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GREEN-D DigestVolume 97 : Issue 114

Today's Topics:
#1 Green []
#2 Massey Greene b. abt 1750 NC []
#3 Re: Orange County NC - Cane Creek []
#4 Re: Family of ROBERT GREEN, born 1 []
#5 Green [Nancy Green <]


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Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 14:41:28 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: Green

Researching ______ Green.Married Ella Ann Rodgers(1819-1903) ;and their
daughter Nancy Arrulia Green.
All of Clarke Co., Ala.

Ralph of Semmes, Ala.


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Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 17:52:17 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: Massey Greene b. abt 1750 NC

Hi Everyone,
I'm looking for the parents of Massey Greene b. abt 1750 in NC.
Your help would be appreciated.

Descendants of Massey Greene

1 Massey Greeneb: Abt. 1750 in Rowan Co., NC
+William Sandlinb: Abt. 1744
2 William Sandlinb: Abt. 1770 in Talors Creek, Bute Co., NC
2 John Sandlinb: Abt. 1772 in York Co. S.C.
2 Barbara Sandlinb: Abt. 1774 in Kings Creek, York Co., S.C.
+? Turnerb: Abt. 1774
2 Lewis Sandlinb: 1776 in Kings Creek, York Co., N.C.
+Sarah Blankenshipb: 1777 in North Carolina
2 Lydia Sandlinb: Abt. 1778 in York Co. S.C.
2 James Sandlinb: 1780 in Kings Creek, York Co., N.C.
2 Ezekial Sandlinb: 1782 in Kings Creek, York Co., N.C.
+Martha ?b: Abt. 1782
2 Elizabeth Sandlinb: May 9, 1784
+John Jamesb: October 1763 in S.C.
2 Mary Sandlinb: 1790 in Kings Creek, York Co., N.C.
+William Wilkinsb: Abt. 1785
2 Sarah Sandlinb: 1794 in Kings Creek, York Co., N.C.
+John Hambrightb: March 5, 1788
2 Randolph Sandlinb: 1796
+Lucinda ?b: Abt. 1796


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Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 19:13:48 -0400 (EDT)
To: ,
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Subject: Re: Orange County NC - Cane Creek MM

Hi Carol,

Thanks for posting the information on Orange County, NC and the Cane Creek
Monthly Meeting. Several of my ancestors were among the first settlers on
this area and I am attempting to additional information about them. Any help
you and the list members can provide would be greatly appreciated!

I am looking for the parents of William Green, born February 6, 1762 in
Prince Edward County, Virginia. William Green joined the Hillsborough,
Orange County, NC Militia in 1779, and married Kezziah Patton in her parents
home in Hillsborough on January 9, 1781. Their first son, Thomas S. Green
was born in Orange County, NC October 24, 1781, before the family moved to
Burke County, NC in about 1783 where the other children were born. William
Green later moved to Haywood County, NC where he died March 2, 1837. His
widow died in Carroll County, Georgia August 1, 1849 where most of her
children had moved because of the discovery of gold in the Indian part of
present day Georgia.

Tom Green


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Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 23:38:19 -0400 (EDT)
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, ,
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Subject: Re: Family of ROBERT GREEN, born 1695.

In a message dated 97-10-09 10:11:02 EDT, you write:

<< I do appreciate anything you can send on the Robert Greene of VA line.
BTW, there was a son of John Greene of Quidnesset, who after a fight with
father John, left and went to either or both NJ and VA, finally settling in
VA. Do you suppose that this is the Robert, son of John of Q?
Hi Sue,

OK here is what I have on Robert Green, born about 1695 in England, as the
son of William Green, who was born at Green's Norton, and married Eleanor
Duff the daughter of Alexander Mac Duff and Helen Grant. William Green was 6
feet tall with red hair, and in 1693 he was a member of the Palace Guard of
King William III, the Prince of Orange. Since William Green was born in
Green's Norton, this indicated he was related to Sir Thomas Green the father
of Matilda Green, who was the mother of Katherine Parr the sixth wife of King
Henry VIII.

Robert Green came to America in about 1712 with his uncle Sir William Duff
and they first settled on the James River in Virginia. Sir William Duff
amassed a large estate (over 40,000 acres), and returned to England, leaving
his nephew, Robert Green in charge of their joint estate. Robert Green
married Eleanor Dunn, born about 1700 in Scotland. The couple lived for a
while in King George County, Virginia, and then built a permanent home called
Liberty House, in the part of Orange County, Virginia that became Culpeper
County, near present day Brandy Station. Robert Green died in Orange
County, Virginia in 1748.

Robert and ELeanor Dunn Green raised 7 red headed sons, all being over 6 feet
tall, and the family became knows as the Red Greens of Culpeper. This family
became very prominant in the early days of our country and intemarried with
the Washington family as well as the Lee family. Robert Green's last will
was dated February 22, 1747 and was probated in Orange County, Virginia on
July 28, 1748.

The children of Robert and Eleanor Dunn Green were:

(1) Col. William Green, born about 1727 in Essex County, VIrginia married
Ann Coleman of Caroline County, Virginia, the daughter of Samuel and
Elizabeth Wyatt Coleman. Col. William Green died in Culpeper County,
Virginia in 1793.

(2) Robert Green married Patty Ball, the first cousin of Mary Ball
Washington, mother of George Washington, and the daughter of Samuel Ball and
Ann Tayoe. Their son Samuel B. Green married Elizabeth Blair of Port Royal,
Winchester on May 23, 1799 in Frederick County, Virginia and had at least two
children, Samuel and Sally Green.

(3) Duff Green married three times, first a Miss. Barbour, second, Ann
Waller born Sep. 14, 1731 was the daughter of Col. Henry Willis the founder
of Fredericksburg,
Virginia, and his third wife was Mildred Washington, the aunt of George
Washington. Duff Green died in Culpeper County, Virginia about 1776. His
oldest son, John Green served as second Lieutenant of the First Virginia
Regiment in 1777, and his young son, William Green (1762-1835) was a drummer
boy at Valley Forge. Most of his family moved to Kentucky after the Rev.

(4) Col. John Green, born about 1733 in Culpeper County, Virginia, and
married Susanna Blackwell (sister of wife of Moses Green) on November 18,
1851. Col. John Green served in the French & Indian War, and was Captain of
the First Virginia Regiment in 1775, and also served as Colonel of the 6th
Regiment in the American Revolution, and is buried in the Arlington Cemetery
having died in 1793. He was a close friend of General George Washington, and
served under him in New York. It was Col. John Green who covered the retreat
of Gen. Nathaniel Greene's army from the Battle of Guilford Courthouse on
March 15, 1781. Three of his sons, John, Robert and Duff Green all served in
the Rev. War. Another son, Moses was a General in the War of 1812, and his
son Archibald Magille Green was the U.S. Counsul to the Republic of Texas in
1843 and died in Galveston, Texas of Scarlet Fever. I have traced this
family to modern days, and it holds the best chance of connecting with my
William Green, born February 6, 1762 in Prince Edward County, Virginia.

(5) Nicholas Green married Elizabeth Price, daughter of Aijalon Price (died
1773) whose wife Joyce was a daughter of Capt. William Barbour. He served as
a Justice of Richmond County, VIrginia in 1792, and died in what is now
Madison County, VIrginia. One son, John Green married Jenny Hawkins, and
most of the other siblings moved to Kentucky.

(6) James Green married Elizabeth Jones on June 28, 1782 and served in the
French & Indian War. James Green died in Culpeper County, Virginia.

(7) Moses Green, born July 10, 1748, married Mary Blackwell on February 13,
1765. Moses Green served as a Captain in the American Revolution and died in
1799 in Culpeper County, Virginia.

I'm sure there are some errors in this information, but this should get you
started with the research of this Green family. As I have mentioned before,
there has been a great deal of research done on this family, so you should be
able to find tons of data on the descendants of this Robert Green. Let me
know if I can provide any additional information on this family, or if you
see any possible connection to my William Green born February 6, 1762 in
Prince Edward County, Virginia.

Tom Green


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Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 07:05:13 -0600
From: Nancy Green <>
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Subject: Green
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Tom Green,
I have posted before but gotten nothing, Could you recognize any of
these names, from a family bible?

John Green born 1800 in KY died 1833, married to Nancy Summers 3 Feb
1820 (I found marriage record in Fleming Co KY)father of:
Mary Green b. 22 May,1821,I found birth record in Fleming co KY)
Yelverton O. Green b. 24 Dec 1822>to Missouri
Melvina Green b.20 Nov. 1824
Margaret Green b. 2 Dec. 1826
Lucy Green b.1827 married to a Martin
Emerson Summers Green b.15 Feb. 1828>to Missouri
Phoebe Green b. 28 Dec 1830 married to Harris
John Green b. 26 Nov 1832
My husbands line is Emerson Green and he married Hannah Jane Porter of
the Porter Grigsby line of Culpeper Co VA. Her father Samuel supposedly
went directly from VA to MO--I have census 1830,1840 Culpeper Co VA
1850-1860 Clay Co MO
the family always said that John was from Marion Co KY but since I found
the birth of Mary, with the same date as the bible record, in Fleming I
think that they lived there. Any ideas?
Your explanation was very helpful and I thank you.
Nancy Green

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