald John
/BERARDO, Joseph /Bermingham, Freda Hannah /Berry, Doreen Alvis /Best, Dora
Mary,mn /Best, Ruth /Bettinson, Oliver John /Betts, Ruth Beatrice Emily
/Betts, Victor Stanley /Bicker, Constance,mn /Biddle, Frederick Charles
/Bidwell, Christine Mary Irene,mn /Bigmore, Iris Doreen /Bines, Kenneth
Cyril /Binmore, Maxine Marie /Birbeck, Phyllis /Bird, Eileen Gratrex /Bird,
Joseph /Bird, Phyllis May /Bishop, Douglas James /Bishop, Gertrude Esther,mn
/Bishop, William Henry /Bissett, Gerald John /Blacburn, Gordon James
/Blackburn, Ann Margaret /Blackford, Barbara Joan,mn /Blackford, Elsie
Louise /Blackwell, Arthur William /Blackwell, Sidney /Blagdon, Reginald
Samuel George /Blagdon, Wendy Susan,mn /Blake, Theresa Helena /Blane, Alfred
James /Blank, Ellen Elizabeth,mn /Blatchford, Annie Rose /Blatchford, Gladys
May /Blatchford, Margaret Elizabeth,mn /Blewett, Jennifer Grace /Blower,
Edwin Lavis /Boaden, Ronald Marshall /Boddy, Elsie,mn /Bodilly, William
George /Bollard, James Reginald /Bolt, Dorothy Winifred /Bolt, Elsie Rae
/Bolt, Joan {Gwendoline Isa},mn /Bolton, Elizabeth Annie /Bonar,Jean /Bond,
Elizabeth May /Bonham, Alice Ethel Sarah,mn /Bonner, Beatrice Ethel /Bonnet,
Daphne Enid Sterling /Bonnett, Sheila,mn /Boon, Jack Anthony /Booth, Thelma
Lillian /Booth., Patricia Rose /Bose, Geoffrey Dennis /Boultwood, Peter
Aubrey /Bounty, Lillian Margareta Rose /Bowden, Arthur James /Bowden,
Charlotte Eva /Bowden, Dorothy Janey,mn /Bowden, Lilian Rose Kate /Bowden,
Michael Ernest /Bowen, Elizabeth Marie /Bowen, Kenneth James /Bowers,
Reginald George (Mark) /Bowers, Vesta Selina,mn /Bowyer, Gerald /Box, Leslie
Louvaine /Boyd, Jennifer Georgina /Braddick, Geoffrey /Bradfield, Iris Adele
Alberta /Bradley, Joan Bertha /Bradshaw, Ian William Keith /Bragg, Vera
Ildred Dorrene,mn /Braid, Doris Ella /Brain, Alice Margaret Tate,mn /Brain,
Rhoda /Brat, Thelma Lillian,mn /Bray, Minnie Elizabeth /Bray, Winifred
Dorothy,mn /Breen, Gladys Ellen,mn /Brench, Marjorie Gwendoline /Brett,
Doreen,mn /Brewitt, Freda Margaret /Brian, Flossie /Brice, Vera Elsie Violet
/Brice, Vera Ildred Dorrene /Bright, Adeline Mary /Bromage, Kenneth George
/Brookes, Sydney Norman /Brooks, Frederick John /Brooks, Gloria Stephanie
/Brooks, Josephine Lena,mn /Brooks, Maurice Victor /Brooks, Peggy
Virginia,mn /Brooks, Philip Valentine /Brooks, Vera,mn /Brooks, Violet Ruby
/Broom, Elsie Doris /Brown, Alan George /Brown, Catherine Rosetta /Brown,
Charles Raymond /Brown, Dorothy May,mn /Brown, Elizabeth /Brown, George
Antony /Brown, Jessie /Brown, Lily May /BROWN,PHYLLIS MURIEL,mn
/Brown,Robert Albert James /Browning, Beatrice Florence Maud /Browning, Roy
Harold /Brunsden, Margaret /Bryant, Joan,mn /Bryant, Phyllis Louisa,mn
/Brydie, Gladys /Brydie, Yvonne Gwendoline,mn /Budd, Phyllis Mamie,mn
/Buddle, Barbara Violet,mn /Budge, Donald Francis /Budge, Harold George
/Budgen, Edith,mn /Bull, Alexander Ernest James /Bullard, Dorothy Mabel
/Bullen, Doris Ellen,mn /Bullock, Anthony Thomas /Bunker, Althea Gwendoline
Kate,mn /Bunker, Vera Florence /Bunn, Margerie Eveline,mn /Bunn, Mary
Thomasina,mn /Bunt, Gloria Stephanie,mn /Bunt, Joan Caroline Louisa,mn
/Bunt, Pauline Amelia /Bunyan, Lilian Irene /Burch, Edward Keith /Burd, Eric
/Burgess, Elsie Maud,mn /Burgess, Florence Ada,mn /BURGESS,Muriel Alice
/Burgin, Derek William /Burke, Beryl Patricia Mary /Burke, Jean Mary,mn
/Burner, Ashliegh Kenneth Carbis /Burns, Cynthia Christina,mn /Burt, Leslie
Sinclair /Burt, Nellie Beatrice /Burt, Winifred Dora /Busby, Gwendoline Mary
/Butson, Thomas /Butterfield, Arnold /Calvert, Leslie Harry George /Cameron,
Margaret Beatrice /Campbell. Maureen /Cantrell, Olive Myra /Carey, Marjorie
Eileen Mary /Carne, Edith /Carpenter, Louie May /Carr, Richard John /Carr,
Theresa Winifred,mn /Carrell, Jennie Maria Dorothy /Carroll, John /Carter,
Gerard Norman Pymont /Carter, Jennifer /Carter, John Noblett /Carter, Joyce
/Carter, Mary Madeline /Carter-Smith, Elizabeth /Carthy, Cyril Michael
/CASKEY, James Alexander /Caveille, Freda May,mn /Cawley, Dora Mary /Cawley,
Wilfred /Chaddock, Roy /Chalcraft, Joan evelyn Grace /Chamberlain, Gladys
May,mn /Chambers, Mary Ann Catherine /Chambers, Rhoda,mn /Chandler,
Gwendoline Vera,mn /CHANDLER, Monica Evelyn.95 /Chaney, Beryl Lesley
/Chapman, Betty Margaret,mn /Chapman, Nellie Rosena,mn /Chapple, Henry
Richard /Chapple, Marjorie /Charles, Catherine Mary Elizabeth,mn /Charles,
Ronald /Charman, Florence Ellen Mary /Cheek, Dorothy Mabel,mn /Chegwin,
Phyllis May /Chimes, Dorothy,mn /Chittock, Lilian May /Chittock, Victor
Albert /Chowings, Ivy May,mn /Chubb, Eveline,mn /Chubb, Terence /Clace,
Irene Beatrice,mn /Clark, Eveline Mildred /Clark, Gwendoline Emily Maud
/Clark, Jean Florence /Clark, John Mackenzie /Clark, Patricia /Clark, Robert
Andrew /Clark, William George Henry /Clark, William Richard /Clarke, Aubrey
Raymond /Clarke, Kathleen /Clarke, Randolph Sidney /Clatworthy, Joyce
/Clatworthy, Vera May,mn /Cleal, Dorothy Maude,mn /Cleave, Alwyn May
/Cleave, Marjorie Joan,mn /Clements, Ann May,mn /Clements, Vincent Anthony
/Cleverton, Edna May /Clough, Thomas /Coad, Edith Alice,mn /Coates, Reginald
William /Cobb, Lena,mn /Cock, Richard Henry /COCKLE,Carol Anne /Coker,
Elizabeth May,mn /Cole, Caroline Iris /Cole, Daniel /Cole, Sylvia Violet,mn
/Coleman, Gwendoline Florence /Coles, Betty,mn /Coles, Marian Patricia
Pamela /Coles, Muriel Dorothy,mn /Collarbone, Lilian /Collier, Dora
/Collings, Clifford /Collins, Diane May /Collins, Margaret /Collins, Trevor
Eian /Conick, Merle,mn /Coode, Hilda May,mn /Cook, Herbert William Edward
/Cook, Jacqueline Elsie /Cook, Lilian May,mn /Cook, Mabel /Cooke, Gertrude
Esther /Cooper, Ellen Elizabeth,mn /Cooper, Elma John William /Cooper, Olive
May,mn /Cooper, Vera Mary /CORBETT,GLADYS HILDA /Cormack, Frederick /Corner,
