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From: Diantha Howard <>
Subject: Re: [GM-L] BOWERS in MA - Add'tl Question
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 07:50:08 -0500
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In answer to some of your questions:

I think the "Capt. BOWERS of Chelmsford sent for in 1696" was Jerathmeel
BOWERS, son of George, born 1650. He was a soldier in King Philip's War
1676 and had a garrison house in Chelmsford 1691/2. [History of Chelmsford
which also calls him "Captain".]
"Capt Jerathmeel BOWERS of Chelmsford & wife Elizabeth" deeded land to
Sam'l SADEY 1711. [New Eng. Hist. Gen. Reg. vol 148 references History of
Jerathmeel's will 5 Mar 1723/4, mentions his daughter Elizabeth SHEDD.

Jerathmeel's son Jonathan was born Chelmsford 13 Apr 1674. [Vital Records]
Jerathmeel's son Jerathmeel was born Chelmsford 17 Dec 1685. [Vital Records]

(descendent of Jonathan BOWERS)

At 06:25 AM 3/10/2004 -0500, BBFFRRPP wrote:
>Good morning,
>Someone has writtten as the result of my posting, and has brought up the
>question of whether anyone has the "definite differences" between:
>Capt. BOWERS of Billerica
>and Capt. BOWERS of Chelmsford
>The Billerica book has:
>Capt. Jonathan BOWERS (b1674 Chelmsford) as an important citizen in
>Billerica, and having a wife, Hannah BARRETT, and several children,
>including their first-born, Jerathmeel, b1700. He reportedly moved from
>Chelmsford to Billerica "before 1729."
>Capt. Jerathmeel BOWERS, brother of Jonathan, lived near the Pawtucket in
>Chelmsford and was an important citizen in that town. According to the
>researcher, he and his wife had many children there. However, some think
>that he was the one who married Hannah BARRETT.
>The Billerica book also refers to a .. Capt. BOWERS .. in the chapter,
>"Indian and Military History." It is in regards to Capt. TYNG of
>Dunstable, and when his "men" were attacked (1696), he "sent for" Capt.
>BOWERS of Chelmsford.
>We are curious whether both brothers, Jonathan and Jerathmeel,
>were known as .. Capt. BOWERS, and, if so, which brother is referred to in
>the book. (Jonathan was born in 1674; when was Jerathmeel born?)
>Also, summarizing from the book:
>George BOWERS of Cambridge had sons:
>Jonathan, Jerathmeel, Benanuel, and John.
>And, I am now told that they had a sister, Elizabeth, who married
>Samuel SHEDD. Were there other children?
>*This is not my research. I just have an interest in the history of
>Billerica (and Chelmsford), and when I receive information which updates
>the "History of Billerica," I put it in a folder for future reference.
>Betty (near Lowell, MA)

Diantha Howard
Grand Isle, VT

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