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Subject: [GRIFFIN] Griffin Settlers in Old 96 District, SC
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 21:05:35 EST


By Gray and DeWalt

The following information was gleaned from pages copied from a book about Old
96 District, however I do not know the name of the book as the pages were
sent to me from a descendant of Richard Griffin. Someone else had sent them
to her. They do contain some excellent info. I hope this will be of help to
some of you.

E. Cromer

Pages 238-240

"The first settlers of the family of Griffin came from Virginia before the
Revolutionary War and settled in the counties of Abbeville, Laurens and
Newberry -- some later moving over into Edgefield. There were three brothers,
Richard, Anthony and William (sons of John Griffin, a Welshman) who came from
Virginia and settled in the southern section of the present county of Laurens
(then Ninety-Six District).

James and William Griffin were brothers, or cousins and came directly to
Newberry County from Virginia (Newberry County was then a part of Ninety-Six

1. Richard Griffin born 1734, married Nancy Ann Clark 1754. Their children

Nancy, born 1756
Mary, born 1757
Elizabeth, born 1759
Margaret, born 1761
William, born 1762
Lucy, born 1765
John, born 1767
James C., born 1769
Reuben F., born 1771
Adino, born 1773
Ira, born 1775
Sarah, born 1778
Richard, born 1780
Joseph, born 1782
David, born 1786 (twin)
Anthony, born 1786 (twin)
Larkin, born 1788

2. Reuben Griffin, son of Richard, died 1826. His wife, Jane, was a cousin,
the daughter of William Griffin (either his brother’s or his uncle’s
daughter.) Reuben and Jane Griffin’s children were:

Benjamin Griffin
Peggy Griffin Teague
Kitty Griffin Young
Elizabeth Griffin Teague
Patsy Griffin
Elihu Griffin

Executors of Reuben Griffin’s will:
Captain Anthony Griffin
John K. Griffin

3. Robert Griffin made his will dated Feb. 19, 1809, died in Abbeville County
March 9, 1809. Married Margaret _____________, died Sep. 10, 1821. Children
of Robert and Margaret Griffin:

Robert F. Griffin
Ezekiel P. Griffin
Elizabeth Griffin McMillan
Jane Griffin Stephens (wife of Edmund)

Children of Elizabeth Griffin McMillan were:

Wiley McMillan
Luana McMillan
Peggy McMillan

(Edmund and Jane Griffin Stephens and Jane’s brother, Robert F. Griffin,
moved out of the state of SC.)

4. Owen Griffin died Abbeville County 1807, left children :

James Griffin
Elizabeth Griffin

5. Charles B. Griffin Number 1 of Abbeville District married Jane Mathis,
daughter of Arabella Mathis who died Feb. 1854.

6. Thomas C. Griffin died Abbeville County 1875 leaving two sons:

Wesley Griffin
Joseph Griffin

7. Anthony Griffin (brother of Richard, son of John Griffin of Orange
County, VA) made will in 1797, died 1807 Laurens County, SC leaving widow
Mary Ann Simpson Griffin. Their children were:

Asa Griffin
Abia Griffin, died 1814
James Griffin, died 1801
Elizabeth Griffin Butler
Katy Griffin Cook (husband, John Cook)
Suky (Susan) Griffin

8. William Grffin (brother of Richard and Anthony, son of John Griffin of
Orange County, VA) died in Laurens County 1791; lived on the west side of
Carsons Creek. Left widow, Rachael. Children of William and Rachael Griffin:

William Griffin
James Griffin
Joseph Griffin
Jane Griffin
Peggy Griffin
Katy Griffin

9. James Griffin 1, son of William Griffin 2, son of John Griffin 3 of
Orange County, VA died 1828-1830, married Martha Chandler. Their children

Richard S/T Griffin
Matilda Griffin
Mary B. Griffin
Lucinda Griffin (married Daniel Shell)
Kitturah Griffin (married (1) James Leak, married (2) Mr. Harrington)
Wade H. Griffin, born 1800
John B. Griffin (Number 2)

10. James Griffin (brother, or cousin of William Griffin with whom he came
from Virginia -- possibly brother of Richard and Anthony, sons of John
Griffin of Orange County, VA) moved to Ninety-Six District (Abbeville) before
the Revolutionary War. He was born 1731 and died 1781, leaving widow, Frances
(born 1730 and died 1799). Their children were:

Charles Griffin (large landowner, Newberry County)
John Griffin (large landowner, Newberry County)
Mary Griffin (married Mr. Leavell)
(Other children, but not named)

11. Charles Griffin, (son of James, nephew of Richard Griffin) born 1763,
died 1820 ?) married 1783 to Mary _________ (born 1763, died ______.)
Children of James and Mary Griffin were:

