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GROGAN-D DigestVolume 97 : Issue 41

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#1 Part 8 GROGAN/HARBEN ["Terry Lawson" <.]
#2 Grogan-Corn-Harben []


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Subject: Part 8 GROGAN/HARBEN
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Benjamin H. HARBEN, 8th child of Nathaniel B. and Barbara Burdin
Mauldin HARBEN

(This is the line of Terry Lawson)


1. Benjamin H HARBEN (CSA) was born on OCT 30 1832 in Hall Co, GA.
Died on MAR 1 1912 in Dawson Co, GA. Buried in New Hope Baptist Cem.,
Dawson Co., GA.

Benjamin H. Harben (1832-1912) Enlisted as a Private in Smiths
Legion, Co H, at Ellijay, GA, by Capt. J.W. Pearcy. Jesse M., Benjamen
H. and Balaam survived to become members of Co H of the 65th GA
Infantry. Nathaniel W. did not live to be a member of the 65th. Also
detached as a mechanic to work on the railroad bridges, Ben was a
blacksmith working on railroad bridge near Loudon, TN in April 1863.,
he contracted Typhoid in 1864. First hospitalized in Loudon, TN, he was
then furloughed home to recover. He rejoined his
company at Dalton, but the fever returned and he was hospitalized at
Newnan, GA. In May of 1864, he was again sent home. In August, while
still furloughed, he was marked in error as "absent without leave" on
the Companys muster roll. Ben was vindicated by evidence brought forth
in later pension applications. Cut off by the enemy from the 65th in
Spring of 1865, he attached himself to Gen. Woffords command in North
Georgia, but was again sent home as too ill to serve. He was paroled at
Kingston, GA, at the wars end.

He married Susan Elizabeth GROGAN on DEC 13 1855. Susan Elizabeth
GROGAN was born on AUG 25 1832 in Lumpkin Co, GA. Died on SEP 25 1900
in Dawson Co, GA. Buried in New Hope Bapt Cem, Dawson Co, GA. She is
a sister of Mary Ann and Mahala Grogan, both married to Balaam Harbin,
a brother of Benjamin H Harbin.

They had the following children:

+2 i. Barbara Matilda HARBEN
+3 ii. Joseph Nathaniel "Nat" HARBIN
+4 iii. Mahala S HARBEN
+5 iv. Tyre James HARBEN
+6 v. John Wilson "Long John" HARBEN
+7 vi. Juline L HARBEN
+8 vii. Samuel Benjamin HARBEN


2. Barbara Matilda HARBEN was born on NOV 28 1858 in Dawson Co, GA.
Died on JUN 28 1895 in Dawson Co, GA. Buried in New Hope Bapt Cem,
Dawson Co, GA.

She married Samuel Washington GILLELAND in Gwinnett Co, GA. Samuel
Washington GILLELAND was born about 1858.

They had the following children:

+9 i. Elmer GILLELAND
+10 ii. Etta GILLELAND
+11 iii. Benjamin GILLELAND
+12 iv. Bunyon GILLELAND
+13 v. Bessie GILLELAND
+14 vi. Boyd GILLELAND
+15 vii. Allie GILLELAND

3. Joseph Nathaniel "Nat" HARBIN was born on APR 25 1861 in Dawson Co,
GA. Died on OCT 13 1925. Buried in Bethesda Bapt Church, Nelson,
Cherokee Co., GA.

(This is the line of Terry Lawson.)

The Civil War had begun only a few months before Nat's birth. Nat's
father, Benjamin, his seven Harben uncles and his uncle, John Grogan,
were soon in the service of the Confederacy.

In the best of times, life on a mountain farm has never been easy. The
war was surely very difficult for the women and children with most of
the adult men off to war, and with partisans of both sides operating in
the neighborhood.

Nat Harbin grew to manhood in the harsh years following the war. He
farmed with his family, and he watched as development began of the
great deposit of marble not far away
in the Long Swamp Valley of Pickens County. When barely twenty, he left
the land that
his parents and grandparents had pioneered to seek work at the

He brought with him little more than the blacksmithing and mechanical
skills that seem to have been passed from one HARBIN generation to the
next. According to his daughter Fannie, my grandmother, " He came down
from the mountains near Amicalola (Falls) with holes in his clothes. He
swore he wouldn't marry until he could properly look after a wife and
family." Nat settled in the tiny village of Marble Hill near the marble
quarries and worked as a machinist for the old Southern Marble Company,
now Georgia Marble Company.

In 1883 he married a local girl, "Vickey" DARNELL, who has the
singular distinction of having fifteen given names. For the record, she
was named Laura Victoria Levinia Cleopatria Susanna Diadamia Nancy Ann
Margaret Rebecca Emily Sarah Edna Mariah Jane DARNELL.

They were married at the DARNELL home amidst considerable
unpleasantness. It seems that the mother of the bride even refused to
come into the parlor because "The Harbens are Democrats." (a term used
to denote ex-Confederates) As a child living with my grandmother, I
was forbidden to play with DARNELL children because, in her words,
"They are Republicans!" (a term used to denote ex-Union partisans)

Victoria was a daughter of John and Elizabeth Waldrop Darnell. John and
his sons were strong Union men.

John Darnell (1818-1877)

Soon after Georgias secession in January of 1861, the state was aghast
to learn that the Union flag again flew over the Pickens County
Courthouse and was guarded by a small band of local Unionists in open
defiance of Confederate authority. The event gave rise to the notion
that Pickens had ...practically seceded from the Confederacy. It was
the last Union Flag flying below the Mason and Dixon line.

John Darnell and others of the family were among those who raised that
flag and defied all who would remove it. Local Secessionist, not yet in
a mood to fire on friends and neighbors, appealed repeatedly to
Governor Joe Brown, himself a native of the region, to send troops to
cut down the flag.

Joe Browns response was beautifully expressed, perhaps reflecting the
real mind and soul of the Southern people.

By no means; let it float. It floated over our fathers, and we all
love the flag now. We have only been compelled to lay it aside by the
injustice that has been practiced under its folds. If the people of
Pickens desire to hang it out, and keep it there, let them do so. I
will send no troops to interfere with it.

Notice that in Sion Darnell's address to the Grand Army of the Republic
in 1901, he alters Browns meaning by omitting the sentence italicized
above. (See Sion Darnell)

And so it stayed until blown down in a few weeks by a storm. It was
recovered and hung on the wall in the courthouse where it remained
until the building burned in the 1930s.

In March of 1862, John Darnell was Captain in the local Pickens County
Militia of the 107th Georgia Militia. We can only speculate as to the
cause of his being in this Confederate unit. However, he is back in the
Union camp in the Spring of 1864 as Federal post Commandant of Jasper
(Pickens County), installed there by Union Cavalry raiding into
Pickens. By late November, John was on his way to Tennessee with his
teen-aged sons, Sion Arrington and William Dyer, and others. John, at
age forty-five, and the others enlisted in the 5th Tennessee U.S.
Mounted Infantry.

Seventeen year old William Dyer died of fever in February of 1865. John
and Sion survived to return to their home in Pickens County, and from
there they took an active part in the Reconstruction government of

Nat and Victoria Harbin established their home at Marble Hill near her
Darnells. The house was high up the hill and to the east of McClain
Mountain Road, and from there they looked
out across the Long Swamp Valley to the steep hills beyond. Here were
born their eight

In 1909, Vicky died at age forty-two and was buried at Long Swamp
Baptist Church.
The two oldest girls had married and were living a few miles away in
Nelson. So Nat
moved to Nelson where his older daughters could help with the younger
children. Nat
worked as a blacksmith and raised his children.

Some five years after Victoria's death, Nat married Masina, the widow
of Jack Farmer,
and became father to her three teenage boys; Ken, Ed and Jack. In April
of 1915, Nat and
Masina had a daughter who they named Warena.

Nat Harbin was sixty-four when he died in 1925. He was buried at
Bethesda Baptist
Church at Nelson. His handsome monument stands near the church and is
always graced
with a bouquet of yellow flowers left there by a caring granddaughter.

Nat and Victoria had the following children:

+16 i. Mertie Aberdine HARBIN
+17 ii. Alice Matilda HARBIN
+18 iii. Laura Josephine HARBIN
+19 iv. Fannie Lee HARBIN ("Ma Lawson", grandmother of
Terry Lawson)
+20 v. Benjamin Franklin HARBIN
21 vi. (infant) HARBIN was born on MAY 5 1899 in Pickens Co.,
GA. Died on JUN 23 1899 in Pickens Co., GA. Buried in Cornith Bapt
Cem, Pickens Co, GA.
+22 vii. Henry Joseph HARBIN
+23 viii. Eva Mae HARBIN

Nat married second Masina FAULKNER about 1915 in Pickens Co, GA.
Masina FAULKNER was born on FEB 13 1873 in GA. Died on JAN 2 1944 in
Cherokee/Pickens Co, Ga. Buried in Bethesda Bapt Cem, Nelson, Cherokee
Co, GA. Headstone gives dates and "Masina Faulkner Farmer-Harbin."
Buried next to Andrew J. Farmer (assume to be 1st husband) and "infant
daughter of Andrew J. Farmer."

They had the following children:

+24 i. Warena HARBIN

4. Mahala S HARBEN was born on DEC 23 1863 in Dawson Co, GA. Died on
DEC 6 1943 in Dawson Co, GA. Buried in New Hope Bapt Cem, Dawson Co,

She married John Greenberry WATERS. John Greenberry WATERS was born on
MAY 18 1861. Died on APR 8 1912 in Dawson Co, GA. Buried in New Hope
Cem, Dawson Co, GA.

They had the following children:

+25 i. Carrie WATERS
+26 ii. Silvey WATERS
+27 iii. Laura WATERS
+28 iv. Raymond L WATERS
29 v. Arvil WATERS was born on OCT 17 1885 in Dawson Co, GA.
Died on FEB 8 1909.
30 vi. Stella WATERS was born on MAY 21 1888 in Dawson Co, GA.
Died on NOV 6 1953. Taught school.
+31 vii. Mynor WATERS

5. Tyre James HARBEN was born in 1867 in Dawson Co, GA. Died in near
Winder, Barrow Co, GA.

He married Mary HARPIS.

They had the following children:

+32 i. Lonie HARBIN
+33 ii. Tomie HARBIN
+34 iii. Ora HARBIN

He also married Neatie HARPIS. 2nd wife of Tyre Harbin. Appears to be
sister of 1st wife Mary.

They had the following children:

35 i. Lizzie "Izzie" HARBIN
+36 ii. Farish HARBIN
+37 iii. Ruth HARBIN
+38 iv. Henry HARBIN
+39 v. Vernie HARBIN
+40 vi. Boyd HARBIN

6. John Wilson "Long John" HARBEN was born on JAN 3 1868 in Dawson Co,
GA. Died on DEC 31 1931 in Pickens Co, GA. Buried in Cool Springs
Bapt Cem, Pickens Co, GA. Known as "Long John".

He married Roxie Jane CORN on NOV 8 1888. Rev. James Fields performed
the ceremony. Roxie Jane CORN was born on DEC 4 1868. Died on MAR 8
1951 in Pickens Co, GA. Buried in Cool Springs Bapt Cem, Pickens Co,

They had the following children:

+41 i. Weldon T HARBIN
42 ii. Charley HARBIN
43 iii. Ola HARBIN
+44 iv. Lewis N HARBIN
+45 v. John HARBIN
+46 vi. Verona HARBIN
+47 vii. Bertha HARBIN
48 viii. James M HARBIN was born on JUL 12 1896 in Dawson Co, GA.
Died on AUG 1 1897 in Dawson Co, GA. Buried in New Hope Bapt Cem,
Dawson Co, GA.
+49 ix. Frank A HARBIN
+50 x. Mercer HARBIN
51 xi. Laura E HARBIN was born on SEP 27 1903 in Pickens Co, GA.
Died on FEB 8 1904 in Pickens Co, GA. Buried in Cornith Bapt Cem,
Pickens Co, GA.
+52 xii. Hiram HARBIN
53 xiii. Ruth Sara HARBIN was born on JUL 25 1911 in GA. Died on
MAR 10 1923 in GA. Buried in Cool Springs Bapt Cem, Pickens Co, GA.

7. Juline L HARBEN was born on JUL 30 1872 in Dawson Co, GA. Died on
MAY 24 1926 in Dawson Co, GA. Buried in New Hope Bapt Cem, Dawson Co,

She married Frank B BEARDEN. Frank B BEARDEN was born on OCT 13 1864.
Died on JAN 26 1897.

They had the following children:

+54 i. Emma BEARDEN

8. Samuel Benjamin HARBEN was born on JUL 16 1875 in Dawson Co, GA.
Died on MAY 17 1960 in Dawson Co, GA. Buried in New Hope Bapt Cem,
Dawson Co, GA.

He married Sarah Eudoxia CORN. Sarah Eudoxia CORN was born in 1876 in
Dawson Co, GA. Died in 1935.

They had the following children:

55 i. Ina S HARBIN was born on AUG 29 1889 in Dawson Co, GA.
Died on DEC 29 1949 in Dawson Co, Ga. Buried in New Hope Bapt Cem,
Dawson Co, GA.
56 ii. Carl N HARBIN was born on FEB 1 1895 in Dawson Co, GA.
Died on AUG 30 1896 in Dawson Co, GA. Buried. Headstone gives as "son
of Mr. and Mrs S.B. Harben"
57 iii. Floyd HARBIN was born on JAN 7 1897 in Dawson Co, GA.
Died on MAY 25 1920 in Dawson Co, GA. Buried in New Hope Bapt Cem,
Dawson Co, GA.
+58 iv. Artis HARBIN
+59 v. Ruby HARBIN
+60 vi. Ara HARBIN
61 vii. Laura HARBIN was born in 1908 in Dawson Co, GA.


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Subject: Grogan-Corn-Harben

Nina Rachel Corn b 09-12-1878 in Lumpkin Co., GA. She was dau of Jesse
Marion and Elizabeth PARKS Corn. Nina was married at her parents home
on 08-22-1897, to Emory F. Harben b 08-04-1879. Rev. J. W. Matthews performed
the ceremony. Emory was son of Jesse Mercer HARBEN. The family moved to
Bluff Dale, Erath Co., Texas Dec. 1913. Later moving to Collin Co., TX, and
then to McKinney in 1944. children:
1. Jesse Mercer Harben II.
2. Halman Hershel Harben.
3. James Paul Harben.
4. Estee Harben.
5. Alice Harben.
6. Thomas Guy Harben.
There are 5 more, but got to figure them out. Info is from Eve M. Harben as
Alton Thank you you have any info on Benjamin HOLTZCLAW? I have
found 2 Benjamins but neither would fit. I have a Holtzclaw connection in
Brown line and a Parks in my Hudson line.

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