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Subject: [GM-L] Letter by Rev. Thomas Thacher Old South Church Boston, Aug 16, 1676
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 14:41:47 EDT

Letter of Thomas Thacher

The following letter of Rev. Thomas Thacher, first pastor of the Old South
Church, in Boston, to his son, Peter, in London, afterwards pastor at Milton,
was found with Dea. Peter Thacher, of Attleboro, a descendant of Thomas in
the sixth generation. The manuscript is in a state of decay, and is conserved
in a casket by Mr. Peter Thacher, of Cleveland, OH, eldest son of Dea. Peter
Thacher. A few words are obliterated, but nothing is lost which is needed for
a full understanding of the letter.
The family Arms, impressed on the wax seal, are: Gules, a cross moline
argent, on a chief, or three grasshoppers proper. Crest,--A grasshopper
proper. The Coat Armor is of undoubted authenticity. George M. Thacher, Esq.
of Boston has a seal, with the same Arms, which descended from his
grandfather, Dr. Peter Thacher, former pastor of the Brattle Street Church.

Boston, 16. 8, 1676
My Dear Son Peter:--I have received four letters from you, whereby I have
joyfully, and I hope thankfully, taken notice of the kindness of God in your
comfortable voyage to, and kind reception in England, by our friends; which
has enlarged my desires to hear further from you.
I hope also you have long ere this received mine to you. At present, you
may understand that God hath utterly scattered, delivered up, and subdued the
heathen that first rose up against us, delivered up Philip to death, cleared
the wasts of Plymouth, Narragansett, Connecticut, Quaboag &c, from those
bloody and blasphemous heathen; but behold a new enemy is broken out to the
east and northward, who have laid waste the country, &c; slain my good friend
Capt. Lake, and many others; and, this very day past, woeful tidings is come
of the taking in by surrender Mr. Scott's+ garrison at Stony Point, he being
but the last week come from the same to Boston, and leaving Esq. Joslin, as
they call him, chief commander. What the particular circumstances are, is not
yet certain amongst us; but this is certain, that the place is taken; the
garrison strong; two great pieces there; and many small arms, and good store
of provisions. Such a spirit of fear and cowardice is poured out on the
inhabitants of those parts, that it is exceeding ominous. The Indians carry
all before them, by sea and land,on the main and on the islands in Casco,
having taken several vessels, one with two great guns in it, &c. This part of
the war is like to be the more difficult, because so far off from us; because
so near the French, who are reported to be among the Indians. This day it was
said that there were twenty in the exploit; but we have no certainty of it,
and foolish jealousies my feign that fear makes scarecrows to affright the
fearful, and a sluggard may say a lion is in the way. So, many of those
fearful persons may think to hide their shame by such suggestions. As for
myself, I at present enjoy a comfortable measure of health and strength,
though laboring under some weakness gotten in my sickness. If you have not
more than ordinary encouragement, and a most evident call to stay in England,
I hope I shall see you here, if the Lord lengthens our lives to the next
summer. The Lord guide your whole way, and bless you with all the blessings
of his everlasting covenant, and make you a blessing wherever you come, that
he may be your portion.
I had almost forgot to tell you that I received a letter from my brother,
Paul Thacher, who lives in Salisbury, certifying that my brother John died
three years ago, very poor. That my mother-in-law's sister, one Mrs.
Elizabeth Coombs, widow to Mr. Coombs, the great Ana-Baptist, is alive; she
was a lively, hearty Christian, when I lived at Salisbury, and I am confident
would rejoice greatly to see you; being an old friend of my father's. If you
go thither, I presume that you will find many old friends that will rejoice
much to see you. But I fear such * * * *ne coming on in England, that I wish
you here. To the * * * Dear Jesus I * * * on resting * * * Your dear father,
Thomas Thacher

+S. G. Drake thinks this was probably Capt. Joshua Scotton.

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