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From: "James L. Gore" <>
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 02:34:49 -0000

TO: Katie Monteiro []

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Dear Katie,

Reference is made to your message to Kathryn on the Rootsweb Message
Board which was also posted on the Gore List. The origin of Joshua Gore as
being in Virginia is mentioned in two books; however, no proof was ever
given to substantiate this claim. These same two books are the only sources
which identify Joshua Gore as the progenitor of the large North Carolina
Gore family. Excerpts from these two books are as follows:

Between 1730 and 1755 there was a great migration of
people from

Virginia by the Occaneechi Path, an Indian trail that lead into North

Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas

. . . . . Among the early settlers of the Gore family who settled first

in the Upper Duplin County, North Carolina area was Joshua Gore,

who is reported by the Florida Gore family to have come to this area

from Virginia. However, it is a probability that this group of Gores

came in the migration from Massachusetts, Connecticut or Pennsylvania

. . . . . From the files of Mrs. Edith Holley Henderson, Joshua Gore is

reputed to have come from Virginia. As far as I know there has been

no definite proof of the actual location of the foreparents of these

early Gores (Let's Meet the Gores, by B. Otis Prince, pages 9-10,

published 1962).

After thorough investigation in Duplin County, North Carolina records,

it is concluded that Joshua Gore was the original Gore to migrate to

Duplin County and that he was the foreparent of the Gore families

which settled in Duplin and Sampson Counties, North Carolina.

Today, many Gores believe that Joshua Gore came to the upper

Duplin County, North Carolina area from Virginia; however, I have

found no proof to support this theory (Genealogy of the Gore

Family - Early Settlers of Virginia and the North Carolina Territory,

by Oliver Aden Gore, pages 4-6, publication date unknown).

I have researched every record on file for Duplin County, NC at the Allen
County Genealogical Library in Fort Wayne, IN; however, I found nothing on
the existence of a Joshua Gore. Apparently Mrs. Henderson and Mr. Gore
found records in the Duplin County Courthouse to support their
identification of Joshua Gore as the progenitor of the North Carolina Gore
family. Even though this identification cannot be substantiated by
researchers today, it is fairly certain that the four early Gores of which
there are records - Jonathan, James, John R., and William H. - were brothers
and the sons of this progenitor of the family. For purposes of
identification in our database, this family has been arbitrarily designated
with the letter J; i.e., the progenitor is J, his four sons are J1 through
J4, the four children of J1 are J11 through J14, etc.

Since the inception of The Gore Family Newsletter in 1993, several
family group worksheets have been printed which were submitted by various
researchers. In the final issue for 1993, the editor Joyce Gore Locke
issued a reprint of Mr. Prince's book, Let's Meet the Gores which was
originally published 1962 in Columbia, SC. Using Mr. Prince's book as a
base, my cousin Lowell E. Goar and I have added to this material information
taken from the censuses and from information shared by other researchers.
In 2005 it was decided that this material be published in the newsletter for
the benefit of all researchers and members of this family. The following is
a recapitulation of these articles (read Volume-issue number, date of issue,
pages, title of article):

1-4, Oct-Dec 1993, 355-502, Let's Meet the Gores by B. Otis Prince

13-3, Jul-Sep 2005, 3-17, John R. Gore (J3), His Wife Frances, and Their
Descendants, Part 1 of 2

13-4, Oct-Dec 2005, 3-36, John R. Gore (J3), His Wife Frances, and Their
Descendants, Part 2 of 2

13-4, Oct-Dec 2005, 37-92, Genealogy of the Gore Family - Early Settlers of
Virginia and the

North Carolina Territory by Oliver
Aden Gore

14-1, Jan-Mar 2006, 3-19, William Gore Sr. (J4), Mary Simmonds, and Their
Descendants, Part 1 of 2

14-2, Apr-Jun 2006, 3-27, William Gore Sr. (J4), Mary Simmonds, and Their
Descendants, Part 2 of 2

14-3, Jul-Sep 2006, 3-43, James Gore (J2), Susannah DeWitt, and Their

15-1, Jan-Mar 2007, 3-19, Jonathan Gore (J1), His Wife Sarah, and Their
Descendants, Part 1 of 3

15-2, Apr-Jun 2007, 3-19, Jonathan Gore (J1), His Wife Sarah, and Their
Descendants, Part 2 of 3

15-3, Jul-Sep 2007, 3-39, Jonathan Gore, (J1), His Wife Sarah, and Their
Descendants, Part 3 of 3

15-4, Oct-Dec 2007, 3-28, Joshua Gore of Duplin and Sampson Counties, North

The research of Otis Prince, Oliver Aden Gore, and others has
produced only four sons for the progenitor Joshua Gore. The odds are more
than fair that he had some daughters as well. I am therefore interested in
your statement that there is a man from Virginia who is trying to make a
connection between Joshua Gore (born about 1720) and a daughter by the name
of Mary who married Gabriel Murfee. This Joshua may be the same as the
Joshua above whose year of birth has been listed as 1710, probably to
accommodate the year of birth for his eldest son Jonathan which was 1736. A
birth of 1720 for Joshua would make him a little young to be a father and
there is the possibility that the Joshua born 1720 may have been born a few
years earlier. Of the 54 Joshua Gores in our database, only three were born
in the early part of the 18th century - Joshua Gore Sr. (ca 1700) of Loudoun
County, VA, his son Joshua Gore (ca 1730) also of Loudoun County, VA, and
Joshua Gore (?1710?) of Duplin County, NC. As far as I am able to
determine, none of these had a daughter named Mary who married a Gabriel
Murfee. Could you ask your friend from Virginia to contact me? I may be
able to help him if I had some additional information.

I see where you are descended from William Gore Sr. (27 Mar 1753-30
Oct 1828) and Mary Simmonds (8 Oct 1758-1828), daughter of Isaac Simmonds
Sr. I do not have you listed in our database. Any contribution that you
wish to make with respect to your lineage would be appreciated.

Regards, Jim

James L. Gore, 4277 Dasher Road, Lake Park, GA 31636

Chief Researcher for The Gore Family Newsletter

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