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Subject: Late1700sVA-SC?-1800s/Georgia/Oglethorpe/Morgan/Walton/Green?/Carroll Counties
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 12:27:11 EDT



I have reason to believe there is a possible BARNETT connection for my
husband's paternal BARNETT - FIELDER lineage and my maternal POWELL -
GRESHAM/GRISHAM lineage that may possibly include BARNETT lineage but not sure yet.

My husband and I both descend from the LEWIS, MARTIN, CRAWFORD lines out of
-1600s-1700s Virginia.

The connecting BARNETT family may have been in Oglethorpe County, Georgia in
the late 1700-early 1800s at the same time as the FIELDER and POWELL families
and, possibly, connecting with a MICKELBOROUGH family as well.

The earliest BARNETT I have for my husband and my 2 sons is his paternal 2nd
great grandfather, Shadrach P. BARNETT, for whom I am searching any
information regarding his parents or siblings.

Shadrach P. BARNETT, born: April 13, 1826 poss. in Greene County, Georgia or
was he, perhaps, born in Oglethorpe County, Georgia or was his family from
Oglethorpe County, Georgia as was the family of his wife, Martha Ann FIELDER,
shown below. Shadrach P. BARNETT died: April 04, 1896 in Carrollton, Carroll
County, Georgia. Trying to find any information on his parents or siblings.

Martha Ann FIELDER, born: July 02, 1841 prob. in Oglethorpe County or
Carroll County, Georgia, died: April 01, 1896 in Carrollton, Carroll County,
Georgia, (daughter of El(l)e(a)nor ?/PEAVY?, born: Abt. 1825 in ?, and James A.
FIELDER, born: Bet. 1814-1815 in Farm Hill, Oglethorpe County, Georgia, who was
the son of Sarah "Sally" LEWIS and Josiah/Jasciah FIELDER, born: 1791 in
South Carolina, died: in ? in Meriwether County, Georgia, who was the son of
Sarah "Sally" BENGE, born: 1757 in Virginia, died: 1830 in Morgan County,
Georgia, who was the daughter of Elizabeth LEWIS, born: Abt. 1735 in Albermarle
County, Virginia, died: Williams County, Tennessee or North Carolina, (who later
married John L. FIELDER,) who married and divorced John "Old Trader" BENGE,
born: Abt. 1735 in Albermarle County, Tennessee, died: Abt. 1800 in Georgia,
(who later had a Cherokee marriage to Wurteh "Betsey" of the MOYTOY family,
born: Abt. 1750 in Tslagi Town near/at Burnside, Kentucky, died: Abt. 1814 in
Cherokee Nation East, whose 1st husband was Nathaniel GIST/GUEST/GUESS/QUEST
and later she also married Cherokee "Bloody Fellow."

My possible BARNETT connection with families of POWELL, GRESHAM/GRISHAM, and
MICKELBOROUGH that may have Oglethorpe County, Georgia connections are:

Barnett GRESHAM, born: Abt. 1787 in King & Queen Co., Virginia, died: Abt.
1830 in Lowndes County, Alabama, (son of Sarah LUMPKIN, born: Abt. 1740 in
Halifax County, Virginia, died: in Indiana, (daughter of Elizabeth FOREST and
Robert LUMPKIN, son of Mary CODY and George LUMPKIN, (son of Robert LUMPKIN,
(son of Jacob LUMPKIN,))) and Sarah LUMPKIN's husband, John GRESHAM, Sr. (RS,)
born: March 20, 1740 in King & Queen Co., VA, died: November 13, 1831 in
Social Circle, Walton County, Georgia.

Barnett GRESHAM married:

Lucy POWELL, born: Abt. 1790 prob. in Virginia, died: Abt. 1818 either in
Oglethorpe County, Georgia or Lowndes County, Alabama, and they married
December 18, 1806 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, and she was the daughter of Edward
POWELL, Jr., born: August 03, 1755 in Virginia, died: Abt. 1801 in Oglethorpe
County, Georgia, and wife, Mary HARDAWAY, born: , who were also the parents
of several other children including Polly POWELL who married John
MICKELBOROUGH/MICKELBROUGH. And this Edward POWELL, Jr. was the son of Edward POWELL,
Sr., born: Bet. 1728-1735 in Virginia, died: Bef. 1798 in Oglethorpe County,
Georgia. This Edward POWELL, Sr. was the brother of John POWELL who married
twice to wife # 1: Susanna "Suky" BELL and wife # 2: Boice GEE.

Looking for any BARNETT family connection for Barnett GRESHAM.

Barnett GRESHAM and Lucy POWELL were the parents of Jehu Madison
GRESHAM/GRISHAM who may have also been called John and is found, at times, with the
spelling of Jahu.

Jehu Madison GRESHAM/GRISHAM married Elizabeth Ann FORD, daughter of Henry
FORD and Mary BUCKLES/BUCKHOLTS who was the daughter of Mahala MIDDLETON and
Abram BUCKLES/aka Abraham BUCKHOLTS, Jr., (son of (Major) Abraham BUCKHOLTS, Sr.,
(RS.)) This family group is found in Franklin County, Mississippi and
Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi. Abram BUCKLES/BUCKHOLTS, Jr. married 2nd wife,
Mrs. Nancy KILLIAN GALTNEY/widow of Abram/Abraham GALTNEY.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.


Bellinda Myrick-Barnett

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