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From: Sandi Gorin <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 16:04:27 -0600

With the exception of the indexing which I'll tackle in a few days, the
Gladin book is done, boy THANKS to all of you who contributed! The book
came out to 237 pages plus maybe 15-20 index pages. I am including the
table of contents with this msg so you'll see what's covered. Now - need to
take a break and get my dau Kris to work in a tad. COLD! Sandi

Descendants of Gladin and Nancy Hinch Gorin
First Generation001
Second Generation001
Third Generation005
Fourth Generation012
Fifth Generation025
Sixth Generation042
Seventh Generation062
Eighth Generation077
Ninth Generation083
Index of Descendants 084
Hinch Family through public records - Anne Livingston094b
Monument at Blue Licks - Captain John Hinch Photo103
Descendants of Captain John Hinch103
The Battle of Blue Licks - Last Battle of the Revolution - Mrs.
Thomas Burchett, DAR Magazine111
Kentucky's Most Historic Spot, The Battle of Blue Licks by
Mrs. William Rodes114
Calendar of State Papers - Hinch116
Master Index of Virginia Surveys - Hinch119
Colonel Robinson Cemetery120
Time Table John Hinch122
Descendants of Killian Creek Sr.123
Family Sheet, John Wesley Creek - Elizabeth Cash162
Family Bible Record, John Wesley Creek162
Photo of Creek Family164
Photo of Creek Family165
Photo of Creek Family166
Family Sheet, Thomas Jefferson Creek167
Family Data - Creek Family168
Photograph Rachel and Jane Creek, Frances Creek McDaniel169
Photographs Nancy McDaniel Creek, Robert, Isaac and John
Creek, Rachel and Jane Creek170
Marriage Licens - Robert Creek and Susan J Clay171
Marriage Return Jefferson Creek and Nancy O'Daniel172
Hughlett Descendants of Gladin Gorin173
Gladden Gorin Hughlett - Frances Ann Hayden Family Sheet174
Ancestors of Lotta Faye Williams175
Ancestors of Frances Ann Hayden176
Ancestors of Gladden Gorin Hughlett177
Descendands - Hewlett/Hughlett178
Graves of Frances Gorin and Frances Ann Williams183
Grave of G G and F A Hughlett184
Photograph of Frances Ann Hayden and Gladden Gorin Hughlett185
Photographs James Cleveland and Ollie Mae McFalls Williams186
Photograph Fred Clinton & James Cleveland Williams187
Photograph of James Cleveland, Fred Clinton and Charles
Henry Williams187
Photograph Elmira Elizabeth Hughlett and William Peyton
Table of Contents Continued:

Horse Cave Cemetery, Horse Cave, Hart, Kentucky
Entrance to Cemetery
Grave of Sarah Foster Gorin
Grave of Samuel Thomas Gorin
Grave of Jennie Gorin Rowe189
Photograph of Ella J. Gorin Winn190
Photograph of Sadie Gorin Crowder191
Photograph of Helen Mariah Dodd Gorin192
Barren Co Circuit Court vs John H. Gorin Jr.193
Photographs of James Clay Gorin194
Photograph of Martha Emma Hamman Gorin195
Marriage License James Clay Gorin196
Letter from Charles W. Gorin re birth of John L. Gorin198
Death Certificate John L. Gorin199
Marriage License John Lawson Gorin and Isabelle Muckerheide200
Letter from Ramona Convent reCora Mae Gorin201
Letter to John L. Gorin from C. W. Gorin202
Letter to John L. Gorin from C. W. Gorin203
Photographs of:
Isabelle Mucherheide and John Lawson Gorin
Randall John Cuttone
Donna Marie Cuttone204
Photographs of:
Elizabeth Eldridge Ash and Ronald Lawson Cuttone
Michelle Cuttone
Joseph Cuttone
John Cuttone
Jennifer Eldridge205
Photographs of:
Wedding of Lori Ann Cuttone and Daniel Bryniczka
Natalie Bryniczka
Nicol Bryniczka206
Photograph of Edwin Gorin207
Photograph of Martha Bernhardt Family208
Newsletter from St. Francis Episcopal Church209
Photographs of Wilbur and Betty Breaux Family & 50th Wedding
News report on death of Albert Gladden Gorin211
Texas Directory of Gorins212
Photograph of Douglas and Joanne Carole Gorin Schwilk213
Photograph of Joanne Gorin Schwilk Family214
Photograph of Mickey and Victor Gorin215
Photograph of Mickey and Victor Gorin Family216
Photograph of Joanne, Mickey and Victor Gorin217
Tribute to DeeDee Gorin218a-b
Family Group Record - Douglas Frederick Schwilk & Joanne
Carole Gorin219
Family Group Record Probhat Chand Jain and Kathleen Sue
Family Group Record James Aiken and Patricia Jean Gorin221
Family Group Record Victor Ross Gorin and Mercedes
Joan Brashear222
Family Group Record James Clay Gorin and Martha Emma
Table of Contents continued:
Photograph of Gilbert Desota and Marie Edwina Gorin224
Class of 1941 - Victor Ross Gorin225
Wrestling on the Pacific Coast - Victor Gorin226
Junior High and High School Diploma Victor Gorin227
Wrestling Awards - Photo of Victor Gorin228
Vic Gorin Receives Roumasset Award229
Obituary of John Henry Gorin230
Photograph of Walt, Anne, Michelle and Jill Gorin231
Golden Anniversary Photo George Washington Gorin232
Death notice of George Washington Gorin233
Auction of the Georgia Rowe Estate, Rowletts, KY including the
Major James Gorin Mill234

Colonel Sandi Gorin
205 Clements,Glasgow, KY 42141
(270) 651-9114 or E-fax (707)222-1210
Member Glasgow-Barren County Chamber of Commerce

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