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From: "Howard Benbrook" <>
Subject: Re: [G] recommended reading
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2006 14:05:07 -0000
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I try hard not to push the rules about advertising on this Forum, but
sometimes I have to speak up to make sure members don't miss out on one
of the advantages of their membership.

Like Roy, I can also recommend George Redmonds' book, but not merely on
the quality of its scholarship - you get a hefty 25% discount if you
order it through the Guild Bookstall. Thanks to a judicious bulk
purchase, you can now buy this book at GBP9.00, plus postage. See the
latest Bookstall Price List, which you will have received with the most
recent Journal.

You know where to find me, if you're interested...


Howard Benbrook
Camberley, Surrey, UK

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> > The snow is beginning to pile up at the back door and a long winter
> > awaits:
> >
> > Having read: A history of British Surnames - R.A. McKinley
> > The Surname Detective - C.D. Rogers
> > Family Names And Family History - D.Hey
> >
> > Could members of the board recommend similar general or regional
> > texts?
> >
> > Howard Mathieson
> > Winnipeg Canada
> One book all one-namers and anyone with an interest in
> surnames absolutely must read is "Surnames and Genealogy: a
> New Approach" by George Redmonds.
> This has been published twice - first in 1997 by the New
> England Historic Genealogical Society of Boston and again in
> 2002 by the Federation of Family History Society
> (Publications) Ltd. The ISBN of the latter publication is 1
> 86006 159 1. I imagine you will find it on the Internet,
> probably at the Amazon website.
> Dr George Redmonds is the acknowledged doyen of Yorkshire surnames
> - far better than David Hey, in my opinion, and a much better
> speaker, too, as I am sure members who have heard both speak
> will testify.
> Redmonds challenges some cherished beliefs and theories about
> surnames, especially those supplied by some of the surname
> dictionaries.
> R Stockdill (2534)

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