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From: Rockne Johnson <>
Subject: [WW1] US 58th Infantry Regiment.
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 05:10:13 -0700

My father was William E. Johnson, a platoon sergeant in Company I, 58th
Infantry Regiment, 4th Division, AEF, in World War I.

Last week I spent 12 hours on two successive days in the US National
Archives at College Park, Maryland, sifting through five boxes of documents
concerning the activities of the 58th Infantry. I was particularly
interested in the action on and about 4 October 1918 during the
Meuse-Argonne offensive, on which date Dad sustained his wound.

Knowing the ability of modern governments to generate paper, I should not
have been surprised by the wealth of data which I found. Most of it was
typewritten with carbon copies. If the original was in one box, a copy
would be in another. A few things were found both pencil-written and
typed. Some maps were printed in color; some had been sketched in the
field. Reports by company commanders to their battalion command posts,
which had been delivered verbally by runners during the heat of battle, had
been typed and collected. It was all there.

I had Dad's own account, written ten years after the battle, with which to
compare it. The agreement was good.

Anyone knowing his ancestor's military unit should be similarly gratified
by a visit to this facility.

Sedona, Arizona

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