Renée Eleanor /Cornforth, Ronald /Cornish Cyril /Cornish, Eric Longford
(Ted) /Cory, Hilda,mn /Cosh, Vera Florence,mn /Cossey, Rebecca Patience Emma
/Costin, Betty Gem Christina /Cottenham, Francis Terence /Cotter, Derek
Raymond Kyle /Cotterill, Florence /Cotton, Betty Joan,mn /Couch, Lilian Rose
/Cowan, Daniel Green /Cowan, Ivy Westlake,mn /Cox, Elizabeth Libby /Cox,
Frederick Ernest /Cox, Jennie /Cox, Marjorie,mn /Coxon, Rose /Crabb, Alan
Roy /Crabb, Olive Myra,mn /Crabtree, Marjorie /Cragg, Eric Charles /Crago,
Robert Charles /Crampton, Ian /Crane, Gweneth Mary /Crapp, David John
/Crawley, Jennifer /Cretch, Vera Alberta,mn /Crew, Frank /Crews, Freda May
/Crimp, John William /Crocker, Betty Gem Christina,mn /Crocker, Dennis
/Crocker, Phyllis Ruth /CROCKER,Michael /Crockford, Iris Joan /Crosier,
Margaret Kyle,mn /Cross, Minnie (Betty),mn /Cross, Reginald James /Crossman,
Eveline Jacqueline,mn /Crutchley, Robert /Cullum, Dennis /Cummings, Myrtle
Alice,mn /Cummins, Florence Beatrice,mn /Cunningham, Frederick George
/Cuthbert, Ernest William /Cuthbert, Mary Crichton Brown /Cuthel, Christine
/CUTLER,William Edgar /Cutter, Marjorie Lillian /Dacre, Barbara Lilian
Beatrice /Damerell, Helen Irene,mn /DAMERELL, William Desmond /Dan, Douglas
John /Dannan, Jean Francis Mary /Davey, Constance Adeline,mn /Davidson, Alec
Ernest /Davidson, Doris,mn /Davies, Alice Elizabeth Mary,mn /Davies,
Geoffrey /Davies, James Thomas /Davies, June Mary /Davies, Susan Heather,mn
/Davis , Barbara Patricia,mn /Davis, Edward George /Davis, Ernest Frank
/Davis, Gwendoline Gladys /Davis, Kathleen,mn /Davis, Vera Dorothy Maud,mn
/Dawe, Percy Arthur /Dawkins, John Albert /Dawney, Lillian Jean,mn /Dawson,
Laura Violet,mn /de Kaldam, Merle /Deacon, Esther Burns /Dee, Roger William
/Dewey, Rose,mn /Dickson, Margaret Mary /Diggins, Stephanie Moira /Dinham,
Elizabeth Caroline,mn /Dix, Lousie Eleanor /Dixon, Betty Mildred /Dixon,
Charles Timothy /Dodd, Edna Lilian May,mn /Doidge, Francis Charles /Doidge,
Fred /Doidge, John Thomas /Doidge, Philippa Olive /Doidge, William Richard
/Doig, Esther Burns /Dolphin, Barbara Jean,mn /Doney, Audrey Alicia /Dorral,
Doris Selina /Dowding, Iris Gwendoline,mn /DOWN, Derek /Down, Elma,mn
/Downey, Albert /Downing, Gordon Bertram /Doyle, Edna Patricia /Doyle,
Elizabeth Emma /Drew, Winifred Maisie /Drew-Reading, Elizabeth Emma,mn
/Drinkwater, Marjorie Joan /Drury, Edward William /Dryland, Celia /Dubicki,
Joan Alexandra /Dudley, Julia Daisy /Duffy, Edna Louvain,mn /Duke, Thomas
Hyvor /Dunbar, Nicholas Roy /Dungworth, Dorothy /Dunn, Benjamin Albert
/Dunn, Rachel,mn /Dunne, Francis Richard /Durham, Edna Joyce,mn /Durston,
Elizabeth Lilian,mn /Dyer, Donald /Dyer, Dorothy,mn /Dyer, Gladys Mary,mn
/Early, Mabel /Easter, Douglas Thomas William /Easterbrook, Edward John
/Eathorne, Elsie /Eddy, Beryl Joyce,mn /Ede, Andrew Mark /Eden, Joyce Mary
/Edge, Beryl,mn /Edgecombe, Janet Caroline /Edgeler, Edward /Edgeley,
Winifred Sophia /Edmonds, Charles Frank /Edmonds, Hilda May /Edwards, Arthur
/Edwards, Brian Sidney /Edwards, Gareth David /Edwards, Jean Mary /Edwards,
Jennifer,mn /Edwards, Margaret Sylvia /Edwards, Phyllis Mamie /Edwards,
Viola Emily,mn /Edyvean, Patrick /Eglington, Alice Mary /Elkin, Doris May
/Ellacott, May Berry,mn /Elliot, Gwendoline Winifred Rosemary /Elliott,
Alice Emily /Elliott, Donald Thomas /Elliott, Doris /Elliott, Georgina
Esme,mn /Elliott, Janet /Elliott, Michael Richard Walter /Elliott, Minnie
Elizabeth,mn /Elliott, Paul Barrington /Elliott, Stephen Edward /Ellis, Ada
Gertrude /Ellis, Alec /Ellis, Eveline /Ellis, Kathleen Joan,mn /Ellis, Keith
Ernest /Ellis, Margaret Eleanor /Ellis, May King (Pat) /Ellis, Valerie
Hyacinth /Ellis, William Norman /Ellwood, Gladys Mary /Elphick, Hilda,mn
/Emery, William Ernest Henry /Emmerson, John Richardson /Emond , Jean
Doris,mn /Empson, Ronald Leonard /Essery, Victory Peace /Ethell, Mary Peggy
/Eva, Beatrice Gladys /Evans, Beatrice Lillian /Evans, Derek Arthuur /Evans,
Leonard /Evans, Mary,mn /Evans, Phyllis Phoebe,mn /Evans, Rosina May /Evans,
Vera /Evely, Cyril Hillman /Evens, Muriel Dorothy /Everett, Queenie
Gwendolin Mary /Ewart, Edward Robert /Exworthy, Amy Joan,mn /Eyres, Renée
Eleanor,mn /FAGAN, Patrick Andrew /Fairhurst, Thomas /Fallaize, Ivy Maude
/Fallick, Edward Herbert David /Farley, Ida Alice /Farley, Margaret Nary
Eileen,mn /Farndon, Eric Walter /Farnham, Barbara Violet /Farrell, Stephen
James /Farrow, Kathleen Mary,mn /Fawcett, Margaret Kathleen,mn /Feeney,
Julie /Felton, Golda Lilian /Fenn, Leslie Noel /Fenner, Winifred May,mn
/Fenton, Margaret Elizabeth,mn /Field, Donald William /Field, Edna Maud
/Field, Montague William Gooding /Field, Stella Mary /Finch, Norman Charles
/Finlayson, Cynthia,mn /Finney, Charkes William /Fisher, Violet Elsie
/Fitzgerald, Daniel Lee /Fitzgerald, Edna Nellie /Flain, Eliza Frances,mn
/Flanagan, George Henry Thomas /Flanders, Peggy Dorothy,mn /Fletcher, Doreen
Louisa Mary /FLOKHART,NORMAN JAMES /Flower, Edna Patricia,mn /Floyd ,
Queenie Gwendolin Mary,mn /Foot, William Thomas /Ford, Elizabeth Lilian
/Fossett, Dorothy May /Foster, Beatrice /Foster, Charles Edward /Foster,
Gladys Lonsdale /Foulkes, Marjorie Eileen Mary,mn /Fowler, Dora Irene
/Fowler, Lillian Jean /Fowles, Reginald Martin /Fox, Elizabeth Annie,mn
/Fox, George Stanley /Fox, Ida Doreen,mn /Fox, Janet,mn1 /Fox, Janet,mn
/Foxworthy, Ann Margaret,mn /Francis-Lang, Gary John /Francis-Lang, Helen
Irene /Franklin Jean /Franklin, Lucy Winifred,mn /Franklin, Malcolm John
/Fraser, June /Freeman, Ronald John /French, Edith Alice /French, Kathleen
/Friend, Beatrice Annie,mn /Friend, Doreen Edith,mn /Frost, Phyllis Ruth,mn
/Fry, Ada Margaret,mn /Fulford, Vera Dorothy Maud /Fuller,Brian Leslie
/Furneaux, Mabel Dorothy /Gabb, Naomi Greer /Gabriel, Edna,mn /Gage,
Gertrude Eva Alice,mn /Gairns, Peter /Gambler, Phyllis Joan /Gardener, Edna
