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From: "James L. Gore" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 01:53:32 -0000

For DawnaJL:

Reference is made to your posting of 16 August. I agree that
there has been confusion regarding Mounce Gore but it is not due to the
lack of sufficient documentation which has been made available to all Gore
researchers. Actually, there were seven Mounce Gores in the descendants of
John Gore and his brother Isaac, all of whom have been published in THE
GORE FAMILY NEWSLETTER as follows (read Volume/issue number, page,
genealogical number, name, identification):

V2N2, page 10, 115555, Mounce Gore (20 Dec 1793-14 Dec 1857), son of Isaac
Gore and Ingabo Byrd, married 6 January 1819 to Ellenor Crawford.

V2N2, page 21, 115555a, Mounce Lauderdale Gore (16 Jul 1840-18 Jun 1909),
son of Mounce Gore and Ellenor Crawford, married 22 March 1868 to Mary
Susan Cassetty.

V2N2, page 18, 11555557, Mounce Denton Gore (4 Oct 1872-25 Nov 1897), son
of William Gore and Mary E. Denton and grandson of Mounce Gore and Ellenor

V1N3, page 245, 1155314, Mounce Gore (1811-1841), son of Isaac Gore and
Nettie Simcoe and grandson of John Gore and Elizabeth Grigsby, married
Rebecca Simcoe.

V1N3, page 266, 115531a1, Mounce Washington Gore (6 Dec 1858-26 Jun 1922),
son of Pleasant Gore and Lydia Richardson and grandson of Isaac Gore and
Nettie Simcoe, married Julia Frances Anderson.

V1N3, page 246, 115531433, Mounce M. Gore (1865- ), son of Isaac
Gore and Burnetta Elizabeth Maxwell and grandson of Mounce Gore and Rebecca

V1N3, page 246, 115531441, Mounce Marion Gore (22 Feb 1860-1 Oct 1922), son
of Charles Claiborne Gore Sr. and Elizabeth Robinson and grandson of Mounce
Gore and Rebecca Simcoe, married 1st to Delila Hudson and 2nd to Nancy
"Nellie" E. Petty.

The documentation for Isaac Gore's wife being identified as
Nettie Simcoe is contained in a letter dated 24 December 1961 from Henry
Grady Gore to his aunt Margaret (Gore) Law in which he stated on page 6
that Isaac Gore "married Nettie Simcoe, a sister of old Dr. Simcoe. If I
knew more about Dr. Simcoe that might help. Isaac's son Mounce also
married another Simcoe, Rebecca Simcoe. I do not know if Isaac's wife and
his son Mounce's wife were related." Henry Grady Gore (10 Feb 1895-3 Jul
1980) was a family historian for the Gores of Tennessee.

The last name of Mounce Gore's wife Rebecca has been reported as
Simcoe, Simcox, and Simcock - it all depends on which family member one is
dealing with. This point was made in my article "Rebecca (Simcoe) Gore and
Some of Her Descendants" in V2N1, page 9.

The full name of Mounce and Rebecca's oldest child was Martha
Samantha Gore (15 Aug 1835-17 Jun 1904). The full names of their other
three children were Phelps Lee Gore (1837- ), Isaac Gore (29 Dec
1838-20 Jul 1929), and Charles Claiborne Gore Sr. (16 Jan 1840-12 Sep
1912). See V1N3, pages 245-246.

Mounce's widow, Rebecca (Simcoe) Gore, had four additional
children born out of wedlock: Overton Gore (15 May 1847-31 Jan 1941),
William Gore (1849-1850/1860), Wilson Gore (1859- ), and Martelia
Gore (1859-1887/1898). At the time Overton Gore was born, Mounce Gore had
been dead for six years. The father(s) of Rebecca's out-of-wedlock
children is(are) unknown. See V2N1, pages 9-14.

For Earline Wasser:

Reference is made to your response of 18 August. The other
researcher who listed William Gore as married to Ellenor Crawford is
confused. William Gore (8 Feb 1790-1863/1870) married 21 October 1811 to
Mary Crawford (21 Jun 1792-1870/1880), daughter of John Crawford and Jane
Lauderdale. Mounce Gore (20 Dec 1793-14 Dec 1857) married 6 January 1819
to Ellenor Crawford (24 Jul 1799-23 Nov 1878), daughter of John Crawford
and Jane Lauderdale. In other words, two Gore brothers married two
Crawford sisters. See V2N2, pages 9-10. This information is also
documented in the Isaac Gore family Bible (see V2N2, page 34).

Information on the above families is contained in the newsletter
as follows:

V1N3, pages 233-286, John Gore, Elizabeth Grigsby, and Their Descendants
V2N2, pages 5-33, Isaac Gore, Ingabo Byrd, and Their Descendants
V2N1, pages 9-14, Rebecca (Simcoe) Gore and Some of Her Descendants

These articles were written in 1993 and 1994 and were subsequently aded to
the Gore family database which is maintained by my cousin Lowell E. Goar.
Information on these families is constantly being updated. Back issues of
the newsletter may be obtained from Lowell's wife Jerry Goar who is
currently the newsletter editor.

Regards to All, Jim
James L. Gore, 4277 Dasher Road, Lake Park, Georgia 31636

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