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Subject: Re: New Gowen/Goin book
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 00:23:37 EDT

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<< I am answering your e-mail of January, 2000. My family is from Claiborne
County, Tennessee and earlier decendents were from Washington County, NC and
Brunswick County, VA.

My father is William Parlon Goin b1918 in Amity, Oregon.
Lineage is as follows:
William Dempsey Goin, b1897 New Tazewell, TN son of
John Goin, b1872 son of
William Goin, b1838 Claiborne County TN son of
Pleasant Goin, b1808 Claiborne County, TN son of
Levi Goin, bc1778, Washington County, NC (later TN)son of
Thomas Goin, bc1755 Brunswick County, VA.
That's as far back as I can go. I am hoping to find the names and dates of
arrival in US of original 2 brothers who immigrated from Ireland. William
Parlon Goin was one and I don't know the other. I also have a copy of will
of William Goin naming his wife, Elizabeth, two sons, Levi and Pleasant, son
William, daughters Sophia Dameron and Elizabeth Murphy.

In addition I have a letter to Eli Goin b1825 to his brother Isaac Goin
b1806 naming a lot of siblings and relatives which include the family name

I visited Tennessee last summer and there are still Goin people in Claiborne
County namely Tazwell and New Tazwell. Lester Goin who is my half uncle
still lives there. I visited 3 cemeterys, Pleasant Point and Fords Chapel
and third one I couldn't find a name. There are a lot of Goin relatives some
who intermarried with the Keck family. There is still an incorporate town
of Goin, Tennessee and a Goin Road.

I am new at this so I hope to converse with someone who can lead me in the
right direction. If I can be of any further help, please let me know.
Cousin Arlene
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From: "Barbara Mason" <>
Sent: July 13, 2000 4:05:08 AM GMT
Subject: Re: New Gowen/Goin book

Thomas Goin is my 3rd greatgrandfather if this is the same one I can tell
who his father and wife was which child of his do you come down from and
where do you have him from


>Subject: Re: New Gowen/Goin book
>Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 21:35:21 EDT
>Hello Jack,
> Does your book mention Thomas Goin (Old Tommy),
>my 3rd Great Grandfather. If it mentions him, does your
>book trace him back another generation. I have no
>documented information on who his father was or the name
>of his wife (who would have been my 3rd Great Grandmother)? I am relatively
>certain that your Goins are
>my Goins but have no documented proof.
>Regards and congratulations on your book.
>Warren Tyndale Faulkner,
>descended from,
>Effie Cox, Mahala Goin, Nelson Goin, Uriah Goin, Thomas
> >>
Dear Cousin,
I am going to forward you a letter that I received
which purports to show our Thomas Goin's lineage
back to what would have been a Thomas Goin, Senior.
who wrote the letter very well may
have the lineage correct but having no corroboation and
having no way to find corroboration I choose to go with
what I have above i.e. Thomas Goin is as far back as I can trace and I do not
know, for certain, what his wife (wives)
name(s) were.
The woods are full of Goins in the counties around
Claiborne County. While I am reasonably certain that we
are related to them, I try to do my research in Claiborne
County, where the Goins are documented as being my
Goins. You can call me parochial but that it is my comfort
zone. The Goins that surround me here in Oregon, living
and dead, are documented to be descended from "Old
Tommy" of Claiborne County.
Speaking of returning to Claiborne County, this is a
trip that I have made three times in my life. You did not
mention Lily Grove Cemetery. We have Goin relatives
there and it is also located in the heart of the Goin region,
with the Goin postoffice having once been located nearby.
If I were to rate a cemetery, I would rate it A+ for appearance and ease in
finding someone. Roy Fortner,
a relative of mine, having retired from the Postoffice,
does the upkeep there and I am certain that he is
aided by his wife, Coney and by his daughter, Bridget
Fortner Day. They deserve a lot of credit and praise.
I am going to attach Lgeddings post on the end of
this E-Mail. You will find her address there.

Your Cousin,
Warren Tyndale Faulkner

I am not sure if the information I have on Thomas Goin is correct, but I
believe he is my 4th great grandfather. However, I have his birthyear as
1750 probably in Greensville Co., VA. My info also indicates that his
father, Thomas Goin, born about 1720, Greensville Co., VA, married at least
twice, so if this is the same person, I am missing some names of some of his

I have the following information:

Thomas Goin b. 1729 and died between 1797 and 1798 in Randolph Co. NC. He
married first wife in 1748 and had the following children:

1. Thomas Goin b. 1750 probably Greensville Co., VA died July 19, 1838 Big
Barren, Claiborne Co., TN.

2. William Goin b. between 1752 and 1756, prob. Greensville Co., VA. died
between 1828 and 1830 Claiborne Co., TN

3. Vine Goin b. about 1758 NC married Hardister

4. Edward Goin b. about 1760 NC

5. John Goin b. abt. 1763 NC

6. Hali Goin b. about 2764 NC

7. Elizabeth Goin b. abt. 1768 NC

Thomas Goin married Overton and had the following two children:

1. Burgess Goin b. abt. 1776 NC; died 1849 Randolph Co., NC married Elizabeth

2. Burton Goin, born about 1778 NC; died after 1840, Claiborne Co., TN, was
married in NC

Now, to get back to Thomas that died July 19, 1838, Big Barren, Claiborne
Co., TN., I have info. that he married Jimima Siness about 1785 in Alabama,
She was the daughter of Benjamin Siness who was on the 1835 Henderson Roll
and they had at least one child:

Mary Polly Goin b. 1790 AL

Depending on which birth year is correct, he would have been 30 or 35 years
of age, which seems rather old to wait to be married back in those times.

Does anyone have any info which confirms or disputes this or other
information for me.


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