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Subject: Fwd: GREEN(e)'s Keeper STRAY/RANDOMS
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 11:54:41 -0400 (EDT)


The note I am forwarding to you is in reference to Noel's e-mail on 4/05 and
to clarify the one received today. His "Stray/Random" indicated that Jr,
Sr, or other such titles after the last name would index by the title. By
putting the comma between the last name and the title (and clicking cancel
when the screen tells you that a "title" is being used) the entry will index

The '/' that I used in my original message between Jr and Sr indicated 'or'
and should not be used on the name line.

This will work in Family Tree Maker

Keep hunting .... the end of the rainbow is out there somewhere!
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Subj: Re: GREEN(e)'s Keeper STRAY/RANDOMS
Date: 97-04-05 14:14:20 EDT

In reference to today's posting about "Jr, Sr and Titles";

I do put the Jr/Sr on my name line of the family page as such - First
Middle Last names COMMA Jr/Sr

The index shows - Last COMMA First Middle COMMA Jr/Sr

I don't go "by the book", but I like it my way ;-) And any report that I
have printed shows the Jr/Sr with the names as I want them to be.

Jackie Bushnell, Washington State

Still looking for my EMERSON GREEN b 1849 Illinois > Wisc > Neb> ? (aft the
death of wife ALICE CLARK in 1878)

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