Doreen,mn /Gardner, Barbara Patricia,mn /Gardner, Leslie Frank /Gardner,
Peter Reginald /Garland, Glenys Eva /Garland, Roy Thomas /Garner, Edith Mary
/Garner, Joyce,mn /Garwood, Margaret Eleanor,mn /Gate, Wilfred /Gates,
Isobel Dorothy Reeve,mn /Gay, Margaret Rose,mn /Gaydon, Alfred /Geach,
Leslie Ronald /Geddes, Lena,mn /Gee, Michael Charles /Gendle, Florence
May,mn /George, Brenda Winifred /George, Pauline Elizabeth,mn /George,
Robert Nicholas /Gerhold, Kathleen Amy /Gerry, Fred /Gibbons, Albert Edgar
George /Gibbons, Barbara /Gibbons, Caroline Emma /Gibson, Jean Wotherspoon
Boyd,mn /Gidazzewski, Georgina,mn /Gilbert, Denzil Herbert /Gilbert, George
Henry /Gill, Alberta Christina Boolds,mn /Gill, Margaret Elizabeth,mn /Gill,
Stanley Frank /Gillespie, Alexander John /Gilmore, Dr John Strahn /Gilpin,
Edith (Iris) /Gilvin, Colin William /Giquel, Leon Mark James /Givens,
Joyce,mn /Glanville, Ellen Beatrice /Glanville, Roy /Glass, Ronald
/Glastonbury, Christine /Gleed, Dorothy Mary /Glover, Marjorie Eleanor Alice
/Glynn, Katherine Mary Elizabeth /Godfrey, David George /Godwin, Harold
/Golbourn, Mary Simpson,mn /Gomer, John Henry /Gooding, Oliver Colstan
/Goodman, Beatrice Florence Maud,mn /Goodman, Elizabeth Libby,mn /Goodman,
George Henry /Gorczyca, Sheila /Gordon Fanny (Fay) /Gordon, Patrick Robert
/Gordon, Peter Spencer /Goss, John Stephen /Goss, Kathleen Margaret Teresa
/Gotham, Gladys /Gould, Ivy Janette /Gould, Vera Alberta /GOURD, Russell
Charles /Grady, David /Graham, Constance /Grant, Beatrice Sybil /Grant,
Helen Mary /Grant, Robert Giles /Grant, Rodney Leslie /Grant, Susan Heather
/Granville, Philip Ernest /Gray, Iris Gwendoline /Greaves, Alexander Bert
/Green, Howard Graham Hubert /Green, Muriel Joan /Green, Peter Francis
/Greenaway, Clice Edwin John /Greenaway, Patricia,mn /Greening, William
Alfred /Greenslade, Ernest Donald /Greenslade, Valerie Joyce /Greenway, Pat
/Greet, Marjorie Winifred /Gregory, Douglas Thomas /Gregory, Ivy Florence
/Gregory, Margaret Rose /Greig, Joseph Alexander /Griffin, Edward Charles
/Griffiths, Caroline Iris,mn /Griggs, Frederick Alfred Edward /Grove,
Christine /Growcott, Florence Ada /Gruitt, Jacqueline Elsie,mn /Gullick,
Graham Keith /Gullis, Gertrude May /Gumbrell, Alice Maud /Gunnill, Edna
/Gunning, Edna Mabel Louise /Guy, Joan Winifred,mn /Gwardys, Andrew /Haben,
Doris Evelyn Kathleen,mn /Hackett, Olive /Hadley, Ethel Maud May,mn /Hagley,
Hilda Audrey,mn /Haines, Pamela Olive /Hake, Beryl Doreen,mn /Halfpenny,
Thomas John /Hall, Margaret Anne,mn /Hall, Violet Marion Louise /Halliday,
Florence Elizabeth,mn /Halliday, Margaret Kathleen /Ham, Olive May /Hambley,
David Frederick /Hambly, Ernest Frederick George /Hambly, John Dennis
/HAMER,DAVID THOMAS /Hamilton, Isabella Jane /Hamling, Albert /Hammond,
Bertram Robert George /Hanks, Thornley /Hanmer, Eleanor Joan,mn /Hanna, Iris
/Hannaford, Laura Naomi,mn /Hannaford, Lenora Kate /Hannaford, Marion Agnes
/Hannaford, Marion Frost,mn /Hannaford, Winifred Sophia,mn /Hannan,
Christina Irene,mn /Hanwell, Alan William /Harad, Reginald Ernest /Harber,
Stanley Arthur1 /Harber, Stanley Arthur /Harbron, Tony /Hard, David John
/Hardey, Reginald Nelson /Hardey, Vera /Harding, Violet Ellen Louisa
/Hardman, John /Hardy, Annie Rose,mn /Hardy, Jennie,mn /Harfoot, Horace
/Harkin, William Albert Frederick /Harper, Annette Caroline,mn /Harper,
Henry Albert /Harris Samuel Thomas /Harris, Arthur Norman /Harris, Betty
Patricia,mn /Harris, David James /Harris, Joyce,mn /Harris, Kathleen Mavis
/Harris, Sidney James /Harris, Winifred Ellen,mn /Harris, Winifred Maud
/Harrison, Charles Everett /Harrison, Dorothy Eva /Harrison, Frederick
George /Harry, Terence Albert /Harry, Violet Ismay,mn /Hart, Diane
Margaret,mn /Hart, Ivy Gwendoline,mn /Hart, Margaret,mn /Hartill, Brian
Stanley /Hartill, Donna Ethel /Hartley, Eileen Gratrex,mn /Harvey, Albert
Roy /Harvey, Francis Jackson /Harvey, Jean Maureen /Harvey, Leonard Henry
/HARVEY, Robbie, Mrs /Harvey, Robert John /Harvey, Roger William /Harwood,
Roseann /Hastewell, Ian Paul /Hatcher, Ruth Beatrice Emily,mn /Hatherley,
Florence Marion /Hatrey, Patricia Ann /Haughey, James Evan /Havelock,
Mary,mn /HAWES, Betty Evelyn /Hawken, Emily Florence /Hawkes, David Reginald
Francis /Hawkes, Ivy Elizabeth,mn /Hawkins, Sidney John /Hawton, John Henry
/Hay, Gladys /Hayden, Julia Daisy,mn /Hayes, Edna Lilian May /Hayes, Rhoda
/Hayes, William Daniel /Hayward, Edwin Alan /Hayward, Eveline,mn /Hayward,
Mabel Ilonia Tregurtha /Hayward, Mary Alma (Molly) /Haywood, Herbert George
/Heale, Hilda Audrey /Heale, Teresa Doris,mn /Heard, Peter David /Hearl,
Brian Sidney /Hearn, Kathleen /Heath, John Ernest /Heath, William George
/Heavens, Cornelius William /Heddon, Marjorie Esther Mary,mn /Heighway,
Norman William /Helmore, Sarah Beatrice,mn /Helson Jack /Henderson, Edna
Barbara,mn /Henderson, Poppy Elizabeth,mn /Heppell, Elsie,mn /Heppell,
Lilian Florence,mn /Herd, George Alfred /Herd, Joyce /Herring, Carole
/Heseltine, Philip James /Hewitt, Janet /Hexter, Pamela Joan,mn /Hickey,
Kathleen Flora /Hicks, Florence Gertrude /Hicks, Rinaldo May,mn
/Hicks-Small, Ellen Esther /HICKS-SMALL,Nicholas Frank /Higgins, Margaret
Patricia /Higgs, Edna /Hill, Cissie Fredrica,mn /Hill, Elizabeth Emmeline
Joyce,mn /Hill, Elsie Nora /HILL, May /Hill, Moroni /Hill, Patricia,mn
/Hill, Ronald Ernest /Hills, Leonard Treverton /Hills, Sheila Margaret,mn
/Hinchliffe, Gwendoline Florence,mn /Hind, Dora Cecilia /Hines, Alfred
William /Hingston, Beatrice Sybil,mn /Hingston, Edna Gordon,mn /Hitt,
Margaret Mary,mn /Hoar, Elsie May /Hobbins, Glenys Eva,mn /Hobbs, Doris
Selina,mn /Hobbs, Edna Gordon /Hobbs, Nellie Margaret,mn /Hocking, Douglas
Stuart /Hocking, George Charles Courtenay /Hodge, Betty Joan /Hodge, Dorothy
Lilian /Holden, Ada Margaret /Holden, Joyce /Holden, Ronald Peter /Holland,
Douglas Ernest /Holland, John /Holland, Reginald Ernest /Holloway, Alice
Margaret Tate /Holman, Frederick Charles /Holman, Peggy Scott,mn /Holmes,
Barbara Josephine,mn /Holmes, Edith /Holmes, Elsie Beatrice /Holmes,
Margaret Elizabeth /Holroyd, Graham George /HONEY(GEORGE), Minnie /Honey,
Albert Frederick /Hood, Joan Caroline Louisa /Hooper, George Alfred /Hooper,
Kenneth John /Hooton, Charles George /Hore, Doreen /Horn, Catherine,mn
/Horswell, Ethel Edna Muriel /Hortop, Judith,mn /Horwood, Doreen Maud
/Hosken, Betty /Hosken, Georgina Esme /Hoskin, Edith Lylia,mn /Hosking,
Florence /Hosking, Reginald Bartley /Hotchen, Gladys May (Billie) /Hough,
Margaret June /Howard, Michael Alexander /Hubberstey, Vera Lilian /Hudson,
Irene,mn /Huggins, Margaret June,mn /Hughes, Cicely Doreen,mn /Hughes,
Clifford Edward /Hughes, Stanley Gordon /Hulcoop, Douglas William
/Humphreys, Elizabeth Ann /Hunkin, Estelle,mn /Hunn, Eveline /Hunt, Kenneth
Raymond /Hunt, Lionel Ian George /Hunter, May King (Pat),mn /Hunter, Valerie
Hyacinth,mn /Hunter, Wilfred /Hurd, Lena /Hurrell, Brian Stanley George
/Hurrell, Elsie Lillian Maud,mn /Hurrell, Violet June Margaret Ann
/Hutchings, Edna Ferris,mn /Hutchings, Walter Richard George /Hutchins,
Keith /Huxham, Elsie Mildred /Huxtable, Audrey May /Hyde, Katherine Mary
Elizabeth,mn /Iliff, John Sidney (Jack) /Ind, Marie Emily /Ingram, David
Norman /Ingram, Stella Elizabeth Anne,mn /Inness, Kathleen Jesse /Inwood,
Barbara Patricia /Ions, Margaret /Irish, Dorothy,mn /Irish, Edward Archibald
/Irons, Elsie Winifred /Irvine, Roland Michael /Isaac, David John /Ivey,
Victor William Alamein Stanaway /Jackett, Hedley John /Jackson, Alfred
/Jackson, Gladys Georgina,mn /Jackson, James Henry /Jackson, Jean Laura
/Jackson, William /Jago, Audrey Blanche,mn /James, Lilian May /James, May
Berry /James, Patrick Bernard /James, Phyllis Helena Mary /James, Phyllis
Winifred,mn /James, Stanley William /Jane, Dorothy Alice,mn /Jane, Vesta
Selina /Jane, Vyvyan Arthur Norman /Janes , Vera,mn /Janes , Violet Ellen
Louisa,mn /Jarman, Henry William /Jarvis, Albert Henry /Jarvis, Barbara Joan
/JARVIS, SYLVIA DENISE /Jasper, Stanley /Jeffery, Dorothy Winifred /Jeffrey,
Phyllis Mary /Jeffrey, Roseann,mn /JENKINS,Eileen /Jennings, Lilian May
/Jessop, May Mildred,mn /Jessup, Violet Serena Louise,mn /Jeutz,
Elizabeth,mn /Jewell, Fernley James /Jewell, Francis Henry Sach /Jewell,
Percy Richard /Job, Beatrice May,mn /Job, Elsie Louise,mn /Johns, Annette
Caroline /Johns, Brian Frederick /Johns, Eric Robert Cyril /Johns, Estelle
/Johns, James Frederick Richard /Johns, Rita Hilda May /Johns, Trevor
/Johns, William Bertram Kenneth /Johnson, Dora,mn /Johnson, Dorothy Violet
/Johnson, Michael Alexander /Johnson, Roland /Johnson, Vera Beatrice,mn
/Johnson, Vernon Frank /Johnson, Viola Emily /Johnston, Isobel,mn
/JOHNSTONE, Nan /Joint, John Henry /Jolley, Violet May /Jones, Allan /Jones,
Amy Elizabeth,mn /Jones, Deborah /Jones, Dr James Alfred /Jones, Edith
Eliza,mn /Jones, Elsie Winifred,mn /Jones, Gweneth Mary,mn /Jones, Joyce
Mary,mn /Jones, Julie,mn /Jones, Marian Patricia Pamela,mn /Jones, Marjorie
Esther Mary /Jones, Queenie Martha /Jones, Ronald George /Jordan, Gladys
Ellen /Journeaux, George Henry Brian /Joy, Raymond Leslie /Joy, William
Samuel /Joynt, Ada Gertrude,mn /Julian, Annie Kathleen May /Kane, Mary
Crichton Brown,mn /Kealey, Christabel /Keast, Mabel /Keast, Margaret
Sylvia,mn /Keast, Sonia Eve /Keates, Marjorie Eileen /Keegan, Jack Richard
(Baby) /Keegan, Stanley Joseph Henry /Keeling, Albert Charles /Keith,
Douglas John /Keith, Elsie Wilhelmina Maud,mn /Keith, George William
/Kellet, Dorothy Maude /Kelly Alfred H P /Kelly, Ronald /Kelway, Mary Sarah
/Kemp, Violet May /Kennington, Eva Beatrice Mary /Kenny, Arthur James /Kent,
John James /Kerr, Robert Mutrie /Kerrison, Sheila Florence May,mn /Killey,
Barbara,mn /King, Doris Irene Molly,mn /King, Eric /King, Robert William
/Kingham, Anthony George /Kitt, John Webber /Kittle, Sarah Ellen Jane,mn
/Klaiber, Eric Henry Young /Knapman, Winifred Dora,mn /Knolles, Daphne Enid
Sterling,mn /Knott, Doris Ellen /Knott, Kathleen Margaret Teresa,mn /Knott,
Stanley /Knowles, Myra Elizabeth /Knowles, Ronald Andrew /Krein, Millicent
Ada Frances /Kunz, Marian Iris /Lacon, Robert Norman /Laity, Thomas Franklyn
Trathen /Lake, Phyllis May,mn /Lakeman, Esther Doreen Stella /Lamb, Ivy
Louisa May /Lamerton, Phyllis May,mn /Lancaster, Elsie /Lancaster, Emily
Florence,mn /Landers, Peter /Lane, Frederick John /Lang, Shirley Ann,mn
/Langdon, Clarice,mn /Langdon, Vernon Claude /Langdon, Violet,mn /Langford,
Albert Thomas /Langford, Derrick James /Langmead, Fernley /Langworthy, Henry
Richard Frank /Larcombe, William Frederick John /Lashbrook, Russell Stuart
/Laughton, Ivy Winifred /Lavis, Catherine Mary Elizabeth /Law, Georgina
/Lawler, Ellen /Lawley, Douglas Ivan /Lawley, Violet Marion Louise,mn
/Lawrence, Kathleen Joan /Lawson-Thomas, Lucy /Leadley, Donald William
/Lean, Lilian Rose,mn /Learmunt, Joyce Lily /Le-Bearn, Bertram /Le-Bearn,
Eileen Vera /Lee, Alice Ethel Sarah /Lee, Margery /LEGGATT, Frank /Legrice,
Pamela Nellie /Leigh, Audrey,mn /Leigh, Louisa /Lemin, Rachel /Leonard,
Grace Thornton /Leverton, Winifred Ethel /Lewis, Brian Frank /Lewis, Dorothy
Mary /Lewis, Elizabeth /Lewis, Ellen Elizabeth /Lewis, George Henry Kynaston
/Lewis, Joan /Lewis, Lilian Florence /Ley, Sidney /Libby, Barbara,mn /Libby,
Emily Bessie /Libby, Lewis Ivor /Lilienblatt, Florence Viola,mn /Lindley,
Margaret Jeanne /Lineham, Benita Anne /Ling, Bryan Francis /Linzell, Donald
Alexander /Linzell, Mark /Littley, Denis William /Lloyd, Ellen Elizabeth
/Lloyd, John Henry /Lock, Barter John /Lock, Gladys,mn /Locke, Irene,mn
/Locke, Jennifer,mn /London, Patrick John /London, Vera Betty /Long, Arthur
Ralph /Long, Doris Evelyn Kathleen /LONG, Joseph /Long, Rachel /Looker,
Douglas Bertram /Lopes, Leonora,mn /Lord, Ivy Laura /Love, Alfred Thomas
/Lovegrove, Antonia Lorraine /Low, Sydney Arthur /Lowden, Eric George /Lowe,
Stephen /Lowther, Winifred Willday /Loze, Beryl Joyce /Lucas, Elsie,mn
/Lucas, Raymond Percy /Lucas, Thomas Rueben /Luke, Audrey /Luke, Vera
Beatrice /Lunt, Jean /Luscombe, Barbara Joy /Luscombe, Edgar Ivan /Lutley,
Doris,mn /Lymburn , Madge,mn /Lynch, Mary Kathleen Somers,mn /Lyons, Lillian
Rosita /Mabey, Gordon Graham /Mabey, Margaret Anne /Mackenzie, Doris /Maggs,
Florence Hazel,mn /Mahony, Doris,mn /Major, James Edward /Maker, Grace
Thornton,mn /Mallett, Marjorie Doreen,mn /Mallin, Nancy Ann,mn /Mallinson,
Florence /Maloney, Joan Heather /Manchip, Charles Henry Wood /Mandoza,
Kay,mn /Manix, Charlotte /Manley, Albert /Manley, Derrick Arthur /Manley,
Phyllis /MANLEY,Laura /Mann, Jean Laura,mn /Marchant, Joan Heather,mn
/Marjoram, Jean Kathleen Victoria,mn /Marker, Sylvia Elizabeth /Markham,
George /Markham, Irene Mary /Marks, Gerald Anthony /Marles, Maggie,mn
/Martin, Alice Maud,mn /Martin, Ellie /Martin, Frederick /Martin, Gladys
May,mn /Martin, Joan Mehala,mn /Martin, Kenneth John /Martin, Peter Anthony
/Martin, Wilfred /Martyn, William Henry /MATHER, Daphne /Matthew, Jessie,mn
/Matthews, Edna Lenor,mn /Matthews, Edna May,mn /Matthews, Joan Alexandra,mn
/Matthews, Winifred Mary,mn /Mawer, Charles Frederick /May, Ethel Edna,mn
/May, Patricia /May, Victor Gaved /Mayes, Daisy Elizabeth,mn /Maynard,
Sheila Margaret /Mc Neill, Hilda Evelyn /Mc Stravick, James Edward /McCoy,
Joyce Olive Ellen /McCoy, Marjorie /McCreadie, Kenneth John /McDevitt, Kevin
/McDonald, Joan Winifred /McDonnell, Beryl /McFarlane, Leslie Ernest
/McGarrie, Ethel,mn /MCGILIVRAY,Isobella Davie /McGlone, Alice Mary,mn
/McGregor, James Peter /McGuire, Margaret Mary,mn /McIlroy, John Alphonsus
/McIsaac, Angus John /McKee, Joan Evelyn /McKie, Margaret,mn /McLaggan,
Margaret Rubina Ellen,mn /McMurray, Gladys Lucy,mn /McNeill, John Graham
/McRobb, Eileen /Meager, Terence Dennis O'Connor /Mealor, Clifford Proctor
/Meatyard, Jean Kathleen Victoria /Meatyard, Maurice William /Medlicott,
Sydney Harold /Medlin, Phyllis,mn /Mellor, Joyce /Memery, George Lewis
/Menear, Bryan Richard /Menear, Florence May /Menzies, Maurice Theodore
/Menzies, Mervin /Mercer, Anna Winifred /Mercer, Gladys May (Billie),mn
/Mercer, James Douglas /MERCER,ROBERT BROWNING /Merchant, Kay Frances
/Merrick, Christine Mary Irene /Merriman, Frederick James /Merritt, Doris
/Metters, Gerald Raymond /Mewse, Robert Charles /Meyrick, Janet
/Micklewright, Peggy Dorothy /Midian, Andrew /Miles, Joyce /Miles, Rita
Lilian /Miles, Vera Towarthaa /Milford, Dorothy Hazel /Milford, Reginald
Desmond /Miller, Dora Irene,mn /Miller, Ethel Susanna /Miller, Gewndoline
Mary /Miller, James MacAllister /Miller, Phyllis Ellen /Miller, William
Edward /Millett, Betty Doreen /Millett, Iris Henrietta Lilian /Millichope,
Charles Leslie /Milligan, Frederick Arthur Charles /Milligan, John Harvie
/Mills, Robert John /Milne, Johanna Mcrae,mn /Milne, Margaret Mary,mn
/Milton, Muriel Joan,mn /Minhinick, John Henry /Minhinnick, Ann May
/Mitchell, Christine Edith,mn /Mitchell, Ellen Esther,mn /Mitchell,
Frederick John /Mitchell, Kenneth John /Mitchell, Richard William /Mole,
Ronald Douglas /Molyneux, Gewndoline Mary,mn /Monk, George Henry Beatty
/Montell, Phyllis May,mn /Moody, Mary Buglass /Moon, Doreen /Moon, Norma
Barnett,mn /Moore, Audrey Phoebe,mn /Moore, Doreen Alvis,mn /Moore, Doris
May,mn /Moore, Fernley Adolphus /Moore, Irene /Moore, Lenora Kate,mn /Moore,
Mary /Morcom, Florence May /Morgan, Brian Edward John /Morgan, Ralph Duncan
/Morgan, William Archibald /Moritzson, Cynthia /Morris, Ethel Edna /Morris,
Margaret Patricia,mn /Morris, Phyllis Iris,mn /Morris, Raymond /Morrow,
Lilian May,mn /Mortimer, Laurence John /Moss, Arthur Graham /Mount, Ivy
Elizabeth /Mountford, Dora 'Ella' /Muchmore, Beatrice,mn /Mugridge, Barbara
Jospehine /Muir, Josephine,mn /Muldowney, Ronald Samuel Ivan /Mullane,
Terence /Mulvihill, Lilian Pamela,mn /Mumford, Lilian Beatrice Jane
/Munnecka, Vera Anna Gerda,mn /Munot, Dr Lakhichand Dhondiram /Murch,
Caroline Bertha,mn /Murch, Pauline Amelia,mn /MURPHY,SARAH GWENDOLINE
/Murray, James /Murray, Violet Ismay /Murrin, Vera /Mussell, Caroline Bertha
/Myatt , Gladys,mn /Nadal, Marjorie Eileen,mn /Naden, Gertrude Eva Alice
/Neal, Doris Mabel /Neale, Lilian /Neave, Barbara Jospehine,mn /Neaves, John
Andrew /Needham, Audrey Alicia,mn /Netherton, William Frank /Nettleton,
Margaret Kyle /Newton, Ivy Maude,mn /Nicholas, Rinaldo May /Nicholas, Robert
George /Nicholls, Richard George Stevens /Nicholls, Yvonne Gwendoline
/Nichols, Gladys,mn /Nichols, Ronald Ernest /Nicholson, Edna Louvain /Nile,
Philippa Olive,mn /Nobes, Dennis Jack /Nodder, Gerald George /North,
Lilian,mn /Northcott , Doris Winifred,mn /Northcott, Dorothy May,mn
/Northcott, Ernest Sidney /Northey, Dennis Martin /Northey, Kathleen,mn
/Northmore, Isobel Dorothy Reeve /Norton, Elsa /Norwood, George Walter
/Nosworthy, Frederick /Nosworthy, Stanley Ernest Jack /Nott, William Bertram
Charles /NOYES,Frances Lillie /Oakley, David /Oakley, Sheila Ursula May
/Oakley, Terence Edward /Oates, Maurice Henry /Oatway, Edith Helen,mn
/O'Brian, Kenneth Charles /O'Brien, Dorothy Ann /O'Connell, Michael Conleith
/O'Connor, Barbara /Oddy, Trevor /Offield, Frederick Arthur Cloake /Ogilvie,
Irene Beatrice /O'Hanlon, Michael Christopher /Oldfield, Ronald James
/Olver, Dora May,mn /Olver, Louisa May /Olver, Lucy Mary,mn /Olver, Violet
Megan,mn /ONeill, Edna Barbara /Oram, Malcolm Clifford /Osborne, Kathleen
Joan Fraser /Osment, Johanna Mcrae /Ould, Matilda Florence Winifred /Owen,
James EMRYS /Oxland, Samuel Thomas /Oxley, Barbara Florence,mn /Oxnam, Laura
Naomi /Painter, Alice Matilda,mn /Palmer, Audrey Phoebe /Palmer, Katy
Gwendoline /PALMER,John Grantly /Pardew, Betty Patricia /Parish, Vera Elsie
Violet,mn /Parker, Dorothy May /Parker, Phyllis Louisa /Parnell, Charles
Henry /Parnham, Margaret Elizabeth /Parrish, Dorothy Grace,mn /Parsons,
Christine Edith /Parsons, David John /Parsons, Evelyn /Parsons, Margery
Doris /Parsons, Violet May /Partridge, Maurice Stanley George /Pascoe, Bill
/Pascoe, Gordon /Pascoe, Gwendoline Mary,mn /Pascoe, Marlene Elizabeth
/PASCOE,Hilda May /Paskins, Lloyd Charles /Paterson, Alexander /Paterson,
Louise Rose /Patey, Charles Frederick John /Patterson, Walter Edward
/Pattison, Doris /Pawley, Edith Millicent (Millie0 /Paxton, Edna Doreen
/Peak, Beatrice Annie /Peake, Elizabeth Caroline /Pearce, Brian Francis
/Pearce, Elizabeth Emmeline Joyce /Pearce, Josephine /Pearce, William Thomas
/Pears, Mary /Pearson, Betty Margaret /Pearson, Phyllis May /Peart, Margaret
Mary /Pease, Scott Robert Charles /Penfound, Eleanor Joan /Pengelly,
Barbara,mn /Pengelly, Cissie Fredrica /Pengelly, Frederick John /Pengelly,
Janet,mn /Penney, Clara Dorothy (Dolly) /Pennington, Violet Megan /Penny,
Harry /Penny, Roy Herbert /Pepper, Frank /Pepper, Thomas Edward /Pepperall,
Violet Serena Louise /Perkins, Frederick John /Perkins, Isobel /Perrett ,
Brenda Winifred,mn /Perring, Joyce,mn /Perrott, John William /Perry, Dorothy
Violet,mn /Pethick, Jean Doris /Petrie, John Gordon /Pettigrew, George Ure
/Petts, Frederick James Archibald /Phillips, Audrey May,mn /Phillips, Daisy
Elizabeth /Phillips, Ellen,mn /Phillips, Flossie,mn /Phillips, Theresa
Winifred /PHILLIPS,William Anthony /Phipps, James Leonard Maurice /Pickett,
Lena /Piggford, Annie /Pike, Adeline Mary,mn /Pike, Phyllis /Pilcher, Ronald
Frederick /Pilling, Josephine Lena /Pinch, Arthur Matthias /Pinch, Dorothy
Alice /Pink, Donna Ethel,mn /Pitcher, Dorothy /Plumley, Betty /Pluthero,
Valentina /Polglass, Winifred Ellen /Pomeroy, Maggie /Poole, Catherine
/Poole, Martha /Poole, Phyllis May /Poole, Terrence Leslie /Pope, Henry
George /Portington, Elsa,mn /Portington, Olive Edna,mn /Potter, Dorothy
Elizabeth,mn /Potter, Margaret /Potter, Raymond /Potter, Sydney Douglas
/Potts, Riley /Pover, Malcolm /Povey, Joyce,mn /Powell, Ethel /Powell, John
/Powell, Marlene Elizabeth,mn /Powell-Thomas, Ivy Janette,mn /Powlesland,
Leonora /Poyntz, Elma /Pratt, Douglas /Pratt, Peter Gordon /Preece, Winifred
Dorothy /Prescott, Kathleen /Preston Thomas /Preston, Dot (Gwendoline)
/Preston, Jason Ernest /Price, Gerald Gordon /Price, Jean Wotherspoon Boyd
/Price, Joan Louise /Price, John /Price, Nancy,mn /Priddle, Evelyn Daisy May
/Priest, Maureen Jeanette Peggy /Pritchard, William Henry /Priter, Edna
Mabel Louise,mn /Probert, Alwyn May,mn /Probert, Laura Jessie /Prosser,
William Frederick /Prouse, Ellen Jesse,mn /Prouse, Iris Adele Alberta,mn
/Prouse, Louisa May,mn /PRUST,Patricia Thora /Prynn, Frederick Theodore
/Pryor, Dora May /Pryor, Sarah Beatrice /Pudner, Sarah McMillan /Pulleston,
Margaret Elizabeth /Pullinger, Sarah Ellen Jane /Purcell, Patricia Rose,mn
/Purdy, Florence Beatrice May /Purser, Teresa Doris /Putt, June Marie,mn
/Putt, Margaret Violet,mn /PYPER,JOHN LEONARD /Quick, Edna Mary /Quick,
Elsie /Rabjohns, Nellie Rosena /Rabson, Bryan Arthur /Rambridge, Florence
Beatrice /Rance, Derek Douglas George /RAPLEY,Daphne Joan /Rapson, Sylvia
Violet /Rapson, Violet Joan,mn /Rasmussen, Conrad Christian /Raspison,
Sandra Ann /Raven, Kenneth Ivor /Rawlings, Edith Annie /Raymond,
Christine,mn /Read, Kenneth Howard Arthur /Read, Robert Brian /Redding,
Forence Mabel Kate,mn /Redding, William Leonard /Reed, Barbara Florence
/Reed, Deborah,mn /Reed, Sidney /Reeves, May Mildred /Reid, Eveline
Mildred,mn /Reid, John Neilson /Rendall, Pamela Nellie,mn /Renn, Jennifer
Grace,mn /Reynolds, Brian George /Reynolds, Queenie Martha,mn /Reynolds,
Walter edwin /Rice, Alan John /Rich, Ronald Charles /Richards, Edna May
/Richards, Lilian May,mn /Richards, Nora Mary /Richards, Vera Florence,mn
/Richards, William John Owen /RICHARDS,Dorothy Virginia /Richardson,
FLORENCE VERA,mn /Richardson, Gerald /Richardson, Hilda /RICHARDSON,CORA
ELIZABETH /Riches, Percy George /Rick, Winifred Mary /Rickard, Eileen,mn
/Rickard, Michael /Riddle, Fernley Raymond /Ridgley, Doris Mabel,mn /Roach,
Margaret Nary Eileen /Roberts, Arthur Victor /Roberts, Betty Loreen
Amelia,mn /Roberts, Dorothy Grace /Roberts, Glenville /Roberts, Joan
{Gwendoline Isa} /Roberts, Kathleen Joyce,mn /Roberts, Mary Thomasina
/Roberts, Violet Mary,mn /Robertson, George Jenkins /Robertson, Sarah
McMillan,mn /Robinson, Eric Alfred John /ROBINSON, Geoffrey /Robson,
Frederick George /Rockey, Margerie Eveline /Rodgers, Millicent Ada
Frances,mn /Roe, Hubert Ernest (Jim) /Rogers, Alda Gladys /Rogers, Brian
Ernest /Rogers, David Frank /Rogers, Jessie Amelia /Rogers, Royden Edward
/Rogers, Sandra Ann,mn /Rogers, Vera Gladys /Roker, Valentina,mn /Rolfe,
Colin /Rooke, David Seymour /Rousova-Novotny, Emilie Therezie /Rowe, Phyllis
Iris /ROWE,Lilian Grace /Rowland, John St Eia /ROWLINSN,Cyril /Rowlinson,
Emily /Rowse, Phyllis Daisy /Royle, Elizabeth Jane /Ruikbie, Elizabeth
Jane,mn /Rumbold, Margery Doris,mn /Rundle, Lilian Beatrice Jane,mn
/Russell, Madge /Russell, Rita Hilda May,mn /Rutter, Florence Philippa Mary
/Sainsbury, Francis Ernest /Saltearn, Dorothy,mn /Sambells, Annie Phyllis
/Sample, Phyllis Elizabeth,mn /Sampson, Phyllis May,mn /Sandercock, Charles
Stanley /Sanders, Betty Loreen Amelia /Sanders, Ernest Alfred /Sanders, Iris
Mary /Sanders, Marjorie /Sanders, Norman Haxby /Sanders, Roger Keith
/SANDERS,Donald /Sandford, Dorothy Eva,mn /Sandford, Winifred Maud,mn
/Sandy, David Robin /Sangster, Norman /Sarel, Doreen Elaine /Sargant,
Florence Beatrice May,mn /Saunders, Eva Beatrice Mary,mn /Saunders, Gladys
/Saunders, Joan Phyllis,mn /Saunders, Paul Edna /Savage, Dorothy,mn /Savery,
Martyn John /Sawyer, Leslie Thomas Gordon /Saxby, David Justinian /Scammell,
Alice Matilda /Schollanger, Marian /Schulen, Eleanor Jane /Scott, Anthony
Ronald /Scott, Maureen Jeanette Peggy,mn /Scott, Winifred /SCOTT,PHYLLIS
MURIEL /Scull, Joyce Florence Kathleen /Searle, Ernest /Searle, Irene
/Segar, Barbara,mn /Self, Elsie Wilhelmina Maud /Selley, Beryl Patricia
Mary,mn /Semmens, Jack /Semple, Joseph James /Senker, Walter Isaac
/Serjeant, Jack /Severgnini,Ricardo Novello /Sharman, Dennis /Sharp, George
Ernest Dr /Sharrock, Ernest Albert /Shattock, David Clive /Shaw, Edward
Charles /Shaw, Kathleen,mn /SHAW,John James /Shea, Mary Alice /Shea, William
/Shears, Kenneth Roy /Sheldon, Lawrence James /Shepherd, Margaret Violet
/Sherrell, David /Sherrell, Robert Stephen /Sherwood, Audrey /Shiels,
Michelle /Shiner, Harry Rupert /Shinner, Edna May,mn /Shirley, George Edward
/Shopland, Constance Adeline /Shore, Nora Mary,mn /Short, William Ronald
Hoar /Shotton, May /Shute, Audrey May /Siddons, Dorothy Janey /Sidwell,
David Anthony /Simmons, Francis Charles /Simonds, Alfred Cecil /Simpkins,
Sheila Ursula May,mn /Simpson, Freda Emily /Simpson, Gwendoline Vera /Sims,
Diane Margaret /Sinclair, Anna Winifred,mn /Sinclair, Anthony John /Slade,
Joan /Slade, William Henry /Slamaker, John /Slater, Barbara Josephine
/Slater, Kevin John Michael /Slee, Elizabeth,mn /Sleep Mary /Slinger, Ronald
George /Sloan, Walter /Slocombe, Janet (Jenny) /Sloper, Norman Dudley
/Sluggett, Elsie Rae,mn /Small, Rachel,mn /Smallbone, Roy /Smallridge,
Gwendoline Mary /Smedley, Keith /Smerdon, Beatrice Ethel,mn /Smerdon, Joan
evelyn Grace,mn /Smerdon, Reginald George /Smiddy, Arthur Guthrie /Smiddy,
Janet Caroline,mn /Smith, Alan /Smith, Alice Elizabeth Mary /Smith, Alice
Maud /Smith, Benita Anne,mn /Smith, Clarice patricia /Smith, Dorothy
Elizabeth /Smith, Edith Eliza /Smith, Edwin John /Smith, Eleanor Jane,mn
/Smith, Ethel Maud May /Smith, Frederick Ernest /Smith, George Albert
/Smith, Iris Doris,mn /Smith, Pat,mn /Smith, Patricia /Smith, Rogert
Geoffrey /Smith, Ronald Chevallier /Smith, Shirley Ann /Smith, Tryphena Jane
/Smith, Violet /Smith, William & Lucy Winifred /SMITH,Kate /Snedden,
Winifred Ellen /Snell, Irene Louise,mn /SNELL,DONALD JASPER THOMAS /Sobey,
Queenie May /Somers, Mary Kathleen Somers /Somerville, Dorothy May,mn
/Southwell, Freda Hannah, mn /Sparks, Clarice patricia,mn /Sparshott,Vera
Joyce /Spencer, Doris May /Spencer, Margaret Rubina Ellen /Spilsbury,
Irene,mn /Spinage, Gladys May /Spratt, Doreen Edith /SPRINGET,SIDNEY CHARLES
/Squance, Joseph David /Squire, Althea Gwendoline Kate /Squires, Pamela Joan
/Stables, Ivy Gwendoline /Stafford-Poyser, Violet Edith May /Staines, Edna
Lenor /Stamp, Clarice /Stanbury, Edna Ferris /Stanton, George Allen
/Stanton, Kim,mn /Stanton, Phyllis,mn /Stapleton, Elsie Lillian Maud /Start,
Kenneth /Staunton, Theresa Helena,mn /STEED,Geoffrey /Steer, John Henry
/Stephens, Albert Whitney /Stephens, Barbara Patricia /Stephens, Dorothy
Mary,mn /Stephens, Gladys Eileen /Stephens, Robin Francis Paul /Stephenson,
Una,mn /Stephenson, Victor Charles /Stevens, Barry Adrian /Stevens, Florence
(Mary) /Stevens, Julie Ann /Stevens, Kenneth Allbrey /Stevenson, Michael
James /Stewart, Albert Edward (Andy) /Stewart, Audrey Blanche /Stewart,
Dorothy /Stewart, Douglas Arthur James /Stewart, Ida Doreen /Stickland,
David Sidney /Stickland, Gladys Lonsdale,mn /Stimpson Ernest /Stobbart,
Thomas /Stokes, Henrietta Audrey /Stokes, Samuel Walter Augustus
/STOKES,PERCIVAL CHARLES /Stokoe, Paul /Stoodley, Stanley Roy /Stoyle, John
Frederick (Jack) /Strange, Hilda Evelyn,mn /Straw, Betty,mn /Straw, Gladys
Ellen /Street, Gladys Mary /Strong, Monica /Stuart, Arabella Laura MacLoed
/Studley, Alice /Stuttaford, Helen Pamela Margaret /Styles, Ernest Wilfred
/Sullivan, David Roy /Summerfield, Sheila Florence May /Sunderland, Ernest
/Sutcliffe, Frank /Sutcliffe, Kathleen Mary /Swabey, May Elizabeth /Sweaney,
Margaret Mary /Sylvester, Lillian Rosita,mn /Tabb, Gordon Frederick
/TABB,MAURICE ARTHUR /Talbott, Florence Viola /TALL,MICHAEL /Talling,
Kathleen Elizabeth Mary /Tamblin, Robert /Tamblin, William Francis /Tamblin,
Winifred Ellen,mn /Tamlin, Gilbert Frederick /Tanner, Eliza Frances /Tapp,
Elsa /Tapper, Olive Edna /Tappy, Elsie Maud /Tarry, Beryl Doreen
/TATEM,Lilian Dorothy /Tattershall, Gwyneth /Taylor, Dorothy /Taylor,
Eveline Jacqueline /Taylor, Graham Oliver /Taylor, Harold /Taylor, John Ross
/Taylor, Joyce Florence Kathleen,mn /Taylor, Joyce Irene,mn /Taylor, Joyce
/Taylor, Marion Joan /Taylor, Marjorie Gwendoline,mn /Taylor, William
Charles /Taylor, William Victor George /Temple, Irene /Templeman, Phyllis
Maud /Tennyson-Lane, Hilda /Thackray, Edward /Theobald, Laura May /Thomas,
Alice Myrtle /Thomas, Elizabeth Ann,mn /Thomas, Eric Preston /Thomas, Freda
Emily,mn /Thomas, Horase Frederick William /Thomas, Laura Violet /Thomas,
Marjorie Lillian,mn /THOMAS,MARION /Thompson, Charles Geoffrey /Thompson,
Doris,mn /Thompson, Edith Lylia /Thompson, Florence Elizabeth /Thompson,
Iris Doreen,mn /Thompson, Iris Henrietta Lilian,mn /Thompson, Kenneth
William /Thompson, Peter /Thompson, Phyllis Mary,mn /Thomson, John Thomas
Dean /Thorn, Beryl Lesley,mn /Thornton, Ivy Westlake /Thynne, Kathleen
Elizabeth Mary,mn /Tickner, Caroline Louise /Tiffany, Jack William /Tiley,
Kenneth Ernest /Tillier, Phyllis Margaret /Timms, Robin /Tincler, Yvonne
Maureen /Tinsley, Rose Victoria /Tippett, Richard James /Todd, Derek Ronald
/Todd, Vernon Maurice Henry St John /Tofts, Robert Edgar /Tomlinson, June
Marie /Tompson, Kay /Toms, Phyllis /Tonkin, Lilias Roberta /TONKIN,Clifford
George /Tookey, Betty /Tooley,Hilda Margaret /Tossell, Vera Gladys,mn
/Tothill, Irene Emma,mn /Toy, Irene Emma /Toy, Sudney Richard /Trace, Irene
Louise /Trace, Watkin /Trahair, Margaret Jeanne,mn /Tranter, Violet Joan
/Travers, Ivor John /Treleavan, Norma Barnett /Tremblett, Pauline Elizabeth
/Trethewey, Mary Simpson /Trevan, Joyce,mn /Trewin, Florence May,mn
/Trickett, Margery /Trigg, Winifred May /Trill, Ada Elsie /Trimble, Rhoda,mn
/Trist, Dora Cecilia,mn /Trollope, Peter Frederick Quinton /Trollope, Rose
Victoria,mn /Trott, Rita Lilian,mn /Trufit, Florence,mn /Truman, Charles
Basil /Trumfield, Annie Kathleen May,mn /Truscott,Violet,mn /Trust, Winifred
Alice,mn /Tucker, Lillian Margareta Rose,mn /Tucker, Patricia,mn /Tucker,
Percy Henry /Tucker, Winifred /TUCKER,David Stanley /Tulley, Marian,mn
/Turner, Douglas James /Turner, Ivy May /Turner, Percy William Snell
/Turner, Ronald Chard /Turner, Stanley James /Turner, Teresa Kay (Hawton)
/Tyler, Marion Frances /Tyler, Maud Edith,mn /Underwood, Olive Margaret Mary
/Uniacke, Gladys Mary,mn /Upson, Winifred Maisie,mn /Uren, Cynthia Christina
/Urquhart, Elsie /Usher-Symons, Harold George /Usher-Symons, Violet Leo
/Vanderver, Virginia Nye (Ginger) /Vaughan, Arthur Harold /Veale, Dennis
Douglas Gordon /Veneer, Albert Edward /Venning, Herbert Cyril /Venning, Maud
Edith /Vercoe, Eileen May /Vercoe, Horace George /Vernon, Ronald Gordon
/Vibert, Peggy Scott /Vine, Nellie Margaret /Vinecombe, Gwendoline Winifred
Rosemary,mn /Virgin, Vera Towarthaa,mn /Vyse, Frederick John /Wakeham,
Clifford George /Wakeley, Phyllis,mn /Wakely, Philip Martin /Walker, Harry
/Walker, John William /Walker, Peggy Joan,mn /Wall, William Alan /Wallis,
Barbara /Wallis, Kathleen Amy,mn /Wallis, Leonard David William /Walpole,
Robinson Edgar /Wane, Leslie /Ward, Gladys Esther /Ward, Joseph Sidney
/Ware, Gertrude May,mn /Ware, Violet June Margaret Ann,mn /Warne, Pearl
Irene /Warner, Gladys Georgina /Warren , Edna Nellie,mn /Warren, Elsie
Nora,mn /Warren, Ethel May,mn /Warren, Robert Edward /Warwick, Robert Arthur
/Wassall, Dorothy Mary /Wastell, Kenneth David /Waterfield, Dorothy Beatrice
/Waters, Alice Myrtle,mn /Waters, Kathleen /Wates, Helen Mary,mn /Watkins,
Edna Joyce /Watkins, Elsie /Watling, Ronald Edward /Watson, Caroline
Louise,mn /Watson, Elsie,mn /Watson, Pamela Olive,mn /Watt, Jon David
/Watters, George Henry /Watts, Edna May /Watts, Harry /Watts, Leslie Thomas
/Watts, Louie May,mn /Watts, Marie Emily,mn /Way, Leo Harold /Wearne,
Francis Ernest /Weatherall, Edith Helen /Weaving, Victor Ronald /Webb, Eric
/Webb, Marion Agnes,mn /Webber, Alfred James /Webber, Beatrice Lillian,mn
/Webber, Denis Charles /Webster, Dennis Leslie /Webster, Victor Leslie
/Weekes, Lilian Rose Kate,mn /Weekes, Rita Kaye /Weeks, Frederick Charles
/Welberry, John Kenneth /Wells, Kathleen Joyce /Wellsman, Gladys Ellen,mn
/Wellsteed, Winifred May /Wengradt, Lionel Henry Kenneth /Wenman, William
Richard /West, Cyril /West, Doris May /Westlake, Phyllis Elizabeth
/Westlake, Thomas Leslie /Weston, Margaret Jean /Wetheral, Albert /Wevill,
Alice Mary /Whall, Dorothy Mary,mn /Whalley, Colin /Whitaker, Dorothy
/Whitcombe, Charles Peter /Whitcombe, David John /White, Denis Thomas
/White, Francis Charles Christopher /White, John Charles /White, Wendy Susan
/White, Winifred Alice /Whitefield, Betty Mildred,mn /Whitefield, Diane
May,mn /Whitrow, Clifford Frederick /Whittel, Henry /Whitting, Evelyn Ethel
/Wicks, Brian /Wiffill, Forence Mabel Kate /Wilbourne, Florence Ellen
Mary,mn /Wilce, Jean,mn /Wildman, Elsie Beatrice /WILKES,PETER SMITH-WILKES
/Wilkinson, Earl Felix Roy /Willcocks, Marion Frost /Willcocks, Muriel,mn
/Williams, Albert /Williams, Arthur Owen /Williams, Arthur /Williams, Betty
Doreen,mn /Williams, Carole,mn /Williams, Christina Irene /Williams, Doris
May,mn /Williams, Dorothy Ann,mn /Williams, Dorothy May /Williams, Douglas
Ronald /Williams, Ellen Mary Edith /Williams, Francis Alfred /Williams,
Frederick Ernest Archibald /Williams, Horace Melbourne /Williams, Idris Gwyn
/Williams, Iris /Williams, John James /Williams, Lilian,mn /Williams, Mary
Peggy,mn /Williams, Phyllis May,mn /Williams, Raymond George /Williams,
Terence Robert /Williams, Thomas Henry Russell Edgecumbe /Williams, Vera May
/WILLIAMS,Violet /Williamson, Louise Rose,mn /Williamson, Peggy Joan
/Willmott, Robert Henry /Willoughby, Edith,mn /Willoughby, Violet Mary
/Wills, Charlotte Annie /Wills, Phyllis Joan,mn /Wills, Terence Ivor /Wills,
William Robert John /Willsher, Dennis Charles Henry /Willson, Alan /Wilson,
Doris Irene Molly /Wilson, Florence Hazel /Wilson, Margaret Muir Andrew,mn
/Wilson, Marie Jean /Wilson, Marjorie Doreen /Wilson, Tryphena Jane,mn
/Wilton, Arthur Charles /Wilton, Dora Lilian /Windeatt, Marjorie Eleanor
Alice,mn /Winn, Frederick John /Winsor, Barry Percival /Winzer, Evelyn,mn
/Wise, Charles Henry /Wise, Victor William /Witts, Frederick /Witts, Peter
James /Wolfe, Elsie Beatrice,mn /Wonnacott, Doris Winifred /Wood, Albert
Edwin /Wood, Alec /Wood, Alfred John /Wood, Doreen Elaine,mn /Wood, Graham
/Wood, Jean Florence,mn /Wood, Kathleen Mavis,mn /Wood, Margaret,mn /Wood,
Vera Anna Gerda /Woodhouse, Gladys Mary /Woodley, Alice Maud,mn /Woodley,
William James /Woodman, Edith Christina /Woodmancy, Alma /Woodmason, Ruth
/Woods, B William /Worden, Dorothy /Workman, Harry /Worrall, Cicely Doreen
/Worsfold, Vera Florence /Worsley, Kim /Worth, William John /Wrangles, Nancy
/Wray, Charles Granville /Wren, Mary Alice,mn /Wreyford, Harold George
Frederick /Wright, William Charles /Wroth, Jean Francis Mary,mn /Wyatt,
Dorothy Mabel,mn /Wyatt, Edith Annie,mn /Wyatt, Raymond Charles Henry
/Wyborn, Winifred Mary /Wyman, Leonard Robert Yeoman /Yabsley, Brenda May,mn
/Yabsley, Eva May /Yabsley, Harry Edward /Yabsley, Mary Sarah,mn /Yandall,
Eric Ernest /Yarnell, Sidney John /Yearling, May Elizabeth,mn /Young,
Winifred Edna /Zengerling, Elsa,mn /

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