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Subject: RE: [WW1] Medal Card - CAMPBELL George Interpretation please
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 08:59:17 -0000
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The qualifying date refers to the 1914 Star medal and will be the first date
he arrived in a Theatre of War, i.e. France.


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Subject: [WW1] Medal Card - CAMPBELL George Interpretation please

Hello all

I would appreciate some help interpreting the following please

from the MCI
George CAMPBELL Yorkshire L I - 8252 Private
as far as I can make out the medal entries are:
Victory 0/2/8 b4 411
British " "
14 Star 0/3/4 27
Then P of W - noted on the card
Qualifying date 1.9.14

P.of War obviously is prisoner of war

Would the qualifying date relate to date taken POW or something else?

My interest in this is that I have a photo that I now believe to be George
CAMPBELL as a POW in Germany - postmartked May 1918. (even though I had been
told that it was my grandfather Joseph THOMPSON).

I would like to try and find out the connection if any to my grandfather -
of course It could be that George CAMPBELL assumed another name on discharge
from the Army, OR my grandfather may have found the photo and created
himself a 'history' - all supposition on my part at present. I realise this
will not be easy to sort out but I intend to give it a go anyway.

Any suggestions welcome.

Darwin Australia

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