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From: Jan Hoy <>
Subject: [GRIMES] The Grimes Family (VA)
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 11:49:40 -0700

The Grymes-Grimes Family book is on microfisch, and is available at LDS
many genealogy libraries. It starts out: 1st Generation
Reb. Charles Grymes, the first of the name in VA, was born in Kent, ENg.
in 1612.
He entered Pembroke College in 1631, and was in York County, VA as early
as 1644.
He died in Gloucester Co. As records of thse counties have been
entirely destroyed,
the name of his wife is unknown; but the names of two of his children
are known.

Second Generation
Sarah, who married Robert Taliaferro
John Grymes, born in Gloucester Co. in 1660. He married Alice Townley
(died 1710). It appears Alice was married before, (1st husband's name
as John Grymes in his will left bequests to his step daughters, Mrs.
Elizabeth Darrell and Mrs. Sarah Gibbons. John Grymes died at
"Grimesby" Middlesex Co. VA Aug 28,

Third Generation
Children of John and Alice Townley Grymes:
1. John born at "Grimesby" in 1691; died Nov 2, 1748. On Dec 22, 1715,
he married
Lucy Ludwell of Greenspring, VA, the daughter of Philip and Hannah
Harrison Ludwell.
Lucy Ludwell Grymes, born 1698, died March 3, 1749.
2. Anne, never married; died Dec 17, 1735
3. Charles, born 1697; died before Dec 1, 1753. He married Frances
Their daughter Lucy, born April 26, 1734, was the "Lowland Beauty" who
Henry Lee, and became the mother of "Light Horse Harry" father of Robert
E. Lee.

Fourth Generation
Children of John and Lucy Ludwell Grimes.
1. Hannah, born Feb 23, 1717; married Dr. Henry Potter.
2. John, born Jan 1, 1718; died June 20, 1740
3. Lucy, born April 18, 1720; married Carter Burwell Jan 5, 1737
4. Philip, born March 11, 1721; died 1762. Married Mary Randolph in
Children: Lucy, Philip Ludwell, John Randolph, Susanna, Mary,
Benjamin, Peyton and Elizabeth.
5. Charles, born May 21, 1722; died Dec 4, 1727
6. Alice, born Aug 19, 1723; married Mann Page on Dec. 31, 1741; died
Jan 11, 1746; left 3 small children-John, Judith and a baby a few
days old.
7. Benjamin, born at Brandon, Feb 19, 1725;died about 1774. He married
Elizabeth Landon Fitzhugh, daughter of Henry and Lucy Carter
Fitzhugh, on
Feb 12, 1747. Elizabeth Fitzhugh Grymes was born April 29, 1731,
and died
about 1756. His second wife was Priscilla Rootes.
8. Sarah, born Jan 27, 1727;died Oct 2, 1731
9. Charles, born March 11, 1730;died Sept. 19, 1732
10. Ludwell, born April 26, 1733; married Mary Dawson; died before 1795.

Fifth Generation
Children of Benjamin and Elizabeth Fitzhugh Grymes:
1. Benjamin, born at Norfolk, BA 1748;died Feb 12, 1804 at Eagle's Nest,
King George Co.,he married (first) in 1767 Molly ??, and (second) Ann
Nicholas. The
records of the Adjutant General's Office, U.S. War Depart. show that
Benjamin Grymes (surname also borne as Grimes) served in the Rev. War as
First Lieut.
in Capt. Cle-n Moore's Co., Wol. William Grayson's Regiment of Foot,
Continental Troops. His name first appears on the muster roll of July
1, 1777, dated Aug. 11, 1777. He was transferred in April, 1778, to the
Independent Corps,
also designated His Excellency General Washington's Guards, Continental
The records also show that he later served as a Captain of VA Infantry.
2. William Fitzhugh, born 1750;married Jane Pratt in 1771; died abt
1830. He also served in the Rev. War.
3. Mary, born Nov. 9, 1753; died June 16, 1813. Married first. William
second Richard Kidder Meade on Dec. 19, 1780.

Children of Benjamin and Priscilla Rootes Grymes, Second Wife;
4. Mildred; married first Reuben Thornton; second Major Peter Dudley
5. Lucy Rootes ; never married
6. Charles, died abt 1831
7. Ludwell
8. Randolph
9. Anne, married William Wedderburn

Sixth Generation
Children of Benjamin and Molly Grymes; first wife:
1. Jonathan, born 1768; married Sarah King in 1788; died about 1797.
2. Anna Maria, married S. J. Rainey of Louden Co. VA

Children of Benjamin and Ann Nicholas, second wife, daughter of John
3. Elizabeth, married Capt. George Hooe.
4. Benjamin, married Margaret Pratt; died about 1828
5. Martha Carter, married John Stuart.
6. Lucy Fitzhugh, born Feb 11, 1781; died Jan 30, 1805; married Abraham
Hooe, son of Gerard and Sarah Barnes Hooe, born Sept 4, 1784; died June
16, 1841.
7. George Nicholas, born 1784; died 1853; married Ann Eilbeck Mason.

Seventh Generation
Children of Jonathan and Sarah King Grimes:
1. George, born Jan 14, 1790; died Feb 6, 1869; married June 13, 1816 to
Elizabeth Donahoe.
2. Eleanor, born 1792 married Peter Porter, lived Christian Co., IL
3. Elizabeth, born 1794; married John Howard, lived at Waverly, Ohio,
died before 1839.
4. Benjamin, born Oct. 31, 1796;married first on April 11, 1816, to
Sarah Anthony;
second to Ruth Chinoweths; third to Nancy Graham;4th to Sarah Meekins;
died 1847.

The name was spelled either Grymes or Grimes; but George Grimes and his
Benjamin, on attaining their majority, adopted the spelling with an "i".

There is more, but I'm getting tired of typing, and you're probably
getting tired of
Does anyone have any information about a George Grimes born 1772 in VA?


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