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From: "James L. Gore" <>
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 14:54:46 -0000

Dear ?????

Reference is made to your recent posting. In April 2000 I
received a similar request from John E. Lancaster of Valdosta, Georgia. In
further correspondence with him and with Brenda Smith Inlow of Plant City,
Florida, I learned the following about Jemima Gore.

Jemima Gore, alleged daughter of Joseph Gore, was born 1772 in
South Carolina and died ca 1865 in Appling County, Georgia. She married
1st to Isaac Etheridge D'Auge (Dauge) who was born 1769 and by whom she had
a son Isaac Samuel Dedge (1789, Brunswick County, NC- ) who later
moved from North Carolina to Appling County, Geirgia and left numerous
descendants there. After Isaac's death which occurred sometime prior 1800,
Jemima married 2nd in 1806 in Brunswick County, NC to John Giles Smith Sr.
(1763- ) who was a widower of ____________ by whom he had three
children. John and Jemima had eleven children as follows:

1. J. Austin Smith (1806, Columbus County, NC- )
2. Joseph Gore Smith (1809, NC- )
3. Nancy Smith (1812- )
4. Solomon B. Smith (1813, Tattnall County, GA- )
5. Dorcas Aborn Smith (1815, Tattnall County, GA- )
6. Daniel B. Smith (1816, Tattnall County, GA- )
7. Jemima Smith (1817, Tattnall County, Georgia- ) married Ezekiel
Cothren/Cothrern (1813, Emanuel County, GA- ) by whom she had about
a dozen children. Ezekiel and Jemima both died in Bacon County, GA and
their graves are located in the Campground Methodist Cemetery near
Nicholls, GA. They were the 2nd great grandparents of John E. Lancaster.
8. James Isaac Smith (1818, Tattnall County, GA- )
9. Martha Smith (1819, Appling County, GA- )
10. Arthur Smith (1821, Appling County, GA- )
11. Dennis Smith (1824, Appling County, GA- )

Later that month (April 2000) I went to visit my cousin Lowell E.
Goar and his wife Jerry at the Hillbilly Farm near Huntington, Indiana
which has been my custom since 1995, I generally spend a month or so with
them during which time I conduct research at the Allen County Genealogical
Library in nearby Fort Wayne. I had taken John's request with me and
checked it against the records at the library as well as the Gore family
database which Lowell maintains; however, I was unable to come up with an
identification for her.

Since receiving your request I have had a telephone conversation
with John Lancaster and he has subsequently sent me a series of
correspondence which he has had with other researchers such as Susan
Formy-Duval Thomas and Brenda Smith Inlow. Based on their findings, the
current thinking is that Jemima may be the daughter of Jonathan Gore (1736,
Duplin County, NC- ) and Sarah Simmonds, daughter of Thomas
Simmonds. According to the Gore family database, Jonathan and Sarah had at
least four children as follows:

Priscilla Gore (1765- )
Joseph Gore Sr. (1770- ) married Sarah Simmons, daughter of Isaac
Simmons Sr.
Elizabeth "Betsy" Gore (1780- ) married Bryant Rogers.
Sarah Gore (1783- ) married Micajah Long, son of Joseph Long.

The span of years from 1765 to 1783 suggests that Jonathan and Sarah had
additional children and the birth of Jemima in 1772 could easily be

Jonathan Gore was the son of Joshua Gore (1710- ) who was
the progenitor of what is known as the North Carolina Gore family. A
history of Joshua's descendants is contained in LET'S MEET THE GORES by
Otis Prince. His book was republished in its entirety in THE GORE FAMILY
NEWSLETTER, Volume 1, No. 4 (Oct-Dec 1993).

The above is all that I have concerning your Jemima Gore and it
came from the sources previously mentioned. I suggest that you address any
further queries to them. Their names and e-mail addresses are as follows:

Susan Formy-Duval Thomas:
Brenda Smith Inlow:
John E. Lancaster:

A copy of this message is being forwarded to them.

Best Regards, Jim
James L. Gore, 4277 Dasher Road, Lake Park, Georgia 31636

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