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From: BowesSurnames <>
Subject: Re: [G] Irish Origenes -- The Next Generation
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2014 10:46:58 -0400

When asked what is next for his business, Dr. Bowes has said he wants to automate his processes. (Sounds like a nice way to sit back and make money once it's set up!) He does not advertise this much that I am aware of, but he has another website at which I think is his launching pad for this automated process.

I suggest that if his methods of pinpointing a genetic homeland to within a five-mile radius, including using rudimentary mapping techniques as Howard has pointed out, are themselves at best occasionally successful and at worst thoroughly flawed, what minefield of confusion and misrepresentation might this enterprise entail?

A week or so ago I was looking into a townland in NW Kilkenny, "Ballyroe (Grace)". I thought I would Google it and see if I could pull anything up. On the first page of hits was a link to Dr. Bowes' database at placing "Ballyroe (Grace)" in county Laois I could not believe that in addition to all the other criticisms of his work, even Google was quick to serve up more and on such an obscure bit of data! If anyone can find another Ballyroe (Grace) in county Laois, please enlighten me! Okay, I just decided to google "Ballyroe (Grace) Laois" and see for myself. Up comes this genetic page, but with the domain name Below Ballyroe (Grace) Laois is Ballyroe (Maher) Laois. These are adjacent townlands in northwest Kilkenny. Please!!!!! The list goes on and on and on.

I don't expect perfection of anyone, but I'm afraid I simply cannot trust a thing he does or creates. If he didn't flaunt his credentials as a scientist so much to instill trust and sell products I might not get so perturbed.


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