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Subject: [GORE-L] Tidbits from letters written by James L. Gore
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 15:57:50 EST

Tidbits from letters written by James L. Gore

21 September 1994, letter to Ruth Blakely Powers, from Jim Gore, page 2 last

I am often asked questions regarding the lineage of the blind senator, Thomas
Pryor Gore of Oklahoma. I know that his father was Thomas Madison Gore, his
grandfather was Ezekiel Fletcher Gore, and his great grandfather was Thomas
Tindall Gore. His lineage to this point is agreed to by all South Carolina
researchers. Your article and the notes of Mary Scott Rowland show that
Thomas Tindall was the son of Mannen who was the son of Thomas who was the son
of the Progenitor James 1. The notes of Granville I. Gore, (deceased) show
that Thomas Tindall was the son of Thomas Gore who married Rachel Neighbors
who was the son of James Gore 11 who was the son of the progenitor James Gore
1. I visited Granville several years ago at his home in Mississippi and was
impressed by his knowledge of the South Carolina Gores. However, I was
equally impressed by the research of Mary Scott Rowland. Could you send me
the correct lineage of Senator Gore so that when others ask me in the future I
will be able to give them the correct version.

Thank You,

Jim Gore

Comments on the last sentence, Senator Gore, of the above excerpt: My Joshua
Gore (1768-1844) was not Senator Gore. His will had a funny rendition of
Senior which I believe was mistaken to be Senator. If he was a Senator,
please send me proof.

Comments on the Granville Gore lineage, sentence # 5. I suspect there is more
there than meets the eye. What proof does ANYONE have that The Thomas that
was killed in the Battle of Fort McIntosh, (Revolution), is the Thomas Gore
that married Rachel Neighbors?

Comment on my line of Gore. MY line of Gore has roots in Loudoun County, VA.
I suspect that the Edward Gore b. 1772, md Mary Norman is related to my Joshua
Gore (1768-1844). The Normans are most assuredly related to my line of Gore
as are the Bobo and Dodd families. EdwardÂ’s wife Mary Norman comes out of
Loudoun County VA. In light of the records that I have found on these men,
Thomas Gore who married Rachel Neighbors, Edward Gore and Enoch Floyd alias
Samuel Thatcher, I think we better rethink this line.

My line has always claimed that they were related to Thomas Pryor Gore, and
yes I know that Jim Gore and I can "bat" that around many ways. I can prove
some relationships to Loudoun County, VA. Thomas Gore married Rachel
Neighbors. It is a proved fact that she is from Loudoun County VA.

An excerpt from a letter written to Thomas Pryor Gore and published in:

GORE Newsletter, pages 41, 42, 43
Proctor, Ark.
July 2, 1934

Honorable Thomas P. Gore
Washington, D C

You had better stand by your Arkansas kinswoman, as I think we came from the
same old limb of the Gore family Tree. I am reasonably sure that Notley Gore,
was the son of one Thomas Gore. And he was either the Thomas son of Elizabeth
and James 11, or Thomas the son of James 1 and Mary Burke. In all
probability, the son of Thomas son of James 11 and Elizabeth. We have wanted
so much to search the Church record in possession of Washington Cathedral.
They are a s follows:

Prince George County St Pauls Parish (Aquasco)
Registers of Births and Marriages 1697-1786

Charles County Trinity Parish (Hughesville)
Register of Baptisms Sept. 1792 to Jan 1 1830
" " " 1830 to 1850
Journal of Vestry and Register May 6, 1729 to Apr. 17-1797
Charles county Durham Parish
Montgomery county, Prince Geroges Parish (?Pockville)
(Formerly a portion of Prince Georges Co.)
Vestry Records - 1719 to May 4, 1829
Parish Register - 1726 to 1798
Now if you will go over to Washington Cathedral, and search those records, I
think you will find where little Notley Gore was baptised as son of Thomas
Gore and Rachel, Also the names of the other children of Thomas and Rachel,
and among them you will find Mannon Gore. Do not confuse him with James
Manning Gore, his Uncle. I found my Notley Gore and his brother Mannon Gore
in Winton County SC in 1787. Barnwell now holds the records for old Winton
County, I mean Barnwell County SC Then old Manon Gore went on down to
Georgia, and called himself Manon Senr. In 1828 when he received Bounty
Land. I trace one Thomas Gore from GA to Tenn, he received Pension as a Rev
Soldier. I have the War record of both Thomeas Gore Sr. and Thomas Gore Jr.
who fought in the Rev. and the Thomas Gore that went to Tenn was the Thomas
Gore Jr. who fought in both SC and GA, as Notley Gore did. The old Mannon
Gore Sr., in GA in 1828 had a son named Notley Gore. I think that Notley Gore
had a sister who married one Jacob Skaggs. I found plenty of Skaggs in Farren
and Green Counties Ky.

The following two (1757 & 1786) VA land records identify Samuel Thacker as
Enoch Floyd alias Thatcher. Enoch Floyd is the father of Mary Floyd who
married Nathan Neighbors. Nathan Neighbors and Mary (Floyd) Neighbors are
the parents of Rachel Neighbors who married Thomas 3 Gore, (James 2 Gore,
James 1 Gore). This means that the children of Thomas 3 Gore and Rachel
Neighbors, were the great grandchildren of Enoch Floyd.

Loudoun CO., VA Deed Book A pp.18-20 Indenture made 11th Oct 1757 between
Thomas Gore of Frederick Co, in Maryland and Rachel his wife and Philip Noland
of Loudoun Co, in VA.. for sum of one hundred pounds of current money... sold
parcel of land containing about 560 acres situate in county Loudoun on
Potomack River which was granted to one Samuel Thacker by deed from the
Proprietors of the northern neck of VA... Samuel Thacker devised same unto his
dau Mary wife of Nathan Neighbors from whom descended to the said Rachel,
Margaret, and Sarah, her sisters and co-heirs of said Mary Neighbors.
Signed Thomas and Rachel Gore

Who is this Enoch Floyd alias Thatcher? He is the Great Grandfather of
Thomas Gore and Rachel (Neighbors), Gore's children. He is the father-in-law
of Elizabeth Norman b. ca 1766 m. Enoch Floyd Jr. Elizabeth Norman is the
daughter of George Norman and Margaret Dodd. Elizabeth's sister married
Edward Gore b. 1772. John Gore who married Jane Dodd (sister to George
Norman's wife), Lived next door to George Norman in Union Co., SC. The 1790
census lists John Gore with one male the right age to be Edward Gore, b. 1772.

Eddie Josey-Wilson

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