Frances Griffin (b. 1784 - d. 1848)
James Griffin (b. 1787 - d. 1795; eight years old)
John King Griffin (b. 1789 - d. 1841)
Hetty Griffin (b. 1792 - d. 1861) married Absalom Gary 1807
William C. Griffin (b. 1794 - d. 1820; age 26) married Mary ___________
Archibald Griffin (b. 1797 - d. 1807; ten years old)
Bluford F. Griffin (b. 1802 - d. ____?) married 1, Agnes Lipscomb;
married 2, Elizabeth Gary

12. John Griffin (son of the James Griffin who was brother or cousin to the
William Griffin who came to Abbeville County, SC from Virginia, related to
Richard Griffin). John Griffin made a will dated 1805, died 1805 leaving
widow, Ann _________ Griffin. Children of John and Ann Griffin were:

Mary Griffin (died, never married)
Hester Griffin (married John Stephens, had son, Daniel Stephens)
Rebecca Griffin (married John Stephens, widower of her deceased sister,
Clary Griffin (married Elijah Alberson, moved to Alabama
Frances Griffin (married William Alberson, lived Laurens County, SC)
Nancy Griffin (married Obediah Pitts, moved to Alabama, then to Texas)
Susan Griffin (married Samuel Plant)
Charles Griffin (married Jemima Mangum…Charles died and Jemima married
Joseph Johnston)
Sarah Griffin (married ________McTeer)

13. Bluford F. Griffin (son of Charles Griffin, son of James Griffin of
Abbeville County; grand- nephew of Richard Griffin ?) married Agnes Lipscomb
Young. Children of Bluford F. and Agnes Lipscomb Young Griffin were:

Bluford Griffin of Newberry District
Others, not named

14. Captain Anthony Griffin (son of Richard Griffin) made will 1849, died
1850. Married Alyan ________ who died 1815-1820. Children of Captain Anthony
and Alyan Griffin were:

Frances Amanda Griffin
Dr. William H. Griffin
Richard F. Griffin
Jane T. Griffin (married William A. Fuller)
Martha S. Griffin (married C. C. Higgins)
Mary W. Griffin (married _______ Watts)
Sarah A. Griffin (married Charles H. Phinney)

John D. Williams, Admn.

15. Christopher Griffin died Newberry County in 1832, married Phoebe
________. Their children were:

William B. Griffin
Hillary Mangum or Griffin

Brothers and sisters of Christopher Griffin were"

Elizabeth Griffin Pitts
Sarah Griffin
Martha Griffin Barksdale
Lucinda Griffin

16. Daniel Griffin died Newberry County 1799; married Milly _________. No
children listed.

17. General John K. Griffin (son of Charles Griffin ?) member of U. S.
Congress, died 1841. Widow, Sarah married Daniel Wallace. General John K.
Griffin and Sarah _______ had not children. General John K. Griffin left his
property to his brother’s children:

Charles B. Griffin
A. I. Griffin’
John F. Griffin
Mrs. Charles Gary (Dr.)

18. Charles B. Griffin Number 2 (brother of General John K. Griffin) died
1845 Newberry County and is buried at Bush River Cemetery.

19. William Griffin (cousin of Anthony and Richard Griffin who were sons of
John Griffin of Orange County, VA and brother or cousin of James Griffin)
came from Culpepper County, Virginia before the Revolution.

William Griffin’s siblings were:

Nancy Griffin (married _______ Sims)
Frances Griffin (married Wm. McTeer of Laurens County)

William Griffin married and had children. Most of their names are unknown.
One son was:

Isaac Griffin

William Griffin moved from Newberry County/ Edgefield County 1807 and later
to Georgia. In his old age he returned to Virginia where he died. He was
pensioned as a Revolutionary War soldier in the Continentals.

20. William Griffin of Edgefield died Jan. 1812. Brothers were James and
Vincent Griffin. Married Rebecca _____________. Children of William and
Rebecca Griffin were:

James Griffin

21. Jesse Griffin died Edgefield County 1807. Married (unknown) and had

Mary Griffin
Eleanor Griffin
Elizabeth Griffin
William Griffin
Beverly Griffin
Allen Griffin

22. William Griffin of Pendleton District made will Oct. 5, 1800 and died
1800. Married 1) Elizabeth __________; married 2) _____________?

Children of William and Elizabeth Griffin of Pendleton District:

John Griffin
Henry Griffin
William Griffin
Serjeant Griffin
Oswell Griffin
Rebecca Griffin Breazell
Rosannah Griffin
Blocker Griffin
Haskey Griffin Breazell
Martha Griffin
Elizabeth Griffin

William Griffin of Pendleton District had children by second wife, _________
. However, they were not named in his will except to say they were to receive
a "balance of estate to be divided among them."

23. John Griffin of Pendleton District died 1810-1820 leaving widow, Anna.
Children of John and Anna _________ Griffin were:

Kennon Griffin
Joel Griffin
John Griffin
Sarah Rebecca Griffin ( married 1) White; married 2) Wm. E. Lawson Homer
they moved to Marion County, Alabama)
Elijah Griffin
Heska Griffin
Isiah K. Griffin

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