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Subject: [GREECE] tree of ancestors of Kourty's family (only for my family)
Date: 28 Mar 2004 03:43:52 -0700

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Surnames: Kourtys
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greeklish-ellinika me latinicous xarakthres-greek with latin characters

den exoume oloi oi Kourtydes tis idies rizes
o progonos moy omws eixe polla xaderfia etsi isws na yparxei kapoia syggeneia alla osa graf8oun aforoun sthn dikh mou oikogeneia kai stoys syggeneis moy apo thn Krannwna (η Κραννωνα ή ο Κραννώνας) Thessalia.


unfortunately we do not have either the same ancestor (at least not all of us) or the same roots. Thus, my ancestor have many cousins than could probably spread the name , so we all may have a family band. But all that are written now are for sure true for my family and my relatives from Krannona(feminine) in Thessaly.

Constantinus Demetrius Kourtys(birth/gennh8hke; 13 08 1164) htan gonos eugenwn tou Antonio Rega Kourtys kai ths Irine Myria Palaeologina. o Antonio R. Kourtys gennh8hke sto Emeroscopium apoikia toy Ioustinianoy sthn notia Ispania. gennh8hke to etos 1120/ he was birth of nobles i.e. Antonio Rega Kourtys who married Irine Myria Palaeologina. Antonio R. Kourtys was born in Emeroscopium a colony of emperor Justinianus in the southern Spain.
that was our first ancestor autos htan o prwtos mas progonos

to 1204 oi stayroforoi alwsan thn Polh o Constantinus Kourtys synergasthke me toys Bretanous ki ekeinoi toy edwkan eda mikro meros thw Polhs na dioikei kai toy edwkan ton titlo toy douka (exw thn epistolh me thn opoia toy ton paraxwroyn) basilepse 4 xronia epeita phge sthn Romh opoy kai ezhse polytelws ws diannooumenos kai filosofos. efyge apo thn Kostantinoupolh otan ekeinh epese sta xeria toy proteleytaioy aytokratora aderfoy toy Kwnstantinoy Palaeologoy.

In 1204 the west Crusaders conquested Constantinople then Constantinus Kourtys became colaborator with the Britaan and as a reward they gave him the title of Duke(I have the letter where they give him the title) and also offered him a part of Constantinople to rule. When the brother of the last byzantine emperor conquest again the city he left with his family to Rome where he lived as a philosopher and intelectual liver. he live to the end beside luxuries as he was used to.

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