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From: Sandi Gorin <>
Subject: Gladin Gorin Sr - Post #1
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 11:34:53 -0600

I thought it might be a help to the listers here to know a little more
about the Gorin family who are not connected to your direct line. Those of
you descended from John and Henry have no knowledge of your kin descended
from Gladin, etc. So, for a while, I'm going to try to introduce you to
more of your family - and I'm starting with the youngest of the three
confirmed sons - Gladin Gorin Sr.

Gladin was born Nov 1771 in Fairfax Co VA. He married 23 Nov 1797 in Nelson
Co KY to Nancy Hinch. Nancy was the daughter of Captain John Hinch who
fought at the Battle of Blue Licks; born 25 May 1774, died 17 Sept 1832
Erin, Stewart (now Humphrey) Co TN. Gladin died 30 Jan 1832 at the same
location - their cemetery is on the former Ben Hagler farm in Erin - I saw
it and copied it in 1972. They had the following children:

1 - Frances 'Franky" who md 29 Aug 1810 to John Tolliver Hewlett (of
many spellings)
2 - Susan who md LeRoy Hewlett - bro of above
3 - Samuel - no information to date
4 - Sarah - born between 1789-1790 likely Fayette Co KY; married
18 Mar 1805 in Warren Co KY to Isaac Creek.
5. John Henry Gorin b 16 May 1791 in Fayette Co KY; died 27 Aug
1864 in Warren Co KY; md 15 Nov 1810 same to Elizabeth Jones.
6 - Nancy b ca 1800 Warren Co KY; md 1817-19 in Stewart Co TN
to Robert Ormsby
7 - Gladin Gorin Jr b between 1810-1810 Warren Co KY; md 12 Dec
1834 Madison Co TN to Jane B Wormley
8 - Elizabeth Gorin b abt 1802 - she was either an Eliza or another
dau named Eliza (found her grave) as a young child
9 - Elizabeth Gorin - more later
10 - Thompson B Gorin b abt 1803 Warren Co KY; md an Eliza
11 - Henry Hugh Gorin MD b abt 1812 Stewart Co TN; died Coffeeville,
Yalobsha, MIS; md 1838-1848 in Stewart Co to Almira Atkins
12 - George Washington Gorin b abt 1812 Stewart Co TN; md 19
Apr 1842 in Tipton Co TN to Frances Jane Sweeney.

Note - I have 3 volumes of information on this family; I am working from my
oldest and likely have found more information on these. The 2nd Elizabeth
Gorin married James Clarke and I am now just sorting out information on
her. This is just a sketch.

Biographical: It appears that Gladin came to KY at the same time as his
older brothers, John and Henry. He followed right behind Henry until 1812
so Henry might have been an unofficial guardian for some time. The first
confirming record after his birth comes at his marriage to Nancy Hinch who
was a mere 13 years old! Captain John and his wife Hannah DeWitt had a son,
John Jr. who married one of Henry Gorin's daughters - making tracing the
Hinch line great fun.

Gladin is found in the Kentucky Genealogist, July-Sept 1959, Vol 1, page
95, in an article on Nelson Co KY. He was shown as Gladdin Goran there 8
Jan 1793. His military service comes from rolls dated 30 Sept 1793 to show
that he served at age 22 until 19 Nov 1793 - a 45 day enrollment with a
daily pay of $1.00. He is shown as a Private on the Muster Rolls of a
company of mounted volunteers from KY under the command of Capt. Wm. Lewis,
commanded by Major Gen. Charles Scott in Russell's Regiment, KY Volunteers.
He mustered present 10 Nov of that year at Fort Washington. The KY State
Historical Society Register #29, 1931 shows that the 2nd Regiment (Nelson
Co) issued commissions to the 2nd regiment including Gladin Gorin -
Captain. He is also shown in the Corn Stalk Militia as Captain,
Commissioned 1 Nov 1797; assigned to the 25th Regt, 2nd Brig, 1st Div. He
was laid off in Warren Co 23 Feb 1797. Gladin's brother Henry also served
in the same unit.

In 1798, Gladin and his brother Henry are settled into Warren Co and Gladin
is invovled as a witness for a case against Samuel Sugg. He was awarded 200
acres in Warren Co 29 Aug 1799. Gladin is shown in the Second Census of KY
as being a resident of Warren Co for the years 1800-1801.While living in
Warren Co, Gladin served as Justice of the Peace and performed a bundle of
marriages including Amy Gorin (Henry's dau) to John Hinch Jr (his
bro-in-law). Gladin can be tracked by deeds in Warren Co dated 4 March
1800, 18 June 1800, 2 March 1803, 7 Mar 1803 and beyond. One involved
buying land from Henry., estate settlement re the Hinches, power of
attorneys, etc.

He was shown as Major of the First Brigade, 61st Regiment on 13 Dec 1804.
The deeds continued into the 1810's during which time Gladin was Sheriff of
Warren Co (taking over the position from his older brother Henry) and they
seemed to have lived next door to each other. Henry now moves into
Christian Co KY and it is not long before Gladin sells out and moves there
also with all his children. Older brother John is in Barren Co KY. In 1812,
Gladin makes a break and moves on to Erin TN which at that time as in
Stewart Co. He is shown on deed there 30 Oct 1812 with his name spelled
Gladdin Goren, buying 230 acres of land.

Historical citatins include one in the History of Stewart Co TN, p27 where
Gladin Gorin, in 1815, opened an ordinary at his house on Well's Creek (a
tavern which included sleeping rooms for travelers, stables for horses,
etc). He appears on the 1820 census of Stewart Co with a large amount of
unknown individuals in his household. Gladin had become a miller and it is
assumed that these were people who worked for him. He continued to expand
his acreage up until 1828. He was appointed guardian of three Jackson
children and appeared on the 1830 census. When I was in Erin TN with
another Gorin family, we visited the gravesites of Gladin's family - it was
on an extremely tall hill - and there was still evidence down below of
where his mill operations had been.

Gladin died at age 60. An extant obituary is available in which he was
called Colonel, a highly respectable citizen of the county. An inventory of
his estate shows that he owned: 5 Negroes: 1 man named Tom, one woman named
Millia and three children; Dicky, Edy and Mary. He had 5 head of horses, 21
head of cattle, 36 head of hogs, one wagon, 1 yoke of oxen, 1 ordinary
carryall, 3 tin tubs, 7 feather beds and furniture, 1 clock with case, 1
ordinary sideboard, 14 chairs, 1 candlestand, 1 folding lap table, 1 plain
table, 2 ordinary trunks, 1 flax wheel, 2 spinning wheels, 1 set of
chinaware, 1 setup and saucer, 2 dishes and 1 dozen plates, 1 glass
pitcher, 1 luster jug, 1/2 dozen tumblers, 1 set of coasters, 1 ordinary
looking glass, 1 chest, 2 pair fire dogs, 1 shovel and tongs, 1 pair steel
axes, 2 side irons, 1 lady's saddle, 2 reazors, 1 box, bursh and strop, 1
wash bowl, 2 ovens, 1 stewpot, 1 ten-gallon kittle, 1 seven gallon kittle,
1 stew kittle, 1 spice mortor and pestle, 1 baker, 2 coffee potts, 1 coffee
mill, 1 hair sifter, 2 pot racks, 5 pair pott hooks, 1 strainer, 1
ten-gallon pot, 1 pair sheep shears, 6 bowls, 2 saltsellers, 1 pepper box,
1 set cup plates, 1 set candle molds, 1 stewing skillet, 1 set Britinia
tablespoons, 1 set tea spoons, 3 log chains, 2 Walker's Dictionaries, 1
family Bible, 1 History of England, 1 life of Marion, 1 life of Wshington,
1 hymn book, 1 chase, 1 harrow, 1 broad ax, 1 harrow teeth set, 2 sythes
and cradles, 1 pair plow gears, 1 pair harness, 1 handsaw, 1 cross-cut saw,
1 adze, 2 rings & stapes for ox yoke, 1 shovel scooter and bareshear plow,
1 large cowbell, 1 small cowbell, 3 clevises, 2 iron wedges, 1 drawing
knife, 1 stretcher chair, 1 coulter, 2 scooter plows, 1 wheel barrow,
whell, 1 gurbbing hoe, 1 small grindstone, 3 weeding hoes, 200 gallons of
cider, 1 cutting knife, bow and knife, one whip and a few others. His
estate sale raised $1117.15 - considerable at that time. An additional sale
listed all the people who owed him and whom he owed.

Nancy, his wife died and she left a will leaving Gladin's estate to Gladdin
Gorin Jr